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Superfast Business Supplier Network Launch - Peninsula Enterprise launched the Superfast Business service in Devon and Somerset May 2013. As part of this service we are building a database of IT suppliers in the South West region. This presentation is for suppliers who attended either of the network launch events in April. The presentation was given by Cosmic’s Business and Operations Director, Kate Doodson and gives an insight into the future of IT and use of digital technology inside businesses and what they are looking for from their IT suppliers.

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  • Source Boston Consulting report Oct 2012
  • By 2016 the G20 internet retail will reach $4.2 trillion in the G-20 economies
  • In the UK it’s 12% for high web and 4% for low web Source Boston Consulting The $4.2 Trillion Opportunity March 2012 The Internet Economy in the G-20 Take this for technology too Small businesses still make up a very large part of UK businesses – trading and employment base. And in small businesses where high levels of web is being integrated there is very strong evidence of the success stories – sales growth, more jobs = sustainable futures Figures for ‘high-web’ and ‘low-web’ show very clearly the correlation between good use of digital talent and business success
  • And we’ve all seen more-and-more evidence of how strong the romance between US and UK business-wise - but is this a marriage made in heaven – are we doing enough to secure a strong and sustainable UK internet business base for the future (without over-reliance on USA)
  • Past 15 years most successful start-ups in UK – all trading very strongly online and growing their share of that marketplace
  • 189m singles sold 2012 Physical CDs - 576k (0.3%) Downloads –183m (97%) We all recognise very clearly whats happening to those businesses which are not investing in good use of the web – especially retail businesses
  • Tesco – 6% of UK Sales (£2.8 bn) Pearson – 33% - £2 bn digital (Penguin books – 17% - book revenues online and Financial Times – subscriptions : 316k digital versus 286k print)
  • Gangam style reached 1bn hits in December,. That’s 1 in 6 people on the planet
  • Recognition of what happens curretnly. Reactive, small scale and fire fighting localised, small picture stuff. Website, CRM, Printer failiure, laptop, server. Urgent request
  • Once we have an established and trusted relationship with client, we get invovled in supporting a wider operational system. We know more thn one person in the business, at all levels of the business Look at HR, accounts hwo it links to e-commerce, CRM and sales, operations the bigger business at operations. How do we comly with the data protection act? How do we reoslve HR issues?
  • Strategy level – relations with senior level of staff, ability to work on the future, look at horiisons, ask research, budget planning, future proofings, leglist How do we save money, how do we innovate, how do we make the best customer journey. More integrated systems. Look forward
  • Superfast Business - What are businesses looking for from suppliers?

    1. 1. Serco InternalWhat businesses need from ITsuppliers to help grow & changeKate DoodsonCosmic@cosmickated
    2. 2. Serco Internal
    3. 3. Serco Internal
    4. 4. Serco InternalBusiness is Changing
    5. 5. Serco InternalUS online business in UK
    6. 6. Serco Internal5 value levers “Internet advantage” of High-Web use SMEs:Geographic Expansion - The Internet creates a borderless world for many SMEs, enabling theto compete with much larger, multinational companies by accessing markets that werepreviously out of reach.Enhanced Marketing - Online marketing delivers expanded reach and measurable returns. Italso yields valuable data about consumers and their preferences, enabling expressly targeteadvertising and offers.Improved Customer Interactions – Social media make it possible for companies to engage inreal-time dialog with customers not only to boost sales but also to build loyalty and even to hcreate, refine, and enhance products and services.Leveraging the Cloud - SMEs can access sophisticated, open cloud-based, tools to enhancewide range of functions, including customer relationship management, informationmanagement, and customer payments. As a result, these companies can grow quickly withorequiring large investments in infrastructure.Easier and Quicker Staff Recruitment - The recruiting options available today are more poweand less expensive than ever before, and they enable SMEs to tap a global talent market
    7. 7. Serco Internal
    8. 8. Serco InternalSuccessful Start-up UK
    9. 9. Serco InternalBusiness with no change?189m singles sold 2012Physical CDs - 576kDownloads –183m
    10. 10. Serco Internal% of sales online6% of UK Sales£2.6 billion33% of UK Sales£2 billion – digital17% - bookrevenues onlineFinancial Timessubscriptions :316k digital vs 286k print
    11. 11. Serco InternalSo what’s happening to business?
    12. 12. Serco InternalChanging consumer behaviour•Have hand held devices with reach for 14 hours a day onaverage•50% more likely to use mobile voucher•Mobile payments•Camera searching•Augmented reality•Google GlassMobile
    13. 13. Serco Internal• Changing staff behaviour• Anytime anywhere access to– Files– Email– Staff communications– Customer communicationsCloud
    14. 14. Serco Internal• Staff and customer influence– Social, more social– Curation collation of content– Video– Tagging contentSocial
    15. 15. Serco Internal• Big Data - More things on the internet than people• How can we make the most of this? Collate info & use thisto predict future client behaviour? We are creating 2.5billlion GB of data every day• In the last 2 years we have created 90% of the data on theplanetInformation
    16. 16. Serco Internal4thage of technology1. Productivity - Office2. Network - connection3. Digital – 2.0 connection through web4. Post PC – tablet and mobile
    17. 17. Serco Internal
    18. 18. Serco InternalSupplierrelationships withbusinesses
    19. 19. Serco Internal• Can you fix this printer?• I can’t access the xx system• Can you build me a website?
    20. 20. Serco InternalKnow more than one personUnderstand customersSee the bigger picture
    21. 21. Serco Internal• How do we ensure we comply with data protection?• What’s the best CRM system for us?• How could we migrate to Cloud?• Cross department issues
    22. 22. Serco Internal
    23. 23. Serco Internal• How can we save costs?• How can we get better than our competitors?• How can we sell more/product to market etc
    24. 24. Serco Internal• Gives competitive advantage• Leapfrog technologies• Cost savings technologies• Cost savings for business processes• Shift of expenditureLess measurable benefits• Staff interest, team motivation• Brand benefits ‘seen as innovative company’• Improved quality outputsWorking strategically with businesses
    25. 25. Serco Internal• “We explained our business model and our ideas forexpansion,” says David Hauser, chief technology officer for agrowing business.• “Some suppliers said they really didn’t care, but others wereinterested. The ones who were are the ones we continue to usetoday.”
    26. 26. Serco InternalWhat businesses need from suppliers
    27. 27. Serco Internal
    28. 28. Serco Internal• Be aware of the business, their competitors, theirmarketplace• Ahead of the curve, assessing new technologies• Looking much further ahead, looking for competitive gain• Offering white papers, thought leadership?• Understand the relationshipSuppliers skills
    29. 29. Serco Internal•Mobile•Cloud•Social•Big dataDiscussion
    30. 30. Serco 094 6108@cosmickatedFurther information