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New survival seed bank for survival gardening

New survival seed bank for survival gardening, lets you grow a permanent, full acre crisis garden with non-hybrid survival seeds.

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New survival seed bank for survival gardening

  1. 1. New survival seed bank for survival gardening Source of survival seeds:
  2. 2. Survival Seed Bank These are NOT ordinary seeds. They have been chosen for their truly extraordinary germination rates!
  3. 3. What are Survival Seeds? These are not ordinary seeds, each of the them have been hand-picked for germination rate, nutritional density and of course, storage life. These seeds are true heirlooms and produce extremely nutritious plants. In fact, some studies show that these varieties are up to five times as nutritious as hybrid varieties. We have also selected seeds that will produce some of the best tasting garden produce available.
  4. 4. Why Survival Seeds? The Survival Seed Bank produces thousands of pounds of nutrient-dense food for pennies a pound. It has a total of 22 varieties of open pollinated super seeds. Also included are detailed growing instructions for each variety which includes helpful information on harvesting of seed stock for the following year in a survival situation. This is obviously very important because failing to collect seeds properly at harvest time could mean starvation.
  5. 5. Different varieties of survival seeds Survival Seed Bank has a total of 22 varieties of open pollinated super seeds.
  6. 6. Detroit Dark Red Beet Beets are often credited in folk medicine for gallbladder and liver health, and they have natural anti-inflammatory properties. Delicious fresh, great for canning. Prolific, good keeper.
  7. 7. Copenhagen Market Cabbage Cabbages are medium sized plants ideal for small gardens. Cabbage is a part of the brasslike family of vegetables, which are known for their cancer-protective properties.
  8. 8. Bushy Cucumber Enjoy the cool, satisfying crunch of cucumber in your salads! This well-known older variety originated in Russia.
  9. 9. Yellow Of Parma Onion A top-quality, late-maturing onion with handsome, golden, upright globe-shaped bulbs. Average size is 1 pound. One of the best for storage.
  10. 10. Results In Production due to survival seeds
  11. 11. Contact Detail Tel: 877-327-0365 Address: Solutions From Science Attn. Survival Seed Bank 815 W. Main St. P.O. Box 518 Thomson, IL 61285