SurveyMonkey Audience Overview


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SurveyMonkey Audience Overview

  1. 1. Got a question?Need the right people to respond? DETAILS INSIDEWe can help.SurveyMonkey Audience hashundreds of thousands ofpotential survey respondentsready and willing to providethe insights and answersyou need to makecritical decisions.
  2. 2. AUDIENCE CUstomEr INformAtIoNWhat is SurveyMonkey Audience?An engaged and diverse set of people—ready to give feedback. We recruit from the 30+ million people who take SurveyMonkeysurveys every month. We reach a lot of people on an on-going basis so that you can target the Audience you’re after.Currently SurveyMonkey Audience only targets respondents in the United States.Can I target people with specific traits?Yes. You can easily choose a specific Audience you want to respond to your survey. And, SurveyMonkey Audience is seamlesslyintegrated into our survey tool, so you have access to results as they come in. Below are a few examples of how customers havetargeted their surveys.A Los Angeles Ad Agency putting A Chicago Athletic Shoe Startup A New York Investment Funda proposal together for a client in needing feedback on their logo sent interested in trends in streamingwomen’s retail sent their survey to: their survey to: media sent their survey to: • Women • Men • Men and Women • Ages 30-50 • Ages 18-30 • Ages 18-50 • With kids • Living in specific states • Mix of parents and those with no kids • With college degrees • Working full or part-time • Have web access from home or work • Income above $40,000 per year see the next page for available targeting criteria. How do I trust the opinions of SurveyMonkey Audience? ? methodology: We apply strict methodology requirements around our recruitment and survey invitation practices. Disciplined incentive practices: We reward survey takers with donations to charities of their choice and sweepstakes entries. We encourage members to provide honest opinions. transparency: You see your data as it comes in, giving you the opportunity to adjust your survey or targeting if you need. to purchase or learn more, please contact: | Online Form | Copyright© 2011 SurveyMonkey 2
  3. 3. AvAIlAblE tArGEtING CrItErIAWhat criteria can I target on?• Gender • Marital status • Home ownership status• Age • Parental status • Technology preferences• Location • Employment status And many more…• Ethnicity/Race • Industry of employment• Education level • Income levelContact us for all targeting criteria at ready to purchase? learn how. What if I have a really specific targeting requirement? ? If you need an Audience with really specific targeting requirements for your survey, such as, “50 respondents who are male and drive a Honda,” we may not know which members drive a Honda, but we do know which members are male and own a car. So, you can target males who own cars, and ask if their car is a Honda. In cases like this, you may need to send your survey out to a larger group to ensure you get responses from 50 people with Hondas. Don’t worry, we’ll help you figure out how to get the number of responses you need, from the people you need them from. to purchase or learn more, please contact: | Online Form | Copyright© 2011 SurveyMonkey 3
  4. 4. AUDIENCE PUrCHAsE ProCEssHow do I buy SurveyMonkey Audience?What you need to do: Let us know you’re interested in purchasing a targeted Audience of survey respondents. (Congrats! You already did this…) How much does it cost? Review this document and feel free to email our account manager with any questions at We have a flat, simple pricing model for Set up a paid SurveyMonkey account if you don’t have one: SurveyMonkey Audience purchases. standard Projects—full results in Provide us with a few key items: 7 business days: $3.00 for each finished a. A link to your survey survey response b. The number of responses you need rush Projects—full results in c. Your demographic targeting requirements 3 business days: $5.00 for each finished survey response d. Your desired start and finish dates—projects can be done in either 3 or 7 business days (see pricing box for details)What we’ll do: Review your project and send over any questions we have, along with pricing information. Search our member database to make sure we have enough members to complete your project. Send you a link to an invoice so you can pay for your SurveyMonkey Audience purchase. Review and enable your survey, including: a. Review the survey and make sure it adheres to our content policies. b. Create a separate collector called “SurveyMonkey Audience Collector” where all of the responses from your Audience will be gathered. Send the survey to your Audience.What happens next? You’ll immediately start to see responses come in for your survey in your SurveyMonkey account. We’ll send you a Excel file, within 3-7 business days, that includes all of your survey responses along with the demographic details for each respondent. You look like a hero with all of your new data! You come back for your next project. tips for a successful Project launch to purchase or learn more, please contact: | Online Form | Copyright© 2011 SurveyMonkey 4
  5. 5. HElPfUl tIPs for lAUNCHING YoUr ProjECtTips for a Successful Project Launch Creating your survey Determining how many Determining who you want people you need to answer to target • Consider who your target your survey audience is. • General Population: we provide you • Figure out how you will use all the demographic details about • Ask clear and specific questions. your data—for a school project? the people who responded to your • Test out the survey yourself or with Consumer branding study? survey alongside the actual survey friends or colleagues to make sure To choose a product concept responses so you can do any that there are no major errors in winner? Academic research? analysis you need. any logic that is used. Investment research? • targeted Audience: you can target • Mark all required questions using • Based on how you will use your on any of the criteria listed on the option in SurveyMonkey. data, decide if you need statistically page 3. • Keep your survey as succinct as significant results, and if that means • Additional targeting: Want to possible. We limit SurveyMonkey hundreds or thousands of responses. reach small business owners? Audience surveys to 50 questions People with a specific wireless to ensure a positive member plan? If your criteria is not one of experience and to ensure high our standard targeting parameters, data quality. you can use skip logic in your survey to identify people who fit your needs. We are adding new targeting criteria every day, so always check back with us.Contact your surveymonkey Audience account manager to get startedtoday at audience@surveymonkey.comtell us a little bit about yourself by filling out our online form: Get started Now to purchase or learn more, please contact: | Online Form | Copyright© 2011 SurveyMonkey 5