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Superfast Business - offers fully funded support to help ambitious businesses in the South West with a focus on rural areas identify, maximise and profit from the opportunities that superfast broadband and new technologies present. They have a team of expert advisers, a programme of events on hot topics offering inspirational insights and practical solutions and access to IT specialists and knowledge.

The service is aimed at businesses who have heard superfast broadband is coming to their area or are already experiencing good connection speeds and fulfill ERDF eligibility criteria.

Register on their website today to see if your business is able to access the full support package and keep up to date with the latest technologies and information.

t: 0845 603 8593

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Superfast Business - Winning and keeping customers online

  1. 1. Serco Internal Welcome Kate Doodson Cosmic @cosmickated
  2. 2. Serco Internal What is superfast business? • Superfast Business is a European Funded programme of fully funded business support for SMEs • Delivered by Peninsula Enterprise, working with the Local Authorities & Connecting Devon & Somerset broadband rollout project
  3. 3. Serco Internal • Business advice and specialist support to help growth businesses maximise the opportunities of Superfast Broadband and associated technologies. • Benefits for businesses can include:  Competitive advantage through take-up and exploitation of SFBB  Increased productivity  Improve access to new markets and business opportunities  Increase competitive advantage for businesses in rural locations  More flexible and environmentally friendly working practices  Increased opportunity for innovation  Efficiency and timesaving • Eligibility criteria apply to businesses accessing the service Superfast Business Support
  4. 4. Serco Internal The Connectivity “Revolution”
  5. 5. Support Available – 12 hours of support
  6. 6. Serco Internal 1. Register on our website (which incorporates the Knowledge Hub). to unlock access to a range of resources and materials 2. Check your eligbility 3. Let us know what areas of ICT and technology you might be interested in 4. Talk to our Client Relationship Co-ordinator to check your eligibility and arrange an appointment with one of our dedicated Business Advisers Next Steps Developing an ICT strategy Developing your ICT network/ infrastructure Engaging new and existing customers Collaboration Client Relationship Management Systems Flexible working Moving your business to the Cloud Business Continuity
  7. 7. Serco Internal NwKQQ
  8. 8. Serco Internal • • twitter @superfastbiz • Facebook • join our LinkedIn group 'Superfast Business SW' • • 0845 603 8593 Stay up to date
  9. 9. Serco Internal Winning and keeping customers
  10. 10. Serco Internal Business is Changing UK ?
  11. 11. Serco Internal Business with no change? 2012 Physical CDs - ½ million Downloads –183m
  12. 12. Serco Internal Businesses that have adapted 6% of UK Sales £2.6 billion 33% of UK Sales £2 billion – digital 17% - book revenues onlineFinancial Times subscriptions : 316k digital vs 286k print
  13. 13. Serco Internal Winning & keeping customers – what‟s changed?
  14. 14. Adverti sing TV Mail shots PR Radio Print Old world customer marketing
  15. 15. PR Search TV Mobile Social media Radio Print affili ate Webi nars PPC Email Rapid Fragmented Two way Website New world marketing
  16. 16. Serco Internal What else has changed? Customers… • Have higher expectations • Mobilisation – real time commentary • They talk to each other – social media
  17. 17. Serco Internal The world has changed • Instantaneous response • Accessibility • Transparency • Accountability
  18. 18. Serco Internal People change • Gen X • Gen Y • Gen Z • Baby Boomers • Millennials • Digital Natives
  19. 19. Serco Internal • Business leaders need to think about • How can we increase our brand awareness? • How can I be with my customers all of the time? • How can we provide consistently good customer service • How do I monitor what‟s being said about me? • How can I increase sales through new media channels?
  20. 20. Serco Internal Agenda 1. Optimise for reach 2. Think mobile 3. The power of e-news 4. Don‟t ignore Social media 5. Design CRM around customers 6. Gain customer insights
  21. 21. Serco Internal 1. Optimise for reach Search Engine optimisation - organic
  22. 22. Serco Internal Organic is still the number 1 driver of traffic to websites in 2012
  23. 23. Serco Internal
  24. 24. Serco Internal
  25. 25. Serco Internal Search Engine Optimation Get the basics right 1. Optimise for onsite phrases – 2-3 keyword phrases per page – Content, titles. Paragraph titles – Page titles – Footers – Images 2. Get strong and relevant links back to your site 3. Update your site regularly
  26. 26. Serco Internal • SEO basics video
  27. 27. Serco Internal Mole Valley Farmers • 47% of site visits from organic source • High levels of content • 300,000 pages on our website that are indexed by Google • Broad phrase approach
  28. 28. Serco Internal SEO next steps…. • Create new content – that resolves customers issues • How do I choose the right wind turbine • How do I organise a …. • What‟s the best … • How do I repair – That meets with needs earlier in their buying journey • What‟s the best…. • What‟s a ….. • How do I…. – That makes you an expert • Create authority content
