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Compounding World Feb-2011

  1. 1. February 2011 recycling technology takes oFF Making the Most oF Mineral Fillers nucleators deliver clear beneFits rethinking how kneaders work
  2. 2. quantec ® 96 EV-10CBUSS KNEADER TECHNOLOGY Cutting-Edge Compounding Technology MX and quantec ® BUSS Kneader Series BUSS innovative 4-flight screw technology sets new benchmarks in the economical processing of temperature and shear sensitive plastics such as PVC and high grade cable compounds: > 2.5 times higher throughputs > Enhanced mixing quality and dispersion > Energy savings up to 25% Buss AG Phone +41 61 825 66 00 Hohenrainstrasse 10 Fax +41 61 825 68 58 4133 Pratteln Switzerland
  3. 3. contents 04 Industry newspAge 19 15 Clariant colours in the future Each year, experts from clariant masterbatches predict the plastics colour trends that lie ahead. we take a first look at their brand new tips for 2012. 16 Using carbon dioxide as a carrier for additives researchers from the Fraunhofer institute are using supercritical carbon dioxide to impregnate plastics with temperature-sensitive additives.pAge 2 19 Bottle recycler bounces back nadya Anscombe reports on how Eco plastics rebuilt Europe’s biggest plastics bottle recycling plant after a fire destroyed its sorting facility. 23 Focus on recycling machinery we look at the latest technology for sorting, shredding, cleaning, drying and extruding waste plastics to produce high-quality recycled materials.pAge 28 28 Making the most of minerals dr chris deArmitt reports from Ami’s recent minerals in compounding conference on the latest developments in functional fillers for thermoplastics. 41 Delivering clear benefits lilli Sherman examines how new clarifying and nucleating agents are growing the market and creating breakthrough applications for polyolefins.pAge 41 47 BP rethinks kneader design we examine Bp process Equipment’s brand new Tri-Kneader, an innovative reinvention of the reciprocating kneader for demanding applications. 51 New products: polymers and additives 54 New products: machinery and equipmentpAge 47 56 Compounder of the Month: Cromex of Brazil 58 Dates for your diarycoming next issue❙ pelletizing technology ❙ improving wear and friction properties ❙ polymer distribution in north America ➤ Click here to make sure you get your copycontact us Applied Market Information Ltd Head of business publishing: Andy Beevers E-mail: Ami House, 45-47 Stokes croft, Contributing editors: lilli Sherman E-mail: Bristol, BS1 3Qp, united Kingdom nadya Anscombe E-mail: Tel:+44 (0)117 924 9442 Fax:+44 (0)117 989 2128 Advertisement manager: claire Bishop E-mail: direct tel: +44 (0)20 8686 8139© Copyright Applied Market Information. No part may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the February 2011 | compounding world
  4. 4. newsdSm buys into russiancompounding plantdSm has established two joint owned by dSm. it will focus on DSM’s Nico Gerarduventures with KuibyshevAzot growing the market for pA6 in says that the JVs(KA) of russia covering the russia and the ciS. it will will capitalise onsales and production of target both pA6 compounds anticipated PA 6polyamide 6 in russia and the and high-viscosity applica- growth in Russiacommonwealth of independ- tions, including film.ent States (ciS). As part of the As part of the strategic nico gerardu, member of capitalise on this anticipatedagreements, dSm Engineering agreement, KA is licensing the dSm board with responsi- growth.”plastics will acquire 80% of dSm’s cyclohexanone technol- bility for performance KA is a leading producer ofKA’s compounding plant in ogy which will allow it to materials, said: “russia is an caprolactam and pA in russiaTogliatti, russia. increase pA6 capacity at its increasingly important market and the ciS, and is among the dSm says that this produc- plant in Togliatti to help meet for engineering plastics and it world’s 10 biggest producerstion JV means that it is the first the anticipated increase in is expected that the market for of these products. it had netwestern pA 6 supplier with its demand created by the new pA6 will double in the next five sales of uS$505 million inown manufacturing presence JVs. dSm Fibre intermediates years. with our partnership 2009 and employs aroundin russia and the ciS. The will also have drawing rights with KA, i expect that dSm 5,500 people.other JV, which covers sales for part of the increased Engineering plastics will be in ❙ www.dsm.comand marketing, will be 51% capacity. an excellent position to ❙ www.kuazot.rurhodia acquires pi polymer to Spanish toy makers addgrow pA compounds in india conductivityrhodia is acquiring pi Spain’s Toy researchpolymer, the engineering François Hincker says that institute (AiJu) is leading aplastics compounding acquisition will dramatically research project to examinebusiness of the indian accelerate Rhodia’s growth the use of new conductivecompany pi industries. The in India plastics compounds todeal is expected to be complet- control electromagneticed by the end of march 2011. interference entering and pi polymer forecasts leaving electrical andrevenues of approximately electronic toys.uS$13 million for the 2010/11 The collaborativefiscal year. its plant in panoli, project, called Emitoy, willgujarat, employs more than 80 examine the use of carbonpeople and produces a range François Hincker, president of Following the sale of pi nano-fibres in polyolefins toof technical compounds rhodia Engineering plastics, polymers, pi industries will improve electromagneticincluding pA, pc, pBT, ABS said: “we have identified focus on the production of screening, electrostaticand pp as well as some TpEs. strong synergies with our agro-chemicals and the dissipation and electrostatic According to rhodia, the engineering plastics business custom synthesis of fine painting. it is receivingacquisition is part of its in terms of product range and chemicals and pharmaceutical regional governmentstrategy to grows it share of customer portfolio that will intermediates. funding as well as supportindia’s pA compounds market dramatically accelerate our ❙ from the European more than 15% by 2015. growth in india”. ❙ ❙ compounding world | February 2011
  5. 5. newscereplast and colorTec Eu plans 13.8% taxto benefit from bag ban on chinesecereplast of the uSA hasentered a distribution agree- natureworks and BASF’s Ecoflex compostable copolyes- have made the use of bioplas- tic garbage bags mandatory glass fibresment with the italian master- ter. it can be processed on from the start of this year. The European union (Eu) isbatch marker colorTec existing blown film lines and is cereplast already has a deal in likely to impose importcovering the sale of bio-based claimed to offer high strength. place to supply its composta- duties of 13.8% on glassand compostable plastics com- “recent environmental ble 3000 film grade resin to fibres imported from china.pounds in southern italy and legislation, such as the plastic another italian masterbatch if approved later thisSlovenia. The companies bag ban that went into effect maker, ri.mE, which is using it month, the tariffs will beexpect to tap into growing this year in italy, is driving to produce colour masterbatch imposed from 17 marchdemand for such materials as demand for bioplastics,” said for the European market (see 2011 and will run for aa result of italy’s highly cereplast’s cEo Frederic Compounding World, October period of five years. glasscontroversial ban on non- Scheer. “we are confident that 2010, page 7). yarns will be excluded fromcompostable plastic bags. demand will continue to rise in l cereplast has also signed a the import duties. under the terms of the Europe as stores in italy alone deal with another European As reported in