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Ontolica Library Preview Brochure


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Ontolica Library Preview Brochure

  1. 1. OntolicaLibrary Preview SharePoint users spend the vast majority of their time uploading, collaborating, and editing documents through document libraries. Ontolica Library Preview delivers immediate and highly intuitive visualization tools that empower users to rapidly explore, navigate, and compare documents without the need to download content, install browser plug-ins, or purchase iFilters. Library Preview Page Zoom Deliver both first page and full document preview in Utilize a mouse scroll or the intuitive preview toolbar to the search result page, Ontolica Library Preview will zoom in and out of a given page. Preview also supports quickly become a natural extension to your search pinch and zoom functionality from capable devices. expectations. inDocument Search Document Comparison Quickly search within documents with fast keyword The ability to compare multiple documents inline highlighting and relevant page suggestions. within the result list is especially useful, as it allows similar documents to be rapidly compared.Get your free trial today at
  2. 2. Key FeaturesOntolica Library Preview for SharePointFeature List: Library PreviewFull Document Graphical PreviewFirst page and full document preview in document librariesOver 500 supported formats including Office 2007/2010, vector (AutoCAD), Emails, and moreVisually identify important documents and read without downloadingPreview ManiupulationVariable zoom & snap-to-screen width or lengthPrint selected page ranges from previewsDocument ComparisonSearch query highlights for immediate recognitioninDocument search with hit highlightingRelevant page suggestions for high density keywordsCompare multiple documents inlineAllows similar documents to be rapidly compared to identify the versions of the document you needNo BoundariesSupport for a range of authentication modelsPreview content located outside SharePointNo need for iFilters, extra server, or client-side installationsMobile device supportLow Infrastructure requirementsCombination of ultra-compact indexing and real-time technologiesNo need for additional hardware or massive indexes to store previews SurfRay EMEA Headquarters SurfRay US Headquarters Smedeholm 10 Headquarters SurfRay EMEA 5201 Great America Parkway | Suite 320 SurfRay US Headquarters 2730 Herlev | 10 Smedeholm Denmark Santa Clara |America Parkway | Suite 320 5201 Great CA 95054 | United States Phone:Herlev 70 250 250 | Fax: (+45) 70 260 480 2730 (+45) | Denmark Phone: Clara | CA 95054 | United (+1) 866-906-9747 Santa (+1) 800-625-1175 | Fax: States Phone: (+45) 70 250 250 | Fax: (+45) 70 260 480 Phone: (+1) 800-625-1175 | Fax: (+1) 866-906-9747