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What Americans Want at Work


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Knowing what workers seek in their work environment is powerful information for any business owner. What type of office environment should you strive to build? Is gossip running rampant? Some may even look at your bathrooms to see if your business is a suitable place to work! Here’s what we found so you can build a successful organization.

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What Americans Want at Work

  1. 1. Copyright©2015. APaychexCompany. WantatWork? Americans WhatDo
  2. 2. Here’swhatwefound. ThefolkshereatSurePayroll wantedtoknowsoweconducted anunscienticsurvey.
  3. 3. Nearly70%ofAmerican workersaresatisfied withtheirworking conditions? Didyouknow...
  4. 4. CompanyCulture|70% Commute|76% Work/lifebalance|80% Salary|92% What’smost importantwhen consideringa newjob?
  5. 5. 2outof5respondentssaid“Yes” Doestheactualworkspacematter?
  6. 6. Cubicles 47% Deskinan OpenOffice 27% Own Office 23% Workfrom Home 2% Thisiswherepeoplework:
  7. 7. Asmanyas3infour(75%)ofpeople foundthephysicalconditionsoftheir workplacetobewellmaintained. givethumbs up! 75%
  8. 8. •41%saidthey’reabletondprivacytomakeappointments,etc. •34%saidtheirworkspaceisNOTprivate,buttherearedesignated areasforprivacy. •25%saidtheybasicallyresorttohidinginstairwellsjusttomakea doctor’sappointment. Howmanypeoplecantakecare ofpersonalmatterswhileattheoffice?
  9. 9. Mostsayit’simportant and45%saidtheir workplaceisfriendly andprofessional. Whataboutcompanyculture?
  10. 10. •1in3saidtheircompanyculturewaslaidback withatendencytogetinappropriate. •12%respondedsayingtheirworkplaceis “likeaprison.”
  11. 11. WorkplaceGossip, however,isaproblem forslightlymorethan halfofworkers. StressStressfromworkalso affectsthepersonal livesof42%of respondents.
  12. 12. 5%said“mykids aregrowingup withoutme”and/or “Ihavenolife.”
  13. 13. ofrespondentssaid theircommuteis reasonable. 74% saidtheyspendwaytoo muchtimeinthecaror onatrainorbus. 16% saidit’slong,but reasonable. 10% Whataboutthecommute?
  14. 14. 20%saidtheywanttoseethebathroom beforetakingajob. Whatabout,well… thebathroomsituation?
  15. 15. •2in5wereonsomeleveldissatisedwith thebathroomconditionsatwork. •50%saidtheirworkplacebathroomsare clean,well-stockedandinworkingorder.
  16. 16. isthekeytohappiness. “abilitytoloveandwork” saidthe SigmondFreud
  17. 17. Copyright©2015.APaychexCompany. Easy.Online.SurePayroll. DiscoverMore VisitThePayrollBlogforideastohelpgrowyourbusiness. GetTips,Insight&MuchMore