Com-agreement, cereplast will use approximately 20-24 compounder, Euroink pounding World, Septem-provide colorTec with its billion plastic bags a year, romania. This company will ber 2010, the Eu imposedcompostable 3000 film grade which accounts for one-fifth of use cereplast’s bio-based and an extra duty of 43.6% on 16resin for the production of all European use”. compostable resins to produce September for a period ofmasterbatches for the colorTec has a strong colour masterbatch for the six months, while furthermanufacture of shopping and market position in southern romanian market. investigations into the issuegarbage bags. The resin is a italy and works closely with the ❙ were carried out.blend of ingeo plA from country’s municipalities that ❙ The increase has been supported by glass fibre producers who haveAmerichem invests in three complained about the dumping of chinesenew compounding lines material at illegally low prices. However, it has been fought by the users ofAmerichem has added three fibreglass who believe thatcompounding lines at its plant the increased tariff will leadin concord, north carolina, to material shortages anduSA, to increase capacity for increase their costs.colour and additive master- The European compos-batches. The expansion will ites industry Associationhelp to meet growing demand (EuciA) welcomes thefrom the polyester bulk proposed reduction in thecontinuous filament (BcF) tariff, but argues that amarket. Americhem has added 13.8% duty will still be Two of the new lines are set three compounding lines harmful for European usersup to produce high-quality at its Concord plant of glass fibres. it also pointsproducts in large lot sizes for out that the tariff was onlythe polyester floor covering “with the floor coverings our customers grow and gain supported by four of the 27industry. The third is optimised market increasingly shifting to the competitive edge,” said Eu member states, withfor the production of small lots the use of pET BcF fibres over Jim cook, the company’s plant most countries abstainingthat meet the critical specifi- staple and polyolefin-based manager in concord. in the vote.cations of the textile industry. fibres, Americhem can help ❙ ❙ February 2011 | compounding world
  6. 6. newsFoster opens medical plastics labFoster corporation has opened “As the market for medicalits medical plastics innovation devices evolves, materials ofcenter at its headquarters in construction become moreputnam, connecticut, uSA. critical,” said Foster’s cEoThe facility will be used to larry Acquarulo. “Fordevelop advanced polymer example, within the last 20formulations for leading edge years the outside diameter of amedical devices. it offers typical angiographic catheterpolymer compounding, has decreased by 70%, whilematerials testing and process the working pressures haveevaluation for moulding and increased well over 100%. Thisextrusion. was made possible by particular areas of focus at improvements in polymerthe new development facility technologies.”will include nanocomposites A subsidiary of the polyme-and melt-filtered materials, as dex discovery group, Fosterwell as anti-microbial has been producing thermo-additives for infection control plastics compounds for The new facility is built aroundmaterials. Tailored polymers medical applications for more twin-screw extrusion forwill also be developed for than 20 years. compound developmentlong-term implants. ❙ Altana buys Kometra Schulman shuts plants Altana is to acquire the in italy and Australia Kometra, the polymer modifier producer based in A. Schulman is closing its administrative office will Schkopau, germany. The manufacturing plants in remain at Verolanuova. company will be integrated Verolanuova, italy, and All production at the into Altana’s BYK additives Breaside, Australia, with the Breaside plant, near mel- business. loss of approximately 40 to 60 bourne, Australia, will be Kometra’s products jobs. Both facilities produce moved to other facilities in the include specific surface- powders for rotomoulding region. The company has a active copolymers which are applications and were plant in Brisbane, Australia, as used as impact modifiers and BYK’s Dr Roland Peter says previously owned by ico well as facilities in malaysia, adhesion promoters. They are that sales of Kometra’s poly- polymers which Schulman indonesia and china. marketed under the Scona mer modifiers will benefit acquired in April 2010. The closure of the Breaside brandname and are produced from his company’s global production lines from the facility was primarily the using a patented solid-state sales network Verolanuova plant will be result of the ongoing deterio- grafting process originally relocated to Schulman’s site in ration of the rotomoulding developed by dow. that BYK’s global sales gorla maggiore, italy, by early business in Australia. in “with Kometra’s technol- network is well positioned to 2012. The latter facility will be particular, demand for water ogy there are new fields of open up new market used to develop and manufac- tanks has fallen following a business which ideally potential for Kometra’s ture value-added technical steady decline in drought complement and expand our polymer modifier technology powders as well as custom conditions and government existing activities,” said dr worldwide. colour masterbatches and rebates have been withdrawn, roland peter, president of ❙ compounds for the local says the company. the BYK division. He added ❙ market. A commercial and ❙ compounding world | February 2011
  7. 7. news lanxess clariant spearheads starts to build plant reach registrations in india clariant has begun work on “we are delighted to have lanxess has started phase Two of reach legislation completed the task assigned to construction of its new following its successful us,” commented Hariolf 20,000 tonnes/year com- registration of 152 substances Kottmann, clariant’s cEo. pounding plant in Jhagadia, under phase one, ahead of the “our achievement in complet- gujarat, india. it is due on december 2010 deadline. The ing phase one registration line at the start of 2012 and second phase involves more inside the deadline required a will be used to produce pA than 300 chemicals and should lot of long, hard work, and an and pBT compounds. A be completed by 1 June 2013. intensive use of resources”. ground-breaking ceremony in phase one, clariant was l if you need to know more was held at the site in the lead registrant for 81 out of about registering substances January. lanxess is investing the 152 consortia and Sub- for reach, click here to more than E10 million in the stance information Exchange download the latest edition of Clariant’s CEO Hariolf facility which will create 60 Forums. The work covered the EcHA’s 123-page publica- Kottmann says that Reach new jobs. finished products, intermedi- tion, guidance on registration. registration has required “an ❙ ates and raw materials. ❙ intensive use of resources”Australian court dismisses Fox plans tooxodegradable claims recycle in mexicoThe Federal court in Adelaide, the Australian standard. in of the oxodegradable bags, Fox petroleum is planningAustralia, has declared that addition, the bags did not nupack Australia, had the to form a plastics recyclinggoody Environment engaged in biodegrade, disintegrate, or same claims dismissed for the subsidiary in Tuxtlamisleading and deceptive compost in accordance with same reasons. gutierrez, southern mexico.conduct and made false the standard. dr michael Schraper, the it expects that it will be ablerepresentations about its According to Justice lander, Accc’s acting chairman, said: to process up to 2,300plastics bags which contain goody contravened sections 52 “Environmental claims are tonnes/year of industrialoxodegradable additives. and 53 of the