Five Roadblocks to SharePoint Search Maturity


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SharePoint is designed to evolve with your business, but using SharePoint to its full potential presents plenty of challenges. In this presentation, Sadalit Van Buren, author of The SharePoint Maturity Model and Senior Software Engineer at Blue Metal Architects, spotlights the top 5 barriers to reaching SharePoint search maturity. Drawing from real survey data, Sadalit explains how to get past challenges to findability and implement best practices and improvements to your SharePoint search.

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Five Roadblocks to SharePoint Search Maturity

  1. 1. The Top Five Roadbloacks to SharePoint Search Maturity (and how to get past them)Presented at SurfRay’s USA Webcast20 January 2012 1
  2. 2. Agenda• Logistics• Brief Overview - SharePoint Maturity Model, and the Search Competency• Top Five Roadblocks• Q&A / Contact Information• Resources• Photo Credits 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 2
  3. 3. Logistics• If you have questions: – During the presentation: submit them via chat; if time allows we will answer them at the end – After the presentation: contact us via your preferred channel: email, Twitter, etc.• If you’re Tweeting: – @surfray – #spmaturity – @sadalit• The presentation is on SlideShare now• All attendees will be e-mailed a link the presentation on Monday Jan 23. 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 3
  4. 4. About Me • Project Manager and Business Analyst focusing on SharePoint • Working with SharePoint since beta 2003 version • 50+ SharePoint implementations • Microsoft Certified IT ProSenior SharePoint Engineer, BlueMetal Architects20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 4
  5. 5. The SharePoint Maturity Model:A framework that incorporates both solution and readiness competencies. Core Advanced Readiness People & Publication Infrastructure Communities Composites & Collaboration Staffing & training Applications Business Process Integration Customizations Search Insight 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 5
  6. 6. Maturity Level Definitions SharePoint Level Description 500 The competency is functioning optimally and continuous improvement occurs Optimizing based on defined and monitored metrics. ROI is demonstrable. 400 The competency is centrally supported, standardized, and implemented across Predictable the entire organization. Governance is defined and understood / followed.Maturation The way the competency is implemented is defined and/or standardized, but 300 not in use across the entire organization. Governance is defined but may not Defined be widely understood / followed. ROI is considered. 200 The competency is managed by a central group (often IT), but the focus and Managed definition varies by functional area, or is limited to a single area. 100 The starting point of SharePoint use. Initial 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 6
  7. 7. Search MaturityThe ability to query indexed content and return results that are ranked in order of relevance tothe search query. Areas of focus include scopes, display of results, optimization, integration andconnectors, and performance. Users understand relationship of tagging to 500 search results. Automated tagging may be used. High volumes can be handled. Content types and custom properties are leveraged 400 in Advanced Search. Results customized to specific needs, may be actionable. ---------- customization may occur ---------- Search results are analyzed. Best bets and metadata 300 properties are leveraged to aid the search experience. Custom scopes and iFilters employed to aid the search experience 200 100 Out of box functionality for query, results, and scopes; some additional content sources may be indexed. 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 7
  8. 8. Maturity per Years of Use 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 8
  9. 9. Maturity per Number of Users 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 9
  10. 10. Search – 100-level example Source: S. Van Buren 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit 10 @surfray
  11. 11. Search – 400-level example (query) Source: Nielsen Norman Intranet Design Annual 2010 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit 11 @surfray
  12. 12. Search – 400-level example (query) Source: SurfRay 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit 12 @surfray
  13. 13. Search – 400-level example (results) Source: S. Van Buren 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit 13 @surfray
  14. 14. Search – 400-level example (results) Source: SurfRay 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit 14 @surfray
  15. 15. Top Five Roadbloacks1. Complacency2. Lack of Planning3. Lack of Knowledge / Training4. Lack of Human Resources5. Lack of Budget 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 15
