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How to Process Payroll


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Processing payroll for your small business can be a challenge. Here are some helpful tips on how you can take charge of processing payroll to reduce time and cut errors.

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How to Process Payroll

  1. 1. End the Grind: Tips for Efficient Payroll Processing How to Reduce Stress, Save Time & Cut Errors
  2. 2. Get Organized Create a Calendar with Key Items: • Pay Period • Check Dates • Due Dates for Payroll Tax Deposits • Quarter and Year-End Activities
  3. 3. Streamline Simplify Internal Processes for Items Like: • Attendance Tracking • Paid Time Off (PTO) • Commissions • Expense Reimbursement
  4. 4. Embrace Technology Automated Systems Help You: • Avoid Loss Through Overpayment • Avoid Employee Tension Due to Underpayment • Reduce Administrative Resources
  5. 5. Consider Direct Deposit • Paper Pay Stubs can be Time Consuming and Add Expense • Direct Deposit Saves Money & Adds a Layer of Security • Have an Option for Both
  6. 6. Look Ahead Check for IRS Updates to Begin the Year • IRS Changes are Typically Released in December • Check for Income Tax Withholding Changes, New Benefit Charts or Deduction Amounts
  7. 7. Consider a Payroll ServiceCalculate Your Payroll Get Your Free Custom Price Quote Today! Easy. Online. SurePayroll.