  29. 29. Serco Internal 2. Think mobile How does mobile fit in with customer acquisition?
  30. 30. Serco Internal Gaining the mobile customer
  31. 31. Serco Internal Mobile marketing • We can check in… • Facebook – Check-in to your business – Appears in friend‟s feeds • And advertise alongside check- in – Discounts and deals • Foursquare – Check-in – Vouchers and deals
  32. 32. Serco Internal Google Goggles Use pictures to search the web Not typing or speech Search by taking a photo through your mobile phone….. Mobile marketing
  33. 33. Serco Internal • Use your camera as a browser….
  34. 34. Serco Internal Engaging customers through Augmented Reality: L’Occitane, beauty manufacturer have embraced Augmented reality, using it within their printed brochures and in store for additional experiences and instant purchase
  35. 35. Serco Internal Retaining customers through Augmented Reality: Mitsubushi have used AR to create support for installers replacing and repairing air conditioning units
  36. 36. Serco Internal Aurasma • Create your own…and … tap-to-buy
  37. 37. Serco Internal Engaging customers through Augmented Reality: Kraft foods have created a game that is triggered by AR from chocolate wrappers “With one in three UK adults owning a smart phone the potential market for initiatives like this is huge . It’s bringing deep customer engagement for us which is critical” Sonia Carter, Head of Digital of Kraft Foods. Quack snack has built “Deep Consumer Engagement”
  38. 38. Serco Internal Customers purchasing through Augmented Reality: Goertz shoe company, Germany have created a virtual shoe store for scanning, sizing and purchasing in store
  39. 39. Serco Internal 5yds PJlA5yds Maintaining cars using Augmented Reality: BMW are researching the use of AR for car repairs to ensure consistency of skills levels for staff.
  40. 40. Serco Internal Google Glass Google Glass The next consumer challenge – Google Glass:
  41. 41. Serco Internal Add to cart rates Christmas 2012
  42. 42. Serco Internal Mobile sales And we can receive payments from cards…. 2.75% per swipe for Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover. No contracts, monthly fees or merchant accounts. Funds are deposited into bank account the next day.
  43. 43. Serco Internal • Your presence in databases in even more important – Wikipedia, TripAdvisor, review sites. • Make sure your website works well on a range of mobile devices • Check you can accept payments - sales • Review your check-in options • Create augmented reality applications, mobile promotions, vouchers, deals •Think mobile.. Is your business mobile friendly?r
  44. 44. Serco Internal 3. The power of e-news
  45. 45. Serco Internal E-newsletter conversion rates 100,000,000 web visitors to e-commerce sites* Conversion Rate E-news 3.9% Google 2.4% Facebook 1.5% *optify Sept 2012
  46. 46. Serco Internal 1. E-newsletters • Currently - 50,000 subscribers • Has taken 5yrs to build • Segmented – Equine – Shooting – Farming
  47. 47. Serco Internal E-news is measurable • 168,000 email subscribers • Biweekly • Current open rate ± 28% • ROI on each email activity is ± £10,000 for products in the email
  48. 48. Serco Internal
  49. 49. Serco Internal
  50. 50. Gather customers emails religiously • 3-4 stories • Keep it simple • Keep it visual Always link back to website Builds loyalty and advocacy Creates 7 touch points for new sales
  51. 51. Serco Internal E-newsletters • Segment for different audiences • Measure each e-newsletter and review success • Keep the content simple • Always link back to website • Measure journey on website from click (Analytics)
  52. 52. Serco Internal 4. Don’t ignore social media
  53. 53. Serco Internal
  54. 54. Serco Internal Use social media for sales • Listening for social cues – Listening for your brand and reputation • Listen to hashtags for mention of needs # • Check social media search terms – Check out your reputation • Check SERPs of your phrases • Check review sites • Ready crisis management plan
  55. 55. Serco Internal Hashtag ideas • Sector specific • #windpower • #climatechange • Geographic specific • #yeovil • #somerset • Campaign specific • #greenenergy • Media specific • #journorequest • #prrequest
  56. 56. Serco Internal Use social media for sales • Broadcasting your messages • Broadcast your brand and reputation • Let people know what you are doing • Engage in consumers conversations • Become interested and interesting • Link back to your website
  57. 57. Serco Internal Creating communities Keeping customers through community building: River Cottage have created a community that has 36,000 subscribers actively engaged… Revenue from customers that are engaged in a company's community is 19 % higher on average than from those that aren't. Source: A Big Payoff from Online Company Communities
  58. 58. Serco Internal
  59. 59. Serco Internal
  60. 60. Owned Content Video, blogs, photos ‘Tradigital’ E-news Forums Digital magazines Traditional Media Press Social networks Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Website Responsive design Mobile enabled Content first strategy
