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Discover the 10 Best Survey Data Analysis to Help with Your Data


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Check out this list on the best survey data analysis for strengths and weaknesses of survey research. Know where to find help to get started with your task. Click here today!

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Discover the 10 Best Survey Data Analysis to Help with Your Data

  1. 1. 10 Best Survey Data Analysis Tools to Handle Your Data It is important to know the strengths and weakness of survey research so that you can gather all the data that you need. But to get started, check out the following for guidance on the best survey analysis for your survey research. Best Survey Data: Survey Analysis for Survey Research 1. Going through details as well as drawing conclusions is important for successful business. One of the best methods to obtain consumer data is survey. The survey is useful because it allows individuals to talk directly to the company. The software makes sure that your order is ready all the time and it will be completed on time. This system will help you to get ideas about strengths and weakness of survey research you have. 2. Survey Monkey: This is a well-known online survey tools that you can consider ton know about strengths of survey research. It offers a free version and you will get what you need. The system is well designed, easy to use and the good thing is that you can embed the surveys. If you want to get more respondents, questions and other features, you can use the paid version of the software. 3. Typeform: When it comes to its interface, it is elegant and the style is attractive. When it comes to the free version, it has many offers, which include data export, unlimited questions, unlimited answers, basic reporting and custom design themes. There are great features that you can find in the system. The system is absolutely worth checking out, especially when it comes to data analysis for survey research. 4. Google Forms: This is another survey data analysis tool that you can use. If you want to know the strengths of survey research, you can check this out. This online survey tool gives skip logic for free which is a good thing. It will be probably one of your choices. 5. Client Heartbeat: Even though the software does not offer much-advanced reporting features, you still get what you want. You have the chance to get alerts on your unhappy customers, testimonial widget and much more. Checking out the tool is a nice choice because you will know what features the system has. If you want an intense analytic action and superb analyzing survey data tool, you can choose Client Hearbeat.
  2. 2. 6. Zoho Survey: Analyzing survey data is not easy because there are many things you need to do. The best thing with the software is that it gives what you need. It offers a free version where you get unlimited surveys, survey questions and responses. If you want to avail with their paid versions, you will get more. 7. Survey Gizmo: If you want survey data analysis, this software is what you need. This is a great choice and you get a free version that you can try. There are many things that you will learn from it and if you want to avail with the free version, you get unlimited questions and surveys, templates, basic reporting, option in exporting to CSV and much more. With the paid version, you get multiple users, data encryption, API and others. 8. Survey Planet: Survey analysis is not easy, but with this software, you can all have what you are looking for. It offers a free and paid version so it is up to you to choose on what version you want to use 9. Sisense: Within minutes, you can easily prepare as well as analyze disparate or big data sets, you can make interactive reports and web dashboards, and you can join tables from the multiple sources using coding and minimal scripting. If you want statistical analysis of data, this software is a good choice. It gives a complete report that you need. This is a good survey data analysis tool that you should not miss. 10. Tanagra: This is a free data mining system for research and academic purposes. It proposes numerous data mining methods from statistical learning, databases area, exploratory data analysis and machine learning. Aside from this, here are other systems you can check out to get the help you need.  OpenRefine: This is a powerful survey analysis tool, especially when working for messy data such as extending web services, cleaning, transforming data from one format to another and much more. With it, you can import data in different formats, explore databases and make links between datasets instantly and others. Check out their site and see if they can provide you with the best service in terms of survey analysis today!  Predictive Analytics: This is a system that will help you with collection of machine learning algorithms, especially for data mining tasks. Some of the features include data mining, regression, association rules, machine learning, workflow, visualization and experiments. If you want to know the statistical analysis of survey data, Predictive Analytics is a nice choice.  Data Melt: It is software for statistics, analysis, numeric computation as well as scientific visualization. It can be used in different areas like engineering, natural sciences, analysis of the financial markets and modeling. Also, Data melt is a computational platform that can be used with many programming languages on numerous operating systems.  Market Sight: This tool enables analysts and researchers to focus in presenting and finding new insights that are critical about business. It strives to understand as well as meet the needs of their customers. The software is easy to use and learn that will make
  3. 3. you more productive from the beginning. This is a good choice when it comes to statistical analysis of survey data. There you have our guide on the best survey data analysis to make use of in accomplishing your task. Study your options well and choose which of them can provide you with the best results regarding survey data analysis. They can help you in presenting and looking for insights, which you need about your business. Know the strengths and weakness of survey research using these tools today!