Trade practices powerful selling tools as many and consumer waste in 2009, the company had Act and the company has been purchasers want to do the plastics.claimed that its goody- ordered to publish corrective right thing for the environ- The city has one millionbranded plastic bags were notices on its website and in ment. it is important that they people, but currently therebiodegradable and composta- The Advertiser newspaper. it are given accurate information are no recyclers of plastics.ble in accordance with the was also instructed to and can feel confident in the “There is an enormousAustralian Standard AS4736- implement a trade practices purchasing decisions they demand for recycling from2006 and could be legally compliance and education make.” both the private and publicsupplied in South Australia. programme, and to contribute l Click here to download the sectors throughout mexico, The court declared that this AuS$65,000 (E48,000) towards Accc’s four-page publication but specifically in Tuxtlawas not the case because the the costs of the Australian providing practical guidelines gutierrez, the leading city inbags contained the heavy competition consumer on making biodegradable, the state of chiapas,” saidmetal molybdenum in amounts commission (Accc). degradable and recyclable william lieberman,that exceeded the maximum in a previous court decision claims on plastic bags. president of Fox petroleum.concentration prescribed by in october 2010, the distributor ❙ ❙ compounding world | February 2011
  8. 8. Polymers in Cables 2011 The International Conference and Exhibition for the Plastics Cable Industry CliCk Here for more deTailS March 31- April 1, 2011 Hilton Miami Downtown,Images courtesy of: Miami, Florida, USAOmya and ImerysPerformance Minerals final reminder – book now! Organized by: Sponsored by: Applied Market Information LLC. marissa Hann – Conference Coordinator Ph: +1 610 478 0800 fx: +1 610 478 0900
  9. 9. news linpac sells cabot starts to construct recycling business chinese masterbatch plant cabot has begun construction increase masterbatch capacity already the largest master- linpac recycling, one of the of a new black masterbatch at the site to 80,000 tonnes/ batch producer in china, uK’s largest plastics facility at its site in the Tianjin year in the future. thanks to its plant in Hong recyclers, has been bought Economic development Area Sean Keohane, vice Kong. it is also growing in the by chamonix private Equity (TEdA), china. it is investing president and general middle East with the opening of along with four other uS$20 million in the com- manager of cabot’s perform- its 25,000 tonnes/year facility in businesses from the linpac pounding plant which will have ance Segment said: “demand dubai, uAE, in August last year. group. They are described an initial capacity of 45,000 for masterbatch in china and The latter plant’s capacity can as “non-core” to linpac. tonnes and is scheduled to be the broader Asia pacific region be trebled if required. linpac recycling, which completed in mid-2011. is growing rapidly. Having a The company’s European recycles post-use rigid in 2009, cabot doubled local manufacturing facility masterbatch production is plastic into recycled carbon black production producing high-quality being consolidated into its compounds for a wide capacity at its TEdA plant to products to serve our custom- loncin and pepinster sites in range of moulding applica- 300,000 tonnes/year. The ers will be a significant Belgium. it closed its uK tions and end-use markets, company says that the addition competitive advantage for us”. compounding plant in dukin- will change its name to of the compounding facility will Target markets will include the field in Summer 2009 and it is regain polymers. make it the world’s first fully pipe, wire, cable and automo- ending masterbatch production ❙ integrated black masterbatch tive sectors. in grigno, italy, this month. ❙ plant. it will be possible to in volume terms, cabot is ❙ www.cabot-corp.comnpE 2012 attracts high levels of interest representatives from more the previous npE show, which than 650 exhibiting companies was held in chicago in 2009. travelled to orlando, Florida, After 38 years in chicago, the uSA, last month to take part in event is being relocated to the draw for stand space at the orlando in 2012 in a move that npE 2012 exhibition, north is designed to save costs for America’s leading plastics exhibitors and visitors. industry event. The triennial show is with over a year to go, more organised by the Spi, the uS than 750 companies have plastics industry association. contracted almost 62,000 m2 of its senior vice president of space. This is already equal to trade shows gene Sanders 87% of the occupied area at said: “The booth selections thus far almost completely fillNPE 2012 exhibitors the west Hall of orlando’sgathered in Orlando orange county conventionto select their standpositions and tour centre, and the South Hall isthe new venue filling up quickly”. npE takes place on 1-5 April 2012. The SpE’s AnTEc annual technical conference will take place alongside the exhibition. ❙ February 2011 | compounding world 11
  10. 10. newsBASF boosts production news in briefof biodegradable plastics ❙ Spartech Polycom is restarting production at its pp compounds plant in lockport, new York, uSA,The new Ecoflex biodegradable plastics BASF has started up its expanded Ecoflex after it was closed in lateplant adds 60,000 tonnes of new capacity plant in ludwigshafen, germany, increasing 2009 as a result of declining production capacity for the biodegradable demand from the automotive polyester from 14,000 to 74,000 tonnes/year. it market and in particular the is also increasing compounding capacity for delphi Harrison Thermal Ecovio, which is a blend of Ecoflex and plA Systems plant also located in bioplastic. the same town. Ecoflex is a synthetic plastic that has properties similar to those of polyethylene, but is fully biodegradable under industrial ❙ Cray Valley has signed an composting conditions in accordance with din agreement with the Grolman En 13432. Ecovio is also biodegradable, but Group for the distribution of contains up to 75% renewable raw materials. its products to the plastics Typical applications include shopping bags, markets in germany, mulch films for agricultural applications, bags Switzerland, Austria and for organic waste and food packaging. BASF Benelux. grolman will focus says that demand for biodegradable and bio- on selling cray valley’s based plastics is currently growing at more specialty low-molecular- than 20% per year. weight functional additives to ❙ compounders and master- batch makers. www.grolman-group.comcytec grows stabilizer capacity ❙ EnerPlastics of dubai hascytec industries is increasing plastics and coatings is l in a separate move, cytec begun production of oxode-production capacity for light growing,” explained domenico has sold its building block gradable additive master-stabilizers by more than 30% romanino, global business chemicals business to an batch for use in its plant in willow island, director for polymer additives affiliate of Hg capital for called Ep oBd, the productwest Virginia, uSA. The at cytec. “we are expanding our uS$180 million. The product is claimed to meet Frenchexpansion is expected to be manufacturing capabilities for lines include acrylonitrile, standards for oxodegradationcompleted by the beginning of several product lines including sulphuric acid and melamine and has been certified by the2012, says the company. cyasorb THT and cyasorb which are produced mostly for centre national d’Evaluation “global demand for high- cynergy Solutions stabilizers to sale to third parties. de photoprotection in France.performance uV protection for meet customers’ needs.” ❙ ❙ A Schulman has beenAdeka invests in polyester additives for pVc awarded a 2011 deal maker Award from the AssociationAdeka is expanding production The expansion will increase The polyester additives are for corporate growth’sof polyester-based additives capacity for polyester-based used as plasticizers, predomi- cleveland chapter in ohio,for pVc applications at its additives at the chiba plant by nantly in pVc and rubber. uSA. The company wasplant in chiba, Japan. The 5,600 tonnes/year. Along with Adeka says that demand is recognised for its threecompany is investing ¥1.5 additional plants in Japan, expanding for applications in acquisitions in 2010 – icobillion (E13 million) in the china and Thailand, it will take construction materials and polymers, mccann color andproject which is scheduled to Adeka’s total capacity for the automotive interiors. mash compostos plasticos.start production in April 2012. products to 22,000 tonnes/year. ❙ www.aschulman.com12 compounding world | February 2011