  61. 61. Serco Internal • What content? • Video – for sales and marketing • Product descriptions, visualisations • Expert analysis, talks • Case studies, testimonials Becoming significant in Search Results Pre sales – research Post sales - support Content first strategy
  62. 62. Serco Internal Creating video content for customer retention: Sony Xperia have created a YouTube channel of all their support and advice guides.
  63. 63. Serco Internal Don’t ignore social media • Use listening tools for sales opportunities and reputation management • Broadcast, but link back to your website & measure your success • Create a „content first‟ strategy. Create content and use many times • Look at video as an engagement tool
  64. 64. Serco Internal 5. Design CRM around customer experiences
  65. 65. Serco Internal CRM  CXM Customer Experience Management is becoming the next big thing. ‘It’s not just about the product anymore. Customers shape their attitudes and behaviours toward companies based on the totality of their experiences with a brand, including support and other interactions they have.’
  66. 66. Serco Internal • A CRM system – A central CRM system for • Enquires, leads • Customer sales • Customer service handling – Can provide reports – Use data to provide forecasting – Be a mine of intelligence – Accessible from anywhere for all staff to input and use
  67. 67. Serco Internal
  68. 68. Serco Internal
  69. 69. Serco Internal Online customer touchpoints Where do customer touch points exist online? • Internet • Review sites • Mobile/apps • Your own website • Social media • E-mail to business • E-news
  70. 70. Customer experience mapping exercise
  71. 71. Serco Internal Map your CRM system against CXM journey • Where can the CRM system be used in this journey? • Where can it customers input straight to CRM • Where can staff input straight to CRM • Where can telephone and emails be logged to CRM
  72. 72. Serco Internal • What can CRM output – what can then be automated? • What information can we collate for forecasting? • What extra touch points could be created – earlier in the journey – earlier engagement – Later (encourage loyalty) – Create more touch points for increased satisfaction – Make life simpler – Resolve a problem
  73. 73. Serco Internal • CRM to Creating Resource Management
  74. 74. Serco Internal Social CRM
  75. 75. Serco Internal 6. Gain customer insights
  76. 76. Serco Internal • How well do we know our customers? • We are creating 2.5 billlion GB of data every day • In the last 2 years we have created 90% of the data on the planet
  77. 77. Serco Internal
  78. 78. Serco Internal Small businesses? Customer data + production data + competitor prices + supply prices +market predictions+ weather forecast + geo location + email correspondence = Big data
  79. 79. Serco Internal Customer intelligence • Analysing customer behaviour • Web statistics • Social media mentions, engagement • Email traffic • Telephone conversation logging • Knowledge base usage • Web searches • Social media cues sentiment analysis • Feedback • Predictive analytics
  80. 80. Serco Internal Understanding analytics 1. Who are your visitors 2. How do they get to your site 3. What do they do once they are there
  81. 81. Serco Internal 3 types of traffic
  82. 82. Serco Internal
  83. 83. Serco Internal Sprout Social
  84. 84. Serco Internal How much Klout do you have?
  85. 85. Serco Internal
  86. 86. Serco Internal Benchmark yourself
  87. 87. Serco Internal Can we benchmark our websites? • 2012 benchmark summary (Optify) 600 SME B2B websites, 62m visits, 215 page views
  88. 88. Serco Internal
  89. 89. Serco Internal Predictive Analytics • Want to predict who your customers will be? Predictive analytics can help do that • Tesco– can predict the exact day customers will return and the amount they will send within £10 for around 20% of their customers • issues100m personalised coupons at checkout. PA has increased redemption rates x 4 times. • Mobile phone company – have successfully predicted mobile subscribers that are 10x more likely than average to cancel • HP – PA models generate „flight risk‟ score for all employees. Estimates $300m savings
  90. 90. Serco Internal • LA Police • Review 13 million past crimes to predict current behaviour
  91. 91. Serco Internal Gain customer insights • Look at what data you store, Analytics, Social, e-news, • Review your Klout (or Peer review) score against your competitors • Look at where your business could gain more data • Think about Predictive Analytics
  92. 92. Serco Internal New ways to win and keep customers 1. Optimise for reach – Get basics right in SEO, PPC and SM 2. Think mobile – are you ready for mobile? Have you engaged your print to work in mobile world? 3. The power of e-news – segment, measure and increase use of e-news 4. Don‟t ignore Social media – use it to listen, monitor and community build as well as broadcast 5. Design CRM around customers – mirror your customer journey & ensure you get out as much as you put in, 6. Gain customer insights – use your data to gain solid customer insights for future interactions
  93. 93. Serco Internal • • twitter @superfastbiz • Facebook • join our LinkedIn group 'Superfast Business SW' • • 0845 603 8593 Find out more
  94. 94. Serco Internal Questions?