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Ontolica Suite Comparison


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A high level comparison of features between MOSS 2007, SharePoint 2010, FAST, and Ontolica.

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Ontolica Suite Comparison

  1. 1. Search, Collaboration, and Visualization for SharePoint and FAST Ontolica Library Preview SharePoint users spend the vast majority of their time upload- ing, collaborating, and editing documents through document libraries. Ontolica Library Preview delivers immediate and highly intuitive visualization tools that empower users to rap- idly explore, navigate, and compare documents without the need to download content, install browser plug-ins, or pur- chase iFilters.Quickly connect users to content without weeks of codingthrough an aesthetically pleasing search UX and easily config- Ontolica Aggregateurable web parts. This complete solution is easily-deployed to Collect, refine, and interact with content from any locationunlock faster search navigation, lightweight previews, action- available to SharePoint through Aggregate’s virtual documentable results, relevant suggestions, and complete GUI-based libraries. This powerful search based application changes theconfiguration on SharePoint and FAST. way you access information in SharePoint without the need to reorganize documents, change information silos, or ma-Ontolica Enterprise Search nipulate hierarchies. See your content in a new way withoutOntolica Search helps SharePoint administrators to rapidly content duplication or loss of valuable version and metadatadeploy the organization’s metadata and properties as search history with Ontolica Aggregate.refiners, quick filters, grouping, and sorting options, withouthaving to involve developers in the project. With rich naviga- Ontolica FAST Managementtion, intelligent autosuggestions, and actionable results, On- Manage all your FAST server processes from Central Admin-tolica upgrades your search platform to true enterprise stan- istration without logging into your FAST server. Easily backupdard. and restore FAST configurations with powerful and flexible snapshots. Quickly configure relevancy ranking models, mapOntolica Search Preview pipeline extensions, execute JDBC connections, and createVisualize any content in search without client-side installs or highly customized web crawlers through simple GUIs. Every-burdensome server requirements. This lightweight, mobile- thing you need to configure FAST Search for SharePoint is nowenabled preview, quickly connects users to content with in- available in one place.Document search, query highlights, and relevant suggestions.With support for email, web pages, and more than 500 filetypes, Ontolica Search Preview helps users rapidly exploresearch result content regardless of the format.
  2. 2. Feature Matrix: SharePoint SharePoint FAST for Ontolica Ontolica Suite for SharePoint 2007 2010 SharePoint 2010 Search Enhancement Features .DOCX & PPTX ONLY 500+ FORMATS *SP2010 & FS4SP require XML for CustomizationScan QR code to download the free Ontolica ResultAction Web Part for SharePoint, or visit