  11. 11. M M A S T E R B AT C H 2 0 1 1 Integrating Colour and Design CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS HEADLINE SPONSOR 7-9 June 2011 The Imperial Riding School Vienna, a Renaissance Hotel, Vienna, AustriaOrganised by: Also sponsored by: Media sponsor:Applied MarketInformation Ltd. Sabine Prack – Conference Coordinator Ph: +44 117 924 9442 Fax: +44(0)117 311 1534
  12. 12. Colour trends | newsClariant colours in the futureEach year Clariant’s experts movement, evolution and “natural hues that evoke the dabra that is described as apredict the global plastics surprise – bright, lively and magic of ancient mythologies”. mysterious violet.colour trends that lie ahead. quirky hues and special effects Examples include: Echo of Building on the “In-Fusion2”We take a first look at their – will prove popular in 2012. At Silence, a delicate sand colour; theme from last year, “In-brand new tips for 2012 the same it predicts that the Itzamná, a terracotta orange Fusion3” recognises the public will be seeking soft, overlaid with burgundy red ; blending of the human and theGlobal colour trends are being muted, earthy and organic and Inner Strength, a deep, technological throughdriven by economic, technologi- tones that convey introspec- dark non-black with a tinge of augmented reality created bycal, political and philosophical tion, stability and personal primal green. digital media, 3D entertain-changes, according to Clariant responsibility. It says that this The “Creative Confusion” ment and motion gaming.Masterbatches. The rapid apparent contradiction may be trend is said to represent the Colours in this grouping arechanges that are happening in because confusion is also an ambiguity and surprise sought otherworldly. For example,these areas have been taken element in some of the major by people who no longer want Hyperlight is made up ofinto account in its new societal trends. mass-produced sameness and different glitter colours thatColorForward 2012 report. This The four themes for 2012 blandness in their product pur- can only be reproduced inis designed to help designers include “Me... Under Con- chases or in their lives. The moulded plastic, whileand brand managers make struction”, reflecting the need colours are bright and fun, StarLED is a purplish bluesuccessful colour choices for for introspection and self- taking advantage of special colour co-injected with a layerplastics products and packag- questioning at times of rapid effects and combinations. of silver that will be marketed a year change. It also acknowledges Examples include Bizarre, a The final trend, “Re-or more in the future. the ending of the Mayan fusion of translucent purple Volition” is a response to the Clariant forecasts that Calendar on 21 December and yellow that creates a negativity that has gripped thecolours that mirror a sense of 2012. The palette incorporates strange green, and Abraca- world in the latter part of the last decade and the way that people look inward to seek a resolution. The palette is described a pure and unadul- terated, featuring solid colours without special effects. Examples include: Mind Switch, a lively yellow/orange; Collaboraction, a warm red; and New Equilibrium, a stable pearlescent brown. The colours reproduced here are for indication purposes only as many use special effects that that cannot be illustrated accurately on screen. The ColorForward 2012 pack contains moulded plaques to accurately repre- sent the colours. Click here to request one and click here to see an animated presentation of the ColorForward 2012 predictions and full details of the different colours. ❙ February 2011 | CoMpouNDING worLD 15
  13. 13. news | TechnologyResearchers use carbon dioxide toimpregnate plastics with additivesResearchers in Germany are conducted with silica andinvestigating how compressed flurbiprofen, the anti-inflam-CO2 can be impregnated into matory active pharmaceuticalplastics to act as a carrier for ingredient, have also beendyes and additives. The work is successful.being carried out at the At a temperature of 30.1oCFraunhofer Institute for and a pressure of 73.8 bar, CO2Environmental, Safety and goes into a supercritical stateEnergy Technology (UMSICHT) that gives the gas solvent-likein Oberhausen. properties. When it is in this The researchers say that state, it can be introduced intothe technology provides a polymers and used as a carrierroute for impregnating plastics for dyes, additives, medicalwith heat-sensitive additives or compounds and otherpigments that cannot with- substances.stand the high temperatures of Manfred Renner, a scientistinjection moulding or other at Fraunhofer UMSICHT,processes. In addition, the explains the process: “Wetechnology can be used to pump liquid CO2 into a high-apply expensive additives and pressure container with the This phase diagram shows how Co2 beComespigments in a thin layer at the plastic components that are to superCriTiCal aT CerTain pressures and TemperaTurespart’s surface where they are be impregnated, then steadilynormally needed, rather than increase the temperature and The process takes a few One potential applicationthroughout the whole volume pressure until the gas reaches minutes – the researchers highlighted by the researchersof the component. the supercritical state. When quote five minutes to dye a is in contact lenses. The Early tests have involved that state is reached, we plastic part yellow at 90oC and process could be used to dyeimpregnating polycarbonate increase the pressure further. 200 bar. Once the process is the products as well aswith nanoparticles that give it At 170 bar, pigment in powder- completed, the container is enriching them with pharma-antibacterial properties, form dissolves completely in opened and the gas escapes ceutical compounds that wouldcompletely killing off e-coli the CO2 and then diffuses with through the surface of the be slowly released to the eyeplaced on its surface. Work the gas into the plastic”. plastic, leaving behind the throughout the day. An pigment or additive. example would be replacing This plastic According to the UMSICHT eye drops for treating glau- propeller was researchers, the process is coma. dyed yellow in suitable for impregnating l Fraunhofer is Europe’s five minutes partially crystalline and largest application-oriented at 90oC and amorphous polymers such as research organisation with 200 bar PA, TPE, TPU, PP and PC, but more than 80 research units, it cannot be applied to including 60 Fraunhofer crystalline plastics. They Institutes, at different locations emphasise that CO2 is non- in Germany. It employs more flammable, non-toxic and inex- than 18,000 people and has an pensive, and although it annual research budget of behaves like a solvent, it does E1.65 billion. UMSICHT not present the health and focuses on process engineer- environmental issues often ing technologies. associated with solvents. ❙ www.umsicht.fraunhofer.de16 COMPOUndInG WORld | February 2011
