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Lets make the web faster!


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Lets make the web faster!

  1. 1. Let’s MAKE THE WEB FASTER! ! Steven Rosenberg | Surbhi Dangi | Isuru WarnakulasooriyA! Problem! Cisco Forecasts 10.8 Exabytes per month of High-end Devices significantly multiply traffic Mobile Data Traffic by 2016 BANDWIDTH CONGESTION NETWORK PERFORMANCE DEGRADATION Overall mobile data traffic is expected to grow to 10.8 exabytes per month by 2016, an 18-fold increase over 2011. One-quarter of mobile users will own two or more Mobile-Connected Devices by 2016. Mobile Video will generate over 70 percent of Mobile Data traffic by 2016 Mobile Network connection speeds to increase 9-fold, with 4G impact, by 2016 Approach! TOOLS TECHNOLOGIES CONTRIBUTIONS SPDY A Chromium Project YSlow Optimizing the network protocol Content SPDY Analyze mirrored Optimization & website data Compression Chrome Page Benchmarking Tool wget Gather Test Data Mirror website data [Page Load Time] TEST BED Average page load times for websites with Average Page Load Time over 25 websites most and least HTTP requests Analysis of Results! 16000 11000 9000 12000 Average Page load times for heaviest and lightest websites Time (msec)Time (msec) 7000 8000 20000 5000 16000 4000 3000 Time (msec) 12000 1000 0 HTTP HTTP & FS SPDY & FS SPDY, FS & BE HTTP, FS & BE HTTP & BE 8000 HTTP HTTP & FS SPDY & FS SPDY, FS & BE HTTP, FS & BE HTTP & BE Without Packet Loss With Packet Loss Highest HTTP Requests Lowest HTTP Requests 4000 Conclusion! Future Work! 0 HTTP HTTP & FS SPDY & FS SPDY, FS & BE HTTP, FS & BE HTTP & BE Heaviest websites Lightest websites SPDY Highest Server-side testing by improvement in Recommendation! replicating Performance in Network Congestion Implement SPDY as a service all scenarios on BoostEdge