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Conor McGregor Vs Nate Diaz Full Fight || UFC 202


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Conor McGregor went down in the very second round after he tapped out to rear necked choke by Nate Diaz for the featherweight championship at the UFC 196.
A week has passed since the fight and McGregor is already talking about a possible rematch with Diaz for the title.
“I think I'd like to see that. It's one that interests me most certainly,” McGregor told TMZ Sports about a possible Diaz rematch. “You know when I look at the fight, I was winning the fight. I won the first round and a half.”
"I'd love to get that one back. We'll see. We'll see how it goes. Life is good."
It is reported to have sold 1.5 million pay per view buys which is the most sold pay per views in the UFC history.
"I'm real fresh. I'm ready to go again," McGregor said. "It was a good fight. A hell of a fight. I look forward to coming back with a vengeance."
There is a very high chance that he will be included in the UFC 202 cards.
But on the other side of the coin, Diaz showed his disinterest in a rematch, he said "We'll see how things play out. As far as rematches go, I lost close decisions and never got a rematch.”
Diaz was offered for the fight with McGregor just 10 days prior to the main event while he was on a vacation in Mexico. The lightweight Irishman was scheduled to fight against the champion Rafael dos Anjos until he got injured during the training session and had to call off his name in the last minute.
The odds are against Diaz for a rematch between these two celebrity fighters as UFC 196 went down to become the biggest pay per view in the history of UFC. Despite losing the match McGregor bagged $1,000,000 in his bank account while the winner walked with $500,000.
For now we will have to wait and watch what future holds for these two fighters.
Watch Full Fight Here :

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Conor McGregor Vs Nate Diaz Full Fight || UFC 202

  1. 1. Watch full fight here : 