  14. 14. Nanocyl SA , Rue de l’Essor, 4, 5060 Sambreville, BelgiumN anocyl provides easy-to-use carbon nanotube powder andmasterbatches for ESD and conductiveplastics. Our carbon nanotube solutionsexhibit easier processing conditions,better surface quality and retentionof the intrinsic mechanical properties.Our products meet the most stringentrequirements of the automotive andthe electronics industries such asweight reduction, dimensional stability,high cleanliness and abrasion resistance.Such a versatile technology providesalso a direct cost advantage !Call our global technical supporttoday at +32 71 750 385 or email us and let usknow how we can assist you.SUPERIOR CARBON NANOTUBE (CNT)TECHNOLOGIES FOR IMPROVINGTHE PROPERTIES OF YOUR APPLICATIONConductive Plastics :Thermoplastic Concentrates / Industrial Research Grade CNTsComposites : Epoxy ResinsSizing AgentsPrepreg MaterialsCoatings : Anti-fouling / Flame BarrierAqueous Dispersions
  15. 15. plastics recycling | factory report Just over a year after a fire destroyed its sorting facility, uK recycler Eco plastics is back, bigger and better than ever. Nadya Anscombe finds out more about Europe’s largest plastics bottle recycling plantBottle recycler bounces backVisitors to a plastics recycling facility expect to see a dirty when the fire happened,” says Short. A mechanical The Eco Plasticsenvironment, especially when the plastics being recycled failure in a fan in the sorting facility was found to be the plant processesare post-consumer waste. But visitors to uK recycler Eco cause and the sorting facility was burnt to the ground. around 100,000plastics (formally AwS Eco plastics) are often surprised “luckily the processing facility, which houses the bigger tonnes/year ofhow clean and efficient the company’s facility is, investment, survived,” says Short. post-consumeraccording to managing director Jonathan Short. now, instead of being housed in a 1940s aircraft plastics bottles The company, which built its first sorting plant for hangar, the sorting facility is in a larger, modern, light and plans toplastics waste in 2006, is now by far the largest facility which has enabled the company to improve grow this by 40%producer of food-grade recycled pET (rpET) in the uK efficiency. “instead of trying to fit a process into a space,and also has the largest plastic bottle recycling facility “in Europe. “we don’t really see ourselves as plasticsrecyclers anymore,” says Short. “But rather as a We don’t really seemanufacturer of food-grade plastics that happens touse post-consumer waste as its raw material.” ourselves as plastics The company has seen a huge rise in demand forfood-grade rpET and has been expanding to meet this recyclers anymore, but ratherdemand. But the brand-new E20 million sorting facilitylocated in Helmswell, lincolnshire, is not just a result as a manufacturer of food-of this increased demand. A year ago a devastating fire grade plastics that happens to use post- ”ripped through the old sorting facility and the companyhad to work hard to rebuild its business. “we had just consumer waste as its raw materialgone through an expansion phase, installing Soremahot-wash lines and Erema compounding machinery Eco PlAstics’ MD, JoNAthAN February 2011 | compounding world 19
  16. 16. factory report | plastics recyclingLeft: The we were able to first design an efficient process and build and can handle up to 11 streams of plastic material. it iscompany’s 17 the building around it,” says Short. For example, because this ability to deal with many different plastics that hasTitech optical the new facility is taller, it makes more use of gravity, resulted in very low waste levels. “most plastic recy-sorters can reducing the need for conveyors and cutting maintenance clers have about 25% process waste,” says Short. “oursnow do their costs. it also enables more straight process flows which is around 8% and that is mainly dust and evaporation.job more result in improved sorting. Straight process flows mean we can recover all the different kinds of plasticeffectively as the product is more spread out and the company’s 17 including bottle tops and other parts.”the material is Titech optical sorters can do their job more effectively. The company is now unrecognizable from the smallspread more “our new facility is also future-proof,” says Short. “we sorting facility set up in 2006 which exported all of itsevenly are already planning our next expansion phase.” products to the Far East. “Some of our product is still The company currently processes around 100,000 exported, but we want to limit our exposure to the FarRight: The new tonnes/year of post-consumer plastic bottles but plans to East,” says Short. “As china becomes wealthier and itspurpose-built ramp that up to 140,000 tonnes by 2011. This represents people consume more, the chinese will have their ownfacility has nearly half of all the post-consumer plastic bottles waste to deal with and will not need ours any more. Thismeant improved collected in the uK today. in 2006, when Eco plastics was is why it is so important for countries like the uK tomaterial flows first set up as a sorting facility, the uK collected 108,000 build their own infrastructure and recycle their own tonnes of plastic bottles. By 2009 this had risen to nearly waste plastic.” 260,000 tonnes and a recent report by recoup shows with this, and the increasing amount of plastic being 300,000 tonnes will have been collected during 2010. collected in the uK, in mind, Short expects more “Supply is plentiful,” says Short. “And so is demand. we companies to jump on the bandwagon. “But the are the largest producer of rpET in the uK, but demand challenges of recycling post-consumer plastic waste is three or four times what we are producing.” into a product suitable for direct food contact are not to This is why the company plans to ramp up its food- be underestimated,” he says. “Anyone can go and buy grade rpET production from today’s 15,000 tonnes per the equipment, but having the know-how of how to annum to 40,000 tonnes by mid-2012. This equates to make the most of that equipment and how to get high- 88% of the current uK total. quality product out of it is the key to our success.” This will of course mean more investment in compounding equipment. The company currently has More information one Vacurema extruder from Erema for pET and is Click here to see an interactive diagram showing the planning to invest in “at least one more” in order to layout of Eco plastics’ Helmswell plant along with fulfill these expansion plans. details of each component. As well as food-grade rpET, Eco plastics also sells ❙ rpET flake to thermoformers. while pET and HdpE ❙ bales are its main products in terms of percentage of ❙ input, the company processes a very mixed feedstock ❙ www.titech.com20 compounding world | February 2011
  17. 17. Ralf Simon Managing Director „ With steady innovations we remain your reliable and safe partner.“ BKG pelletizer Download the mobile barcode reader „i-nigma“ BEST TECHNOLOGY INSIDE ! and follow us to the internet! www.kreyenborg-group.comcompounding extrusion materials handling serviceThe advance into a new performance dimension of processing technology. The new ZSK Mc18twin screw extruder is the most productive high performance ZSK of all times. With its specifictorque of 18 Nm/cm3 it stands out for considerable throughput increases with improved productquality and maximum efficiency. It heralds the next generation of processing technology to pro-vide you with a unique advantage in technology. That’s what we mean when we say “confidencethrough partnership”.
