SharePoint Search Intro: Nailing the Basics


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During this introductory webinar on SharePoint Search Robert Piddocke, co-author of Pro SharePoint 2010 Search and Working with FAST Search for SharePoint, will present an outline of what makes good search and how SharePoint 2010 can deliver it.

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  • Hi, Welcome to our webinar on Search Analytics in SharePoint 2010. My name is Robert Piddocke and I am author of Pro SharePoint 2010 Search. I am also working on a book on FAST for SharePoint and have been working in the enterprise search business for over a decade. Today I’ll be presenting a little on what makes search good and some theory about search and then digging into Search Analytics in SharePoint 2010. I’ll also show you how to action those analytics and give some best practices for improving search.
  • Your search engine is one of the few truly interactive tools on your site. Most people look at search as a black box but it really can tell a great deal about the users expectations and their experience in SharePoint. There is a clear difference between browsing for content and searching for it and many users will use search as their main navigational tool. The challenge they face is, of course, finding information. That information can be things they know exist in SharePoint, information they are currently working with or information they themselves have created. The search engine is a tool people hope will respond to direct questions for content in SharePoint. It is important therefore to make sure that the conversation is not completely one sided. This is where search analytics come into the picture.Another important thing to note is that SharePoint search is not Google – AND WITH REASON! I’m sure we’ve all heard the request to make SharePoint search more like Google search. Well, global search and local search are different because the users expectations are different. Users mistakenly want google in the organization without realizing that their expectations for google are drastically different than their expectations for SharePoint search. Google users are looking for one of many items. If they search for ‘shoes’ on google, they will be happy to get 1000 results of 100,000,000 possible pages about shoes. The search is usually not that specific and any set of results is more than enough. Within the organization users want to find the one unique document or piece of information in a document out of thousands or millions in the organization. Finding that single document requires a much more surgical approach.
  • Thanks for attending my webinar. Please feel free to send me any questions or add me to twitter to get updates on blog posts and future webinars.
  • SharePoint Search Intro: Nailing the Basics

    1. 1. Nailing the Basics SharePoint 2010 SearchPresented by: Robert Piddocke Author: Pro SharePoint 2010 Search Working with Microsoft FAST Search Server for SharePoint robertpiddocke @rpiddocke
    2. 2. Why the Basics?technology Users
    3. 3. Understanding Search • Found! • Lost? • Bingo!Search Results • More Document • Lazy? • Back? lost?
    4. 4. What are the Search Basics?1. Content - Find information2. Presentation - UX3. Management - Improve over time
    5. 5. Content• Make the right content visible , nomore, no less• Use and leverage metadata• Search is for more than justdocuments (people, web, images etc.)• Avoid guesswork
    6. 6. Content• How to set up a content source/crawl rule.• Index pdf’s
    7. 7. Presentation• KISS• Search everywhere• Make search accessible - 1 or many,scopes or no scopes• Build your search for your users.Search engines are from Mars, users arefrom… New Jersey.
    8. 8. Presentation• How to make a search center anddirect the queries there.
    9. 9. Management• Put Search in the right hands. – Youdon’t let your plumber decide where toput your toilet.• React• GROW!
    10. 10. Management•Check Analytics and make a best betI dont know. Youknow, my mom, Shetells me, "You wantsomethin, you gottaask for it."
    11. 11. What we do at SurfRayOntolica Search & Preview”Findability, not clutter”
    12. 12. Please feel free to ask questions in the chat!Presented by: Robert Piddocke Author: Pro SharePoint 2010 Search Working with Microsoft FAST Search Server for SharePoint robertpiddocke @rpiddocke