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Selfies in Marketing: Awesome or Meh?

Big name brands from Dove to Old Navy to Purina have all leveraged the power of selfies with varying degrees of success. Should marketers be using selfies as part of their overall ad strategy? Get more selfie (and belfie!) data from our blog:

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Selfies in Marketing: Awesome or Meh?

  2. 44%Of respondents said the main reason they take selfies is to share a special moment
  3. 45%Of respondents share their selfies on Facebook 45 News Feed Requests Messenger Notifications More 79 Likes Like Comment Share 3 Comments Carmen Sandoval with Joel McDowell Today at 1:56 PM 45% post selfies to facebook Jamie Jackson Today at 1:34 PM SMA 93%5:27 PM
  4. 38%Think using selfies in ad campaigns is a fad and will not last long
  5. 77%Have not considered purchasing a product or service simply because its ad campaign included selfies
  6. 48%Said they wouldn’t buy a selfie-related product, such as a selfie-stick, or a mini-tripod
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