  18. 18. COMPOUNDING PROCESSING 2011 International industry conference on the profitable use of bioplastics N o va m o nt CliCk Here for deTailS g eo ™ pe a In n ne i ol S til P ro p p er G m b H March 29-30, 2011 CAR GO The Hilton Miami Downtown Co Miami, Florida, USA B io sm ser t ic ie iP e sP hone ™ la n 4 c o ve r m a d e fr o m In g e oImages courtesy of: tL o ve ™ eo™NatureWorks, Novamont m a d e fro m In gand Propper final reminder – book now! Organized by: Media Sponsors: Applied Market Information LLC. Jessie martin – Conference Coordinator Ph: +1 610 478 0800 fx: +1 610 478 0900
  19. 19. recycling equipment | processing feature Focus on plastics recycling machinery With growing volumes of plastics being the recycling process as well as the market including extruders, shredders, recycled, equipment manufacturers quality of the end product. dryers, separators and filtration have been responding with new On the following pages we look at systems designed for tough recycling technology to improve the efficiency of some of the latest equipment to hit the applications.gneuss wins order for itslargest mrS extruderThe K show proved very The Gneuss MRSsuccessful for german eight-screwmachinery maker gneuss, with extruderseveral orders completed at the offers veryshow including the sale of an high levels ofmrS 200 extruder to a custom- devolatizinger in Brazil. The extruder, which performancehas a throughput of up to 2tonnes/hour, is the largest a gneuss rSFgenius 150 meltgneuss has sold to date and will filter and ViS on-line viscom-be used in the customer’s state- design, the devolatilizing direct extrusion into films or eter. The turn-key system isof-the-art pET bottle-to-bottle performance is claimed to be fibres. The machine also capable of processing wasterecycling line. The extruder 50 times greater than that of a provides excellent decontami- material at 500-700 kg/h tofeatures gneuss’s multi- conventional single-screw nation performance. last year produce material that isrotation system (mrS) which extruder – and this at a the uS FdA issued a letter of comparable with virginenables the processing of pET vacuum of only 25 to 40 mbar. non-objection for using the polymer according to waste without This eliminates the need for a extruder for reprocessing The sales of mrS extruderspre-drying. high vacuum system and pre- material for the food industry. have contributed to consider- mrS is a drum containing drying. At K 2010 gneuss launched able growth at gneuss. Theeight satellite single screws, in the three years since a complete line for the direct company has invested heavilydriven by a ring gear and gneuss introduced its mrS recycling of pET fibre or film in new buildings: a newpinion transmission. The extruder at K 2007 it has sold scrap. Built around its mrS assembly workshop and a new“barrels” cut into the drum are more 16 lines for the process- 110 extruder, the system processing technical centreapproximately 30 % open and ing of pET post-consumer features an integrated cutter/ have doubled the productionprovide optimum exposure of flakes without pre-drying, feeder supplied by ngr area in order to meet demand.the melt. Thanks to this either for repelletizing or for recycling machines as well as ❙ www.gneuss.deTitech opens waste separation test facilityTitech has opened a 1,500 m² ballistic separator, the test be accurately simulated. manager, commented: “Thesensor-based test facility for facility uses all of Titech’s during testing, changes can facility allows us to work withplastics sorting at its head- sorting and recycling technolo- be made which ensure that the customers to ensure that thequarters in mülheim-Kärlich in gies. it has been designed to sorting systems are calibrated systems will be deployed togermany. allow several different to deliver optimum levels of their sites and immediately Set out in a loop which processes to run concurrently sorting and recycling for begin working as efficiently asprepares the waste by so that a customer’s facility specific requirements. possible.”screening it and using a and operating environment can ralph uepping, test facility ❙ February 2011 | compounding world 23
  20. 20. processing feature | Recycling equipment Kreyenborg builds largest New Lindner shredder infrared dryer concept boosts flexibility Kreyenborg Plant Technol- Lindner reSource has range of different square- filling capacity ensures a ogy has developed a large launched the Micromat Plus blade or point-blade rotors can constantly high material flow. infrared drum dryer for series of variously configura- be fitted. Easily replaceable Production waste with different drying PET bottle flakes ble single-shaft shredders for screens with 10 to 300 mm material characteristics, such with a throughput of 3,500 recycling plastic waste. hole diameters make for even as hard plastics, filaments or kg/h. The system, with Available in three sizes, these greater versatility, while the films, can therefore be drum dimensions of 2,500 units are designed with low patented maintenance hatch shredded just as efficiently as mm diameter and 5,400 energy consumption and high facilitates the replacement of post-consumer plastics such mm length, is the largest productivity in mind. blades and counter-blades. as PET bottles, agricultural built by the company. Three different drive The shredder’s newly film or carpeting. It features 540 kW of concepts are offered to developed internal force feeder Selecting the optimum rotor installed radiator output accommodate specific can be adapted to a given and blade types will depend on and is designed to dry PET application needs, while a application, and an increased the application. For shredding bottle flakes with a bulk problematic material such as density of about 0.35 kg/ Lindner’s Micromat Plus can big bags, filaments or stretch dm³, from maximum 1 % be configured to shred film, Lindner proposes its ‹ initial moisture to 0.05% wide variety of point-blade rotor providing and to crystallize it at the waste plastics high cutting precision. The same time. Due to the short square-blade rotor is optimized residence time of 10-15 for hard plastics and combines minutes, there is signifi- superior pull-in control with an cantly less material in the energy-saving power require- drying process, eliminating ment and RPM level. the need for huge drying All rotors are available with vessels to process high wear protection and can be throughputs of low-bulk- equipped with cooling density flakes. capabilities. ❙ ❙ www.lindner-resource.comRapid expands granulator rangeRapid has developed its largest granulation applications. operator can gain access to the‘open hearted’ granulator to Bengt Rimark, Rapid’s rotor and cutter at the heart ofdate, by adding a 1,500mm marketing director, said: “The the machine in three simplewide model to its 600 series. 600-Series uses the same steps, without needing any The series, which has a 600 patented technology as the tools. The granulators alsomm diameter rotor, is already 300, 400 and 500 series come with Rapid’savailable 900 mm and 1200 granulators. The concept is Mineral Compositemm widths. It is designed for completely modular and can Technology (MCT)the high volume granulation, be tailored to any application base, which is aand can handle throughputs up within the plastics processing vibration-absorbingto 3,500 kg/h. There are 45 and recycling industry.” heavy platform thatstandard base configurations The ‘open-hearted’ design of helps to reduce noiseavailable, so it can be tailored the 600 series means that, levels during suit the majority of large during a production change, the ❙ www.rapidgranulator.se24 CoMPouNDINg WoRLD | February 2011
