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description of JIRA implementation at TAVISCA

Published in: Business
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  1. 1. JIRA implementation tavisca travel technology SUBMITTED BY: Suraj Jacob A-35
  2. 2. introduction • Tavisca travel technology is a software solutions company with clientele in 4 continents. The firm is expected to keep a track of the numerous technological issues generated by this clientele on a daily basis and provide timely updates/solutions to the same • To organize the huge amount of data generated ,the firm uses JIRA.JIRA is a project management tool used to streamline and improve efficiency for project management in the firm
  3. 3. How does it work JIRA converts all issues that are reported into a compressed format referred to as cards. These cards contain details like • Information about the client • Dates of report , queuing time, estimated resolution date • Internal team to which the card has been assigned • Status of the problem • Tests that have already been performed and results • Recommendation (if any) for further probing on the problem
  4. 4. advantage • Compressing data into card format helps software engineers to easily gauge the problem at hand and its current status. Hence, it provides easy access to information to different internal teams while problems are being reassigned • As the information is being stored in a standardized manner, the problem solving process becomes less specialized. This protects the company from possible loss in efficiency in case of attrition
  5. 5. WHY HAS THE COMPANY IMPLEMENTED THIS? • JIRA implementation is in accordance with the firm’s objective of perfecting the agile framework i.e. reduce costs and generate more value • Feedback and reviewing the cards helps analyze problems and obtaining standardize solutions to them.this is a process of continuous improvement (Kanban) aimed at enhancing customer experience
  6. 6. SOURCES: • IMAGES: 675&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiC8rurytTKAhUOBo 4KHd1pCmEQ_AUIBygB&biw=1242&bih=606#tbm=isch&q=jira+tool&i mgrc=D6xX7e15cyLHGM%3A 675&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiC8rurytTKAhUOBo 4KHd1pCmEQ_AUIBygB&biw=1242&bih=606#tbm=isch&q=jira+tool+lo go&imgrc=7XI2juE_eDpD-M%3A