2014 Mobile Workplace Trends


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Have you heard of BYOD? Well a new trend is emerging in the workplace- Bring Your Own Device!

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2014 Mobile Workplace Trends

  2. Long gone are the days when people only correspond (or survey!) from a desk...
  3. People are mobile. And not just for personal use. For work too.
  4. Carrier 41%10:25 AM A new trend has emerged! Mobile in the Workplace, AKA: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  5. Carrier 41%10:25 AM We surveyed over smartphone users with SurveyMonkey Audience to find out! 600
  6. Here’s what we learned...
  7. 38%56% 2% 80% say they get to use the phone of their choice 56% say Apple is the most popular over Android (38%), only 2% use Blackberry.
  8. Apple’s still on top for business purposes on mobile...
  9. ? ? ? ? ?? What are the top two industries where employees don’t get to choose their mobile phones at work?
  10. Healthcare
  11. Government
  12. And the future of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?
  13. It’s all about the tablet. 54% 54% say they use a tablet at work — but only 14% say their workplace provides them with one. Ouch!
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