  21. 21. TPEI Compounding Lines Featuring Free Rotor™ Continuous Mixers J-Block™ ExtrudersFor over 25 years TPEI hasbeen in the forefront ofinnovation in the design andmanufacture of state-of-the-art compounding machineryfor the plastics and rubberprocessing industries. High Output, Low Maintenance Compounding Lines• E-mixer™ designs for hard to feed and fluffy materials.• Patented sealing arrangement for mixer.• Fully automated grease lubricated and water cooled bearing blocks.• Proprietary J-Block™ extruder technology.• T-orientation of mixer to extruder.• Ubangi™ flow channels used in extruder dies and adaptors.• Compounding rates from 50lbs/h to 15,000 lbs/h. 24/7 Service Technical Support Whatever your needs, if we don’t stock it, we’ll build it! 892 Blakeslee Blvd. Drive West Lehighton, PA 18235 Ph: (570) 386-4777 Fax: (570) 386-4120 Email:
  22. 22. processing feature | recycling equipment conair and rajoo work together on pET project At the recent K show, indian extrusion machinery Screen-changer supplier rajoo Engineers demonstrated an extrusion line running recycled pET (rpET) sheet. The line, which produced a three- meets recycling challenges layer clear pET sheet intended for thermoforming The latest generation of collected in a permanently backflush filter changes to the of disposable containers, screen-changers from maag flushed accumulating space operating mode and starts the featured a full range of now meets all requirements of and will then clean the dirty fully automatic cleaning of the crystallizing, drying and direct recycling processes, screen cloth outside the screens which is controlled by material handling equip- such as the fabrication of food- production process by pressure or time and depends ment supplied by conair. wrapping films from pET bottle backflushing. in this way, on the level of dirt accumula- The sheet line incorpo- flakes in one process step. variations in pressure and tion. The recycling screen rated two extruders – a 90- maag’s new cSc/BF-pE volume are largely avoided and changers are based on the mm / 30d / 76-kw unit that screen-changers feature fully the effects on the final product well-proven double-piston processes the rpET flake automated cleaning which can are minimized. design which does not need that makes up 90% of the be adjusted to any kind of Specific set points can be any additional seals and finished sheet, and a 50-mm process. The quantity of programmed into the control ensures a reliable and leak- / 30d / 22-kw unit that runs material which is needed for system to suit the process. proof operation. the virgin pET that forms the backflushing of the screens is when these are reached, the ❙ outer layers of the sheet. conair supplied the materials handling and conditioning equipment upstream from the extrud- Extricom supplies ringExtruder ers, including a cr42 Extricom has delivered a tion of material taking place in Extricom is supplying one crystallizer, which efficiently ringExtruder rE7 XpV for a double helix: around the of its 12-screw RingEx- processes amorphous pET high-quality bottle-to-bottle stationary core and around truders to a PET bottle-to- flake at temperatures up to recycling to a customer in each screw. bottle recycling plant in 177°c (350°F) with continu- Eastern Europe. The high-duty ❙ Eastern Europe ous agitation to prevent plant has a throughput of 3,500 agglomeration. conair’s kg/h pET bottle flakes carousel plus dryers were equating to an annual capacity used for processing the of 27,500 tonnes recycled pET. materials, while its drying The company’s ringExtrud- hoppers provided mass er design features 12 screw material flow and uniform shafts arranged symmetrically air/heat distribution. in a ring. They all rotate in the rajoo has supplied more same direction, each on its than half a dozen rpET lines own axis. The outer barrel within the past 12 months. and the stationary core ❙ enclose the screws with a ❙ narrow gap with transporta-26 compounding world | February 2011
  23. 23. The international conference and exhibition for The international polypropylene film industry the bi-oriented conference and exhibition for A TURN AHEAD The international polypropylene film industry the bi-oriented conference and exhibition for The international polypropylene film industry the bi-oriented conference and exhibition The internationalconference and exhibition for for TO MORE the bi-orientedpolypropylene film industry the bi-oriented polypropylene film industry EFFICIENCY. SAV THE AVE S TH SDAE A 28-3E V VE E THE DE T SASAVT 28-E 0 DAE E TTHH 0 J AT 28-3E Aune DJ 8 2 30 DTE E 22 -2011 une 8-30u AT 301 Jun E 0 J1 une 221 11ne e 0 J. 201 11..d. AMI’s BOPP Film conference is now well. AMI’s BOPP Film conference is now well established as theconference is now well AMI’s BOPP as the leading forum for the AMI’s BOPP Film leading is now well established Film conference forum for the world industry. the conference is now well established as AMI’s industry. the leading forum forfor the established Film leading forum the world BOPP as world industry. world industry. established as the leading forum for the The conference usually attracts over 200 world industry. usually attracts over 200 The conferenceover 30 attracts over 200 delegates from usually countries. over 200 The conferenceover 30 countries. Delegate The conference usually attracts delegates from over 30 countries. Delegatethe delegates from Delegate companies represent30 countries. over 200 The conferenceover more than 50% of the delegates from usually attracts50% of companies represent more than 50%Delegate world’s output of BOPP film than 50% over 2 companies represent more (equal of the companies represent30 countries. to over 2 delegates fromof BOPP film than Delegate world’s tonnes ofoverresin purchase). of2the world’s output more (equal million output ofBOPPmore than to to over 2 PP film (equal 50% of the over world’s tonnesof PP resin purchase). companies represent film (equal to output of PP resin purchase). million tonnes million of BOPP million output BOPP film (equal to world’s tonnes of PP resin purchase). over 2 To viewtonnes of PP resin purchase). here details on this event click million moredetails on this event click here To view more To view more details on this event click here To view more details on this event click here To view more details on this event click here 28 -30 June 2011 28 -30 June 2011 Technology made by Gneuss: AustriaTrendJune 2011 28 -30 Savoyen Hotel, 28 Trend Savoyen Hotel, Austria -30 June 2011 Austria Trend Austria Hotel, Savoyen 28Vienna, Austria Hotel, Vienna, Savoyen Austria -30 June 2011 Trend Vienna, Austria Vienna, Austria Austria Trend Savoyen Hotel, Vienna, Austria For furtherdetails please contact: For further details please contact: Thanks to their high performance and constant mode of operation, our technologies developed Becky Merriott, Conference contact: Becky Merriott, Conference Manager For further details please contact: For further details please Manager for the plastics-processing industry increase the E-mail:Merriott, Conference Manager Becky E-mail:Merriott, Conference Manager Becky For further details please contact: cost efficiency of every production process. Your E-mail: 117 924 9442 Tel: +44 Tel: +44rm@amiplastics.comManager E-mail: 117 924 9442 production line benefits from maximum availabili- Becky Merriott, Conference Tel: +44 117 924 9442 ty while at the same time guaranteeing optimum Tel: +44 117 924 9442 E-mail: product quality, even when using 100 % recycled Tel: 117 924 9442 material. With Gneuss you are always a decisive turn ahead! Organised by: Sponsored by: Organised by: Visit us at CHINAPLAS! Applied Market 17.05.11 - 20.05.11 Applied Market Organised by:Ltd. Hall 5.1, Stand D 21 Information Information Ltd. Organised by: Applied Market Organised by: Applied Market Information Ltd. Platinum sponsor: Applied Market Information Ltd. Organised by: Information Ltd. Applied Market a turn ahead Information Ltd.
