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Feb webinar final ppt


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Feb webinar final ppt

  1. 1. Optimizing Facebook forTraffic, Leads and SEO February 28th, 2013 Webinar
  2. 2. AgendaI. Why should business owners pay attention to FacebookII. How to create/optimize Facebook presenceIII. Facebook promotion and lead generationIV. Measurement and tracking
  3. 3. Common Question Everyone Asks
  4. 4. Common Question Everyone Asks
  5. 5. Common Question Everyone Asks
  6. 6. Why Facebook? With over 1 billion users, Facebook is overtaking Google and Yahoo in total time spent on the Internet Localeze and comScore study results indicate: 91% of individuals who use social media for local searches choose Facebook to find local business information Referral traffic to local business websites from Facebook is much higher than online directories
  7. 7. Why Now? Graph Search sets up a Facebook versus Google scenario that is important for business owners to understand “Graph Search won‟t just change the way we use Facebook… when you have a question to answer, you don‟t just have to Google it. Now you can Facebook it.” - Mark Zuckerberg
  8. 8. Facebook Is Already In The Search Business
  9. 9. Facebook Engagement Creates Social Signals Search Metrics: SEO Ranking Factors 2012 study: • Social signals, specifically Facebook, have the strongest correlation with your search rankings Social profiles have content/keyword use, themes, and authority, just like content links and websites (friends, followers, sharing, commenting)
  10. 10. …Social Media Enables a Huge Paradigm Shift 1898- 2012AwarenessInterest Value of Lead Post TransactionDesire  EngagementAction  Sharing 2013  Connectivity  Endorsement
  11. 11. Create an Effective Business Page Customized About click-able section app tabsDriving links
  12. 12. Getting Started
  13. 13. Filling Out the Necessary Information  Make sure that you are signed in so that youre authorized to make the page  The basic categories are: Local Business/Place, Company/Organization/Institution, Brand/Product, Artist/Band/Celebrity, Entertainment and Cause/Community.  These are only necessary for the templates that will follow  Next, you need to choose an image. Whatever you choose needs to represent your brand  Remember: A Facebook page is not a Web site, a blog, or a Twitter account. Once you choose your Facebook Page name, AND, if you have 100 or more fans for that Page, the name is set in stone and a custom URL can be created!
  14. 14. Customize Page to Reflect Your Business Each and every area on your fan page is an opportunity to be funny, creative, smart or interesting. Use the “five-picture photo strip” at the top of your page in a strategic way -- tell a story
  15. 15. What To Do With Your Fan Page Ability to show upcoming events = MORE LINKS! Likes to posts drive more views and help your social proof
  16. 16. Take Advantage of App Tab Capabilities Customizable click-able tabs that can be used to for events, educational materials & even connect to YouTube Design landing pages inFacebook through services like wildfire or WITH OUR NEWSERVICE WE ARE ROLLING OUT!
  17. 17. Now What?• Market to your current audience & target to new viewers using ads!• Facebook is making it extremely difficult to engage with viewers- only a small percent of your posts are seen unless you advertise• By creating Facebook ads and promoted page posts, you can drastically increase your chances of being seen in the news feed, build your fan base, and get those likes!
  18. 18. Understanding Facebook‟s Ad Marketing Different types of ads you can run: 1. Facebook Ad 2. Page Like Story 3. Page Post Story 4. Page Post Like Story
  19. 19. Types of AdsStory Type Story Content Who Sees ItFacebook Ad The copy that you Your Fans createPage Like Story Your page was liked Friends of your fans either on Facebook directly or on a Like Box on a separate sitePage Post Story Publishes the latest All of the people who Page post as a have liked your Page Sponsored StoryPage Post Like Displays the user‟s Friends of your fans friends who have who have liked your already liked your page posts
  20. 20. Step 1: Download Power Editor to Reach Your Current Audience Must be using Google Chrome to download the tool • Take the tour they suggest once you are logged in • It will give you information about all of the functions
  21. 21. In Power Editor Click on “Custom Audiences”
  22. 22. Transforming Your Lists to Likes!  Next: Once you hit custom audiences, click on “create audience” • Choose the file you wish to upload • It must be a .csv or .txt file with customer e-mails • Upload your list!
  23. 23. Step 2: Log into Facebook Ads Manager When you log into your Facebook account, you‟ll see “Ads Manager” in the left hand column where your groups and pages are listed- click on it In „Ads Manager‟ you create the physical ad!  You will have the choice to choose a headline, copy, and image for your ad!  Facebook automatically pairs this with a „Page Like‟ Story.  Set a budget: SFS used $10 a day which has worked very well  Gone from nearly 500 likes to over 1,100!
  24. 24. Step 3: Choose the type of ad You will be given a choice of options:
  25. 25. Geo-Target Your Ads• Through Facebook Ads Manager, you can also target users by geographic location, age, gender, interests, etc.
  26. 26. Example- Ads To Get “Likes”• We tried to relate with our audience and have fun with the post. We figured the fiscal cliff was something every small business owner and entrepreneur was worried about at the time. (Relevancy worked well with our campaign: for home remodelers, if a storm occurs, offer to help families with roof renovations, window replacements, etc.)
  27. 27. Example- Ads To Promote Business
  28. 28. Page Like Story When you create an ad, Facebook Ads Manager will automatically pair it with a “Page Like Story” Along with your ad, viewers will see which of their friends have already “liked” your pageBenefits:• If someone sees that one of their friends has liked your page they are more inclined to like it as well
  29. 29. Page Post Story  Having a fan base, you can start using „Promoted Posts‟.  You‟re taking one of your timeline posts and marketing it so that it reaches more users‟ newsfeeds  Benefits:  Use for events, special deals, “link bait”  Encourage engagement, sharing and commenting  Facebook Ads manager automatically pairs it with a Sponsored Page Post Like Story
  30. 30. Page Post Like Story The “Page Post Like Story” amplifies the effect of the promoted page post and displays your friends who have already liked your page
  31. 31. The Ability to Analyze Ad Results When you click on an ad within your campaign, a pie chart with information about specific actions will pop up To get the full report on this specific ad, click on “see full actions report” Good for feedback & to see how well your marketing is doing in real time!
  32. 32. Facebook Insights • You can go to FB Insights to analyze how much engagement your posts are getting• You can export your data to take dive deeper into the positive and negative aspects of all your posts
  33. 33. Google Analytics: Social MeasurementExample of a Page Post Story Ad‟sresults!
  34. 34. What We Covered, What To Do Next• Facebook is becoming an important force for local business marketing• First step is to create a business page and profile• Upload your database into Facebook and do a “Like” campaign• Create and implement 1-2 page post story ads every month and change it up!• Track, measure and optimize• Don‟t do any of this if you don‟t already have a rock solid website, search engine visibility and complete directly listings
  35. 35. Special Opportunity• Surefire Social just made Facebook lead generation much easier. Announcing easy to create and deploy Facebook app tab page right from your Wordpress CMS!• If you want some help with understanding what we covered in this webinar please visit our website and download our ebook on Facebook and all the marketing we talked about!• Please send any questions to
  36. 36. Who is Surefire Social?Surefire Social delivers personal, comprehensive strategies for effective local Internet marketing. +SurefireSocial
  37. 37. Talk to UsChris Marentis is the Founder and CEO of SurefireSocial. With over 25 years of experience leadingtraditional and interactive marketing businesses,Chris is a leader in helping businesses use newtechnology to enable dramatic growth.Need help or want to find out more?Come see us to get your FREE online visibilityreport now at www.surefiresocial.comor call 888-804-8685