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Using SurfWatch Labs' Threat Intelligence to Monitor Your Digital Risk


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Cyber threat intelligence can help organizations to better monitor the risk stemming from their growing digital footprints.

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Using SurfWatch Labs' Threat Intelligence to Monitor Your Digital Risk

  1. 1. Using SurfWatch Labs’ Threat Intelligence To Monitor Your Digital Risk
  2. 2. Today’s Speaker Adam Meyer Chief Security Strategist SurfWatch Labs 2
  3. 3. Baselining the Different Types of Cyber Threat Intelligence For Senior Business Leaders – CISO, CIO, Risk Officer, etc. • Informs business decisions and used to prioritize defense and direct cybersecurity investments • “Known Knowns” – Threat is understood and can be acted on / mitigated For SOC/NOC Managers and Threat Analysts • Aggregation of events along with the motivations, intent, and capabilities of adversaries – how they plan, conduct, and sustain attack campaigns • “Known Unknowns” – Confirmed existence of an actual threat For SOC/NOC Operators • The effort to detect and respond to on-the-wire events that are technical and high volume. Focuses on threat indicators to hunt for and defend against adversaries. Little-to-no contextualization or learning. • “Unknown Unknowns” – Something weird is going on Operational Tactical Decision Strategic Inputs Outputs Inputs Outputs LevelofIntelligence 3
  4. 4. Your Digital Footprint Provides a Lot of Opportunity for Adversaries 4
  5. 5. Growing Digital Footprints Increase Your Risk 7 The Larger Your Digital Footprint, The More Avenues of Attack Provided to Threat Actors • Social media use exposes more information and employees – easier access to key executives • Supply chain represents significant risk - 57% of breaches originate from partners and suppliers (PwC) • Dark Web markets and forums provide more tools and information for threat actors to leverage – translates to fraudulent activity against your business, customers and brand • Many popular threats leverage social engineering techniques (i.e. phishing and ransomware) • Convergence of physical and digital security risks
  6. 6. 6 The SurfWatch Labs Threat Intelligence Stack Cloud-based Suite and Advisory Services deliver: • Strategic and Operational Threat Intelligence • Relevant Cyber Risk Management • Actionable Fraud Awareness and Prevention • Digital Supply Chain Risk Visibility • Brand and IP Protection • Legal and Regulatory Diligence • KPIs and Cyber Risk Reporting Products SaaS Applications and API Information and Analytics Collect, Validate, Analyze and Enrich Solutions Human Expertise Threat Analyst Cyber Advisor Data Collection Sources: • Millions of Open Source Media Outlets • Twitter – Full Feed • Cyber-Focused Sources- Blogs, Security Researchers, etc.) • Govt Mandated Breach Reports • Vulnerability Reports • PII Release Reports • Phishing Feeds • Dark Web Markets & Forums • Paste Sites • SurfWatch Customers
  7. 7. Q&A and Additional SurfWatch Labs Resources 7 SurfWatch Cyber Advisor: SurfWatch Threat Analyst: Dark Web Intelligence: Personalized SurfWatch Demo: Strategic and Operational Threat Intelligence