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Superfast Business - offers fully funded support to help ambitious businesses in the South West with a focus on rural areas identify, maximise and profit from the opportunities that superfast broadband and new technologies present. They have a team of expert advisers, a programme of events on hot topics offering inspirational insights and practical solutions and access to IT specialists and knowledge.

The service is aimed at businesses who have heard superfast broadband is coming to their area or are already experiencing good connection speeds and fulfill ERDF eligibility criteria.

Register on their website today to see if your business is able to access the full support package and keep up to date with the latest technologies and information.

t: 0845 603 8593

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  • About cosmic About me Fire Alarm Tell me a bit about you Today im going to take you through… Hints tips ideas in maximising your customers online experience
  • Announced 28 th June
  • By 2014 government want two thirds of uk premises to have superfast 24MBitss per second most people But some will be lucky enough to get direct to home internet which will be much faster. Most of us currently have low upload but upload speeds will be much higher
  • This shows in grey and black where it is already available. Without this scheme the white areas wouldn’t have superfast The white areas is where will be covered
  • BT signed the contract 29 th January Just announced the first communities 11 phases of roll out across south west
  • This is what you will see.. For more info…. Connecting Devon and Somerset website and sign up to the newsletter BT where and when.. You can type in postcode and it will tell you where your property is in the roll out
  • Superfast business European funded to give support to businesses Throughout the roll out
  • How can we ensure business is making the most of super fast. What value can it bring How can rural businesses keep up This is what Superfast Business can offer Contact Maddi or Chloe for more info
  • Here are a list of events that are already organsied Contact maddi or sue for more information
  • This is the standard journey you will take through this process So following todays awareness You will be contacted by a business advisor who will draw up an action plan with you They will then arrange for an appropriate specialist to contact you to discuss you requirements and arrange either a 1-2-1 or a workshop with you
  • Register to the knowledge hub Check your eligibility Always open to new subjects so please let us know Contact client relationship co-ordinator
  • Expertise – companies advice Knowledge - Guides and information's Collaboration – Forum for discussion
  • UK number one – trade online V GDP is the best Internet Economy Accounts 12.4% of GDP Reasons Rural nature of customers south west is the capital of trading on ebay used to mailorder catalogue buying – distance buying Source Boston Consulting report Oct 2012
  • By 2016 IT WILL DOUBLE B-C DO you trade at that percentage?
  • Who is using internet well and who isnt Looking at the last 3 years of growth People who have adopted it well have grown In the UK it’s 12% for high web and 4% for low web Source Boston Consulting The $4.2 Trillion Opportunity March 2012 The Internet Economy in the G-20 Take this for technology too Figures for ‘high-web’ and ‘low-web’ show very clearly the correlation between good use of digital talent and business success In the UK it’s 12% for high web and 4% for low web Source Boston Consulting The $4.2 Trillion Opportunity March 2012 The Internet Economy in the G-20 Take this for technology too Figures for ‘high-web’ and ‘low-web’ show very clearly the correlation between good use of digital talent and business success
  • Companies that haven't adapted Havent used tech to their advantage Blockbuster HMV
  • Tesco – 6% of UK Sales (£2.8 bn) Pearson PUBLISHERS FT - 33% digital is nearly double print Penguin books – 17% - book revenues So they have adapted really well Tesco – 6% of UK Sales (£2.8 bn) Pearson – 33% - £2 bn digital (Penguin books – 17% - book revenues online and Financial Times – subscriptions : 316k digital versus 286k print)
  • Garntner IT consultants – NEXUS OF FORCES… Social - When we talk about the future I don’t mean in 20 years time I mean now… Strategizing on how to take advantage of the Nexus should be a top priority for companies around the world. This is the first time that the main business drivers are all technology based..
  • Mobile stats video That shows us how important mobile is One that stands out (apart from the toothbrush one) is that we carry our phones for 14 hours a day Mobile combines B2B & B2C as at work in B2B then when we go home we are B2C
  • Your phones are now turning in to your wallets
  • If you’re a market seller or need a payment service Whilst you are out and about This can cost as little as £20 to buy then the cost per swipe
  • Who uses check in… Your customers do/might You can add deals to your check in
  • Google Goggles Search by using pictures You don’t need to type or speak
  • Uses databases that are already available.. What are your reputations like on these databases The Wikitude World Browser is your “third eye” and allows you to see things you wouldn’t normally see. Wikitude’s Augmented Reality connects you with the world around you in a completely new way. By using the camera, simply hold up your smartphone and engage with your immediate surroundings. See places, discover people, play games – all through your camera’s field of vision – a truly exciting and immersive experience.Wikitude is not just an app that serves one purpose, it is rather a platform that hosts thousands of content providers each offering a different service. In a way, Wikitude is almost like an app store offering Augmented Reality apps or better Augmented Reality
  • Aurasma is a radical piece of technology that represents the future of how we use our mobile devices by bringing the physical and virtual worlds together for the first time.
Available on smart devices, Aurasma was created out of technology that is capable of recognizing images, symbols and objects in the real world and understanding them. It can then deliver digital content in real time, including videos, animations, audio or webpages
  • Video of shoes £50 per connect plus using database that they already have Cheap & effective
  • Air conditioning units
  • Google Glass film
  • How many of you use the cloud.. Most people are on the cloud and they don’t even know it!
  • On demand.. Can access from home Good for disaster recovery
  • A server could cost £5000 But cloud is flexible You could have 20 staff one week then 5 the next You just amend your package to flex
  • All of these things can work with the cloud at once
  • Pibnik now picmonkey
  • So…Google V Microsoft
  • Googles model is based on applications.. Not just their own but now have alliance's with smartsheets etc
  • Microsoft don’t have as many apps But it obviously incorportates The household favorites such as word excel etc Plan P (professional) < 25 users £4.00 pm per user (Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync and web apps) Plan E (Enterprise)> 25 users £6.50 and £15.75 (Enhanced collaboration, messaging tools, voicemail and archiving and Office Pro 2010) Plan K (Kiosk) – > 25 users - (web interface only) £2.60 *note plan E includes Active Directory Sync to sync/manage user groups, Plan P does not.
  • Office Professional = Allows you to share with company gives you far more data Office Web = Allows you to access and edit all of your docments from all devices Sharepoint = uses yammer and other social platforms Lync = Video calling
  • Google great for smaller businesses where more flexibility is needed Microsoft better for larger enterprises
  • 40.5 37 90%
  • You tube is the 2nd post popular search engine… And who are the owned by Sony now using you tube for user manuals for their phones Major universities are using you tube U.
  • We can use feeds to view only the subjects we want to see… Pinterest and Flipboard
  • Zeebox We can use dual screen We can be presenting on one screen and can send important reference documents To the attendees where they can be viewing that during you r presentation on their devices.
  • Where is this going.. Source: Eric Siegel Predictive Analytics 2013 Source: Eric Siegel Predictive Analytics 2013
  • Its already happening Reduced crime by 40% in one district by using predictive analytics Minority report
  • Superfast Business - The future of business presentation

