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Finding New Payroll Customers Using LinkedIn


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Whether you're an accountant, sales person or small business owner, growing your business is a top priority. However, prospecting may not be your forte. LinkedIn may be able to help and many have found it a fertile ground for finding new clients. Here are some basics to getting started to growing sales with LinkedIn.

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Finding New Payroll Customers Using LinkedIn

  1. 1. © SurePayroll, Inc. 2014 Finding New Payroll Customers Using LinkedIn Tips for Accountants
  2. 2. How do you feel about customer prospecting?
  3. 3. If you’re looking for help, hook up with LinkedIn.
  4. 4. Getting Started with LinkedIn Two ways to go Free: Offers basic searchTry starting here Premium: Delivers greater search optionsConsider LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator 1 2
  5. 5. You’re On LinkedIn, Now What? Try search criteria such as industry, geographic location or job title Take a look at your current customers’ profiles— search for those with similar backgrounds
  6. 6. Insider Tip! Set a time limit on your prospecting. This will help control your schedule.
  7. 7. Write Meaningful Connection Requests Ditch the canned message that LinkedIn provides Write a personal, meaningful message
  8. 8. Insider Tip! Make connection requests a daily routine. Try just 5 min.
  9. 9. 1.Develop your own objective for the group 2.Consider why someone would be interested in joining 3.Put together a calendar of ideas to post 4.Posts could include helpful links, questions or answers Consider Starting a LinkedIn Group
  10. 10. Your group is a great place to post questions to identify those who need accounting, bookkeeping, tax or payroll services. Be mindful of scheduling time to start, manage, monitor and participate in the discussion. Insider Tips!
  11. 11. Find New Ideas, Gain Insights & Help Grow Your Business on The Payroll Blog. Visit Today Easy. Online. SurePayroll. Find Great Ideas