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The world is flat


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Five concepts from the Book World is Flat and the role of Communication to implement them

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The world is flat

  1. 1. THE WORLD IS FLAT Five concepts from the Book World is Flat and the role of Communication to implement them
  2. 2. OUTSOURCING • Outsourcing is the procurement of services, which were previously produced in house, from sources that are external to the organization. • Components of outsourcing Project Vendor Client
  3. 3. Role of Communication to implement it: • Ideas need to be communicated to the employees, staff, departments since the change is not pleasant as they have to give up their comfort zone, correct tone, language, communication channel would make them easy to understand. • The number of meetings with managers needs to be increased. • The information has to be put be intranet.
  4. 4. • Also the Web link can be provided where they can get access to the detailed information about the changes in the organization and understand them well. • Posters, tagline, animates pictures can be posted in the organization to make people aware the changes. With this everyone would be encouraged to adopt the changes. • Proactive communication is a different strategy that would smoothen the work.
  5. 5. • Frequent and open communication to match the expectations of the deliverables. • Quality of service which is best measured through customer satisfaction questionnaires which are designed to capture an unbiased view. • In the area of call centers end-user-experience is deemed to be of lower quality when a service is outsourced. This happens when services are outsourced from regions where the first language and culture are different
  6. 6. • The following communication technologies could be used. • Instant messaging • Issue Tracking Systems • New Time management methods such as Time Tracking Software
  7. 7. OFFSHORING • Offshoring is the practice of basing some of a company's processes or services overseas, so as to take advantage of lower costs in terms of cheap labor, fewer taxes, subsidized energy and lower health care cost.
  8. 8. External • Continuous controlling • Continuous communication • Detailed contracting Internal • Clear project goals • Detailed project specification • Thinking beyond cost savings • Effective risk management Generic • Language abilities • Project team • Quality employees • Cultural awareness (It is • A part of effective communication
  9. 9. Common understanding between the vendor and its Western client Offshore BPO success • Flexibility • Price • Profitability • Quality Common understanding Attributes of Communication quality Technological factor: • Quality medium Quantitative factor: • Timeliness Qualitative factors • Accuracy • Completeness • Consistency • Credibility • Interpretation differences
  10. 10. WORK FLOW SOFTWARE • Since the world is changing every day, we need to be updated to be in competition. Rise and integration of software enabled more people in more places to design, display, manage, and collaborate on business data. • Implementing the change: The basic problem while implementing a software is the fear of learning new technology. This will result in delays in software implementation and users will lose confidence in the new system.
  11. 11. • Providing employee training on the newly developed business processes and technology .The example of other company that have implemented the software and succeeded could be quoted. This will boost the morale. • Modifying software by listing the available features in the new system and matching it business requirements. Priority level can be set. User knowledge level and confidence level can be identified and presented using charts and graphs. Also the gaps can be filled up by training and instructing them.
  12. 12. • Company wide test evaluation can be conducted to ensure the comfort level • Evaluation of progress on a semi-annual basis • Establishing a way-forward process that would include employees in planning and decision making and establishing an organizational process that would engage the employees more closely with the external contributor. They can identify opportunities to realize the responsiveness and efficiencies of the new technology/business process solution
  13. 13. The 8 step change process • Establishing a sense of urgency • Creating a guiding coalition • Developing the vision and strategy • Communicating the changed vision • Empowering people to effect change • Generate Short term wins • Consolidate gains, produce more change
  14. 14. SUPPLY CHAINING • A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer • Procurement • Manufacture • Distribution • Customer
  15. 15. • Supply Chaining Is a method of collaborating horizontally among them to create value. • Listening is an important part of the communication process. • Listening to the suppliers’ recommendations • Working closely with the core suppliers to ensure a constant flow of raw materials— critical components in the processes—to serve the future demand.
  16. 16. • Predictive planning, enhanced by the creation of supply models that are based on anticipated customer demand. These models keep an eye on recent history and identify business trends, giving time to plan and react without putting an inventory burden on suppliers or surprising them with unexpected orders
  17. 17. • Continual balancing act between our forecast and our actual supply needs can be maintained using these models. • The goals of your supply chain components and those that you deal with must be similar and conducted at the same speed. • Good communication can keep the extended supply chain in sync.
  18. 18. UPLOADING • Blogging : People can offer their own opinion pieces and news cutting down the middlemen of newspapers. • Wikipedia : Community of geeks in the library is now writing its own encyclopedia entries, uploading them to the world and cutting down the traditional book form encyclopedias.
  19. 19. • Podcasting : Offering songs, videos, poetry, rap and commentary • Virtual Commercial Community : People policing themselves as trustworthy buyers or sellers. • Bit Torrent : Uploading the music and video library and Downloading other people’s at the same time. • Web Server is a software program that enables anyone to use his or her home or office computer to host a website on World Wide Web.