Superseal Construction Products Presentation


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SUPERSEAL Construction Products - Providing quality moisture control products that are effective, environmentally friendly and durable.

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Superseal Construction Products Presentation

  1. 1. The leader in Dimpled MembraneTechnology
  2. 2. It is our goal to become the industry leader inproviding quality moisture control productsthat are effective, environmentally friendly anddurable.Featuring air gap technology, SUPERSEALdeveloped the ultimate home waterproofingsystem that may not only control both internaland external moisture but will also last as longas your home.
  3. 3. DimpledMembraneCarpet SubfloorTile SubfloorShower N FloorFind our products at yourlocal Menards
  4. 4.  Its quick and easy to install requiring no fasteners 10x faster and 90% lighter than plywoodcovered subfloors. Low Profile - 1/8" (3mm) Designed to fit under most existingbaseboards and door casings making it afavorite of renovators and contractors A high performance, low cost subfloor membranethat saves you money by eliminating the need ofadditional expenses from plywood systems Thermal Break = Warmer Floors The dimples in the membrane lift the floor off thecold concrete creating a dry, warm andcomfortable floor Permanent Moisture BarrierAll-In-One provides under floorventilation allowing moisture to dryand helping to prevent mold andmildew growth
  5. 5.  The integrated dimple and foam layers helpto decouple the floor from the substrate. Thisisolates and maximizes the reduction ofimpact sound and vibration caused by footfall noise The air space created by the dimplesprovide under surface ventilation thatallows rising dampness from the substrateto dry The dimples provide a thermal break and thefoam layer enhances thermalinsulation, creating a warm and comfortablefloor Insulated Floors tough long lasting plastic product that doesnot absorb moisture and helps avoid moldand mildew growth It is quick and easy to install requiring nofasteners. It comes in userfriendly, lightweight and easy to transportroll sizesWarm N Quiet Subfloor is a highperformance and moderately pricedsubfloor that dramatically reducesfootfall noise, insulates your floor andprotects against moisture in one easyapplication. Footfall Sound ReductionSUPERSEAL
  6. 6. Geotextile Layer - SUPERDRAIN Mats have aGeoTextile cloth layer heat fused to thedimpled sheet. They filter out dirt & sandparticles providing a free flowing drainagesystemHeat Fused - Heat fusing permanentlyprevents the geotextile from delaminating andblocking the drainage path, as compared toother glued systemsHigh Flow Drainage - The drainage pathcontrols the flow of hydrostatic waterpressure creating dryer, lighter soil loadsreducing stress on walls, floors and roof structuresProtective Waterproof Barrier - SUPERDRAIN Mats are made from a tough longlasting plastic. They stop water penetration and protect liquid and self adhesiveapplied coatings
  7. 7. SUPERSEAL Dimpled Membrane is used for moisture control ofexterior foundation walls, interior basement walls, subfloorapplications, under-slab applications and for gas vapor control.Most commonly, it is used for new home construction and providesa permanent moisture barrier around your home. It can be installedon any type of foundation, bridges gaps, normal cracks and voidsand eliminates 100% of the headwater pressure off the face of thewall and is very user friendly.There are several types of air gap membranes tochoose from for all your moisture control needsQuick and easy to install air gapwaterproofing products
  8. 8. ▸ Air gap technology is widely accepted for several different types ofresidential, commercial and industrial construction and drainage applications. Someof these applications include exterior or interior foundation walls, subfloor andunder slab applications, engineering projects such as tunnels, bridgeabutments, green roofs, earth shelters, garden plazas, parking decks, split slabapplications, and retaining walls.Air Gap technology is the emerging industry that has grown from just 1% in1989 to almost half of all foundation treatments in an example area.
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