  24. 24. additives feature | Mineral fillers Dr Chris DeArmitt was chairman for AMI’s recent Minerals in Compounding conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Here he reports on the wide range of presentations covering the latest developments in materials and processing technologiesMaking the most of minerals Interest in fillers is as strong as ever, as illustrated by hard to understand and complex equations are needed the healthy attendance and the diversity of technologies to fit the data. In fact it turns out that properties depend presented at the recent AMI Minerals in Compounding upon the volume percentage of the filler and polymer conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Topics spanned the phases, not the weight percentage. Plotting data that range from traditional fillers to new entrants and from way often results in straight lines. Another myth is that additives like dispersants and coupling agents to fillers have lower specific heat capacities than poly- processing equipment to optimise production through- mers, thus helping reduce heating and cooling times. put and material properties. Although fillers do indeed speed production through The conference was kicked off by Dr Chris DeArmitt their high thermal conductivity, it was shown that the of Phantom Plastics who gave an introduction to filled specific heat capacities of fillers and polymers are plastics including how different types of filler alter the precisely the same on a per unit volume basis. mechanical and other properties of plastic materials. Charles-Etienne Houssa of Omya continued with a Each type of filler has its own niche according to the look at calcium carbonate which is one of the mostQuarzwerke properties of the filler and the size and shape of the popular fillers because it is inexpensive and improvescompared a filler particles. He also emphasized the importance of several properties of polymers such as modulus andselection of dispersants and coupling agents in optimizing compos- cooling times. In some cases, it can also increasefiller types in ite processing and properties. impact performance and environmental stress crackingdifferent He then dispelled some myths about filled plastics. For example, properties are usually plotted versus the The price of calcium carbonate is more stable thanplastics weight % of filler, often resulting in curves which are polymer prices and has historically increased more(Left to Right): Muskovite Mica, Phlogopite Mica, Low-aspect-ratio Wollastonite, High-aspect-ratio Wollastonite, Platy Kaolin28 CoMPoUnDInG worlD | February 2011
  25. 25. Mineral fillers | additives feature cooling and therefore higher production output. In PP Mondo and PA, talc also helps nucleated crystallization leading produces very to a further increase in production output. high purity talc Dr Jörg Zilles of HPF The Mineral Engineers, which is using a super- a division of Quarzwerke, presented studies on mica conducting (Phlogopite and Muscovite variants), Wollastonite (low- magnet and a aspect-ratio and high-aspect-ratio) and platy Kaolin all flotationslowly than that of polymers. For example HDPE prices at 20 weight % in PA6, PBT, ABS, PPS and PSU. Mechani- processincreased 125% from 2000 to 2010. In contrast CaCO3 cal properties were measured comprehensively as wellincreased just 50% over the same period. This gives the as the difference in shrinkage parallel and perpendicularexpectation that more and more filler will be used in to the injection direction. The latter measurement givesfuture years. an indication of the tendency to warp. Overall, the fillers tended to increase modulus,Natural born fillers strength and HDT while reducing warpage. The onlyCalcium carbonate filler is formed through a process downside was some loss in impact resistance commonlyknown as diagenesis whereby sea organisms are found when adding fillers to polymers. For each plasticdeposited on the sea bed and then converted to calcium there was a filler which provided the best propertycarbonate sedimentary rock. It turns out that 300 balance. Phlogopite was found to be the preferable fillermillion metric tonnes are deposited in the oceans per for PA 6, while high-aspect Wollastonite showed the bestyear but only 75 million tonnes are quarried, making balance of properties in ABS if anisotropy can becalcium carbonate a sustainable filler. tolerated. Low-aspect Wollastonite gave remarkable Omya showed some new particle morphologies, increases in modulus coupled with excellent impactnamely microplatelets agglomerated to make spheres. strength in PBT, PPS and PPU. Kaolin and MuscovitePotential applications were not mentioned but one can mica gave increases in modulus, tensile strength andimagine that such high surface area particles would be heat deflection temperature, while shrinkage of theeffective for nucleating foam cell growth and for catalyst polymer is decreased in an isotropic way.supports. The next presentation by Frans Venema of Mondo Added strengthMinerals focused on talc which has a higher aspect Milliken is well known as the market leader forratio than calcium carbonate, leading to improved clarifying agents for PP and nucleating agents for PEstiffness, HDT and barrier properties. Talc also and PP. However, Normand Niron’s talk focused on itsincreases polymer strength and reduces creep (slow new product Hyperform HPR-803 which is marketed asflow) of polymers. One caveat is that impurities are a filler to replace talc in applications where density andcommon, so Mondo performs a flotation process to surface finish are paramount.remove other minerals. This process is combined with a The push for hybrid cars has added complexity and,special superconducting magnet to remove magnetic ironically weight to the vehicles. Similarly, the continualimpurities like iron. addition of new features and devices also pushes up the As with other mineral fillers, talc increases thermal weight of vehicles. The manufacturers therefore seekconductivity substantially, leading to faster heating and new ways to reinforce automotive plastics to bring February 2011 | COMPOUNDING WORLD 29