  16. 16. Roadblock 1: Complacency SharePoint comes with Search built-in, so it should just work (like Google!) 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 16
  17. 17. Roadblock 1: ComplacencyThe Solution:• SharePoint Search was set up only for the properties common to every company: – File type – Author / Uploader – Date Is this really enough for a good experience at YOUR company?• Recognize that the best experience comes from aligning Search to the needs of your business. 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 17
  18. 18. Roadblock 2: Lack of PlanningThere is so much else going on with aSharePoint implementation (and in ITin general) – we’ll get to Search later. 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 18
  19. 19. Roadblock 2: Lack of PlanningThe Solution:• Plan now.• If your implementation is already well underway, PLAN NOW. 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 19
  20. 20. Roadblock 3: Lack of Knowledge / Training IT Owners and End Users both need to know how to make Search better. 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit 20 @surfray
  21. 21. Roadblock 3: Lack of Knowledge / TrainingThe Solution:- IT Owners: - Understand what is possible for both Query and Results. - Encourage IT to ask for help if they are not search experts- End Users: - Understand the relationship of tagging / metadata to Seach results - Understand content positioning and relevanceA few hours of training for the IT staff and a page ofguidelines for the end users is enough to get you started. 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 21
  22. 22. Roadblock 4: Lack of Human ResourcesNo skills in-house to create solutionsNot enough ongoing bandwith to monitor and adjust results 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit 22 @surfray
  23. 23. Roadblock 4: Lack of Human ResourcesThe Solution:• Demonstrate ROI (see next roadblock)• Third-party vendors / solutions can alleviate some of the strain on your time 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 23
  24. 24. Roadblock 5: Lack of Budget No budget for: - Third-party solutions - Consulting - In-house developer 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray In-house Knowledge Mgr - 24
  25. 25. Roadblock 5: Lack of BudgetThe Solution:• Don’t dive into the deep end. Find the limits of your current platform before you invest.• Start small. Build proofs of concepts and mockups.• Demonstrate ROI – through anedcotes – using SP’s built-in metrics. 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 25
  26. 26. Summary• Recognize that the best experience comes from aligning Search to the needs of your business.• Plan now, regardless of the state of your implementation.• Understand what’s possible and how to optimize content specifically for SharePoint.• Demonstrate ROI• Find the limits of your current platform before you invest.• Reach out and ask!• Simple, right? 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 26
  27. 27. Call to Action• Fill out the SMM self-assessment at• Send me your data to help build a data model for everyone (your name & company name will remain anonymous.)• Contact us (contact info on next slide) – With Questions – With Feedback – If you’d like help assessing your SP implementation and learning more about how to get to greater SharePoint Search Maturity. 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 27
  28. 28. Upcoming Events• Feb 2 – Next Surfray Webcast: Top 3 Reasons You Should Upgrade to FAST Search for SP – webcast-usa-top-3-reasons-you-should-upgrade-to- fast-search-for-sharepoint.html• Feb 27-29 – SPTechCon San Francisco – – 3 sessions on other aspects of SP Maturity – SurfRay is sponsoring 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 28
  29. 29. Q/A & Contact Details Sadalit Van Buren Author of the SharePoint Maturity Model matter_of_degree/ @sadalit / @spmaturity sadalit Josh Noble Author: Pro SharePoint 2010 Search @SurfRay JoshNoble 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit 29 @surfray
  30. 30. Photo CreditsSlide # Title & Author13 “Chao Ley (Sea Gypsy) on Koh Phi Phi island” by markeveleigh on Flickr – “Gridlock - Shanghai, China - 上海 中国” by meckleychina on Flickr – “20090614 - Search (landscape)” by sadalit on Flickr – “curiosando…” by Lilith Ecate on Flickr – From the book Film Architecture – from Metropolis to Blade Runner – posted by boiteaoutils: metropolis-to.html 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 30
  31. 31. Resources• SharePoint Maturity resources: – tOnly.aspx• Resources on –• Michal Pisarek on Requirements Gathering for SP Search: – requirements-gathering-for-search-in-sharepoint-.html• Matthew McDermott’s 4-part series on building a custom image search: – -image-search-part-1.aspx 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit @surfray 31
  32. 32. Thank you! 20 Jan 2012 - #spmaturity @sadalit 32 @surfray