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Let SharePoint search out of its cage by exposing powerful search web parts into other areas of your sites. During this webcast, guest presenter Nick Kellett from StoneShare will join Josh to show how to leverage SharePoint search outside the search center through search based navigation, content aggregation, and other search+ techniques.

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  • Great article by Jeff Atwood at Coding Horror: Designing for Informavores, or, Why Users Behave Like Animals Online: is a way of using search functionality to create dynamic user experiences. You can implement it using out of the box functionality, custom code, and third party vendor products like Ontolica Enterprise SearchPhoto by Tatiana Gerus:
  • Search Federation: Display search results for additional content that is not crawled by your search server. User query is forwarded to an external content repository where it is processed by that repository’s search engine. The external search engine returns the results to your search server. Your search server displays the external results next to its own index results.How to do this:Configure connectors in Central Administration in the Search Service ApplicationConnectors: Custom, Bing, Google, YouTube, WikiPedia, etcPossible Impacts:Using external sites: “Safe Search”What happens if the search results change?If a user clicks a link, experience depends on the destination service
  • Even with proper metadata and governance there is an overwhelming amount of content in most portalsThe value of content is contextual – the value of a piece of content depends on the user, the place, or the timeDon’t just rely on users to go to the search box to find content – place search experiences everywhereUsers browse or search – let them do both
  • How to do Aggregated lists:Ontolica AggregatorContent Query WebPartThird Party Rollup toolsCustom Code using Search API
  • How to do Thumbnail Previews:Ontolica PreviewerFAST Search engineMediaRich Digital Asset ManagementCustom codeHow to do Search Tag CloudsCustom codeHow to do Saved SearchesSave urls as hyperlinks, bookmark in browserAdd to My Sites links list
  • Search Alerts: Subscribe users to search alerts so they know when things changeRSS Feeds: Great for integrating with applications!MeSH Search: Medical Subject Heading data using Managed Metadata service – we were asked by customer to combine these terms with search results. How to do this:Archive results workflow: Use Ontolica Enterprise Search, with custom workflow action that triggers Disposition Approval workflow.MeSH Search: We created a custom webpart using the Search API and Managed Metadata service to combine and filter the search results and present to the user.
  • You can: Open the document, filter the results, and…..that’s about it
  • With Search+ search results you can….do anything you want! View file properties, send link by email, add to My Links, open document location (very popular request), perform custom workflow actionsHow to do this:Surfray has a free Search Results WebPart here You can write custom code and replace the search core results webpart
  • Microsoft is using this concept for its eDiscovery engine How to do this:Enable the Legal Holds and eDiscovery feature on a site. Perform a search for items to add to a legal hold
  • SharePoint Search + Plus

    1. 1. SharePoint Search+ Nick Kellett Chief Technical Officer, StoneShare Inc. @NickKellett
    2. 2. SharePoint Search+Agenda• What is Search+?• Gather Content Together• Make It Easy to Find• Make It Appealing• Act on it!• Q&A
    3. 3. What is Search+?• Berry-picking information foragers• Search+ is a set of search concepts: – Gather content together – Make it easy to find – Make it appealing – Act on it!• The end result: Dynamic user experiences driven by search activities
    4. 4. Gather Content Together• How Search Federation works• Federated Search Connectors• Federation across SharePoint farms• Federation across live web services• Possible Impacts
    5. 5. Gather Content TogetherYouTube Federation
    6. 6. Make It Easy To Find• Content is EVERYWHERE• Its value depends on its context• Search experiences should be everywhere too• Navigation: Users either browse OR search• Fixed keyword queries
    7. 7. Make It Easy To FindAggregate all the site content into a rollup list
    8. 8. Make It Appealing• Thumbnail Previews• Search Tag Clouds• My Saved Searches
    9. 9. Act On It!• Search Alerts and RSS Feeds• Search Result Actions• Real World Examples: – eDiscovery – Bulk archive search results using workflow – MeSH Search: Combining Managed Metadata terms with search results
    10. 10. Act On It!OOTB Search Experience: Limited set of actions
    11. 11. Act On It!Search+ Experience: Results are a gateway to infinite user actions
    12. 12. Act On It!Search+ Experience: Real World Examples: eDiscovery
    13. 13. Q/A & Contact DetailsNick KellettChief Technical Officer, StoneShare Inc. @NickKellettJosh NobleDirector of Sales, Americas & OceaniaAuthor: Pro SharePoint 2010 Search @SurfRay
    14. 14. Additional ResourcesOur SharePoint Search Video Webinars: Kellett- Planet MOSShttp://planetmoss.blogspot.comFree Ontolica Search Results WebPart