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Weekly forex-report by epic research 29 april 2013


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Weekly forex-report by epic research 29 april 2013

  2. 2. +919752199966 HEADLINESForex - Dollar dips as U.S. GDP growth ratedisappointsThe U.S. dollar traded largely lower against most major currencies on Fridayafter U.S. economic growth figures for the first quarter came in less thanexpected and stoked fears the U.S. economy may be hitting a soft patch.In U.S. trading on Friday, EUR/USD was up 0.14% at 1.3030.In the U.S. earlier, the Bureau of Economic Analysis revealed in a preliminaryreport that the U.S. gross domestic product rose 2.5% in the first quarter,missing expectations for a 3.0% increase though an improvement from a 0.4%riseinthepreviousquarter.Forex - USD/JPY drops on disappointing U.S.GDPdataForex reserves fall by $ 485 mn to $ 294.76billionThe countrys foreign exchange reserves were down by $ 485.9million to $ 294.76 billion for the week ending April 19, in the wakeof fall in core currency assets, the Reserve Bank said today.Foreign currency assets, a major component of the fore reserves,were down by $ 489.2 million to $ 262.41 billion, according toReserveBanksweeklystatisticalsupplement.Foreign currency assets expressed in US dollar terms include theeffect of appreciation or depreciation of the non-US currencies, suchas the euro, pound and yen, held in the reserves, the apex banksaid RBI REFERENCE RATEAs on 29THAPRIL 2013UNDERLYING RATEUSDINR 54.2935EURINR 70.6750GBPINR 83.88350JPYINR 55.050
  3. 3. PRODUCTNAMEEXP DATE OPEN HIGH LOW CLOSE LTP CHG PERCENTAGECHANGECHANA 7/19/2012 4556 4573 4525 4560 4532 -28 -0.61CHILLI 7/19/2012 5060 5060 5018 5120 5018 -102 -1.99GUR 7/19/2012 1188 1188 1178 1183.5 1178 -5.5 -0.46JEERA 7/19/2012 14955 14960 14650 15052.5 14800 -252.5 -1.68KAPAS 7/19/2012 1044 1053 1035 1049 1041 -8 -0.76PEPPER 7/19/2012 42300 42555 42250 42390 42435 45 0.11REF SOYA 7/19/2012 780.5 783.6 777.4 782.85 781.3 -1.55 -0.2SOY BEAN 7/19/2012 4309 4330 4265.5 4303 4315 12 0.28TURMERIC 7/19/2012 4600 4676 4518 4664 4540 -124 -2.66WHEAT 7/19/2012 1251 1282 1251 1246 1282 36 +919752199966DAILY MARKET STATISTICS (As on26THAPRIL 2013)Symbol Series/Expiry Unit Open High Low Close Prev. CloseEUR-INR 26-Apr-2013 1 EUR 70.6475 70.7325 70.5200 70.6975 70.8350EUR-INR 29-May-2013 1 EUR 71.5000 71.5000 70.8100 70.9400 71.0800GBP-INR 26-Apr-2013 1 GBP 83.6850 83.8825 83.6600 83.8500 83.6775GBP-INR 29-May-2013 1 GBP 83.9825 84.3675 83.9200 84.2825 83.9725JPY-INR 26-Apr-2013 100 JPY 54.7100 55.1800 54.6175 54.9950 54.6525JPY-INR 29-May-2013 100 JPY 55.0000 55.4675 54.8800 55.3400 54.9325USD-INR 26-Apr-2013 1 USD 54.1900 54.2925 54.1150 54.2800 54.1775USD-INR 29-May-2013 1 USD 54.3875 54.6275 54.3375 54.5775 54.4050USD-INR 26-Jun-2013 1 USD 54.6500 54.8925 54.6150 54.8450 54.6850
  6. 6. FOREX FORTHCOMING EVENTSDAY TIME CURRENCY DETAILS ACTUAL FORECAST PREVIOUSMONDAY 10.00AM USD Chicago Fed National Activity -0.23 0.35 0.76TUESDAY 2:00pm EURO French Business Survey 88 90 91WEDNESDAY 5:45pm USD Crude Oil Inventories 0.94M 1.515M -1.233MTHURSDAY 6:00pm USD Continuing Jobless Claims 3000K 3060K 3093KFRIDAY 8:30am USD Indian FX Reserves, USD 294.76B 295.25BDisclaimerThe information and views in this report, our website & all the service we provide are believed to be reliable, but we do not accept anyresponsibility (or liability) for errors of fact or opinion. Users have the right to choose the product/s that suits them the most. Sincere effortshave been made to present the right investment perspective. The information contained herein is based on analysis and up on sources thatwe consider reliable. This material is for personal information and based upon it & takes no responsibilityThe information given herein should be treated as only factor, while making investment decision. The report does not provide individuallytailor-made investment advice. Epic research recommends that investors independently evaluate particular investments and strategies, andencourages investors to seek the advice of a financial adviser. Epic research shall not be responsible for any transaction conducted based onthe information given in this report, which is in violation of rules and regulations of NSE and BSE.The share price projections shown are not necessarily indicative of future price performance. The information herein, together with allestimates and forecasts, can change without notice. Analyst or any person related to epic research might be holding positions in the stocksrecommended. It is understood that anyone who is browsing through the site has done so at his free will and does not read any viewsexpressed as a recommendation for which either the site or its owners or anyone can be held responsible for . Any surfing and readingof the information is the acceptance of this disclaimer. All Rights Reserved. Investment in equity & bullion market has its own risks.We,however, do not vouch for the accuracy or the completeness thereof. we are not responsible for any loss incurredwhatsoever for any financial profits or loss which may arise from the recommendations above epic research does not purport to be aninvitation or an offer to buy or sell any financial instrument. Our Clients (Paid Or Unpaid), Any third party or anyone else have no rights toforward or share our calls or SMS or Report or Any Information Provided by us to/with anyone which is received directly or indirectly bythem. If found so then Serious Legal Actions can be +919752199966