    1. 1. Serco Internal The future is now Technology trends for business Matt Young & Lizzie Whitchurch Cosmic
    2. 2. Serco Internal Areas to be ready by then of this year: •Moretonhampstead, •Holsworthy, •Sticklepath (near Okehampton), (Started 3 months early) •Bradford on Tone, (Started 3 Months Early) •Bishops Lydeard, •Creech St Michael •Monkton Heathfield (near Taunton)  
    3. 3. Serco Internal Roll Out • The Government ambition is to have the best Superfast Broadband Network in Europe by 2016. • By 2014 two thirds of UK premises (residential and business) will have access to superfast broadband • Improved broadband (>2mbps) to every business and community across Devon and Somerset by 2016 • Faster broadband (>20mbps) to at least 90% of the area by 2016
    4. 4. Serco Internal Roll Out
    5. 5. Serco Internal How will the Roll Out Work? • Contract signed 29 January 2013 • Eleven implementation phases with implementation completing late 2016 • 6 – 9 months average to survey, design and plan per phase. The survey and planning process has started. • 3 – 9 months average deployment per phase. First cabs forecast to be deployed and first services available to businesses & residents by year end 2013.
    6. 6. Serco Internal How do I find out more? Look out for new green boxes.... Sign up to the newsletter @ Check where and when @
    7. 7. Serco Internal Superfast business programme
    8. 8. Serco Internal What is superfast business programme? •Superfast Business is a European Funded programme of fully funded business support for SMEs •Delivered by Peninsula Enterprise, working with the Local Authorities & Connecting Devon & Somerset broadband rollout project
    9. 9. Serco Internal • Business advice and specialist support to help growth businesses maximise the opportunities of Superfast Broadband and associated technologies. • Benefits for businesses can include:  Competitive advantage through take-up and exploitation of SFBB  Increased productivity  Improve access to new markets and business opportunities  Increase competitive advantage for businesses in rural locations  More flexible and environmentally friendly working practices  Increased opportunity for innovation  Efficiency and timesaving • Eligibility criteria apply to businesses accessing the service Superfast Business Support
    10. 10. Serco Internal Future Events August 2013 21st Wednesday 10-12:30 Taunton The Future of Digital Business 28th Wednesday 10-12:30 Barnstaple The Future of Digital Business September 2013 4th Wednesday 10-12:30 Newton Abbot Moving to the Cloud – is it you? 11th Wednesday 10-12:30 Wellington Moving to the Cloud – is it you? 17th Tuesday 10-12:30 Bideford Get the Most out of Online Marketing 18th Wednesday 10-12:30 Dartmouth The Battle of the Tablet Device 25th Wednesday 10-12:30 Cullompton The Battle of the Tablet Device October 2013 2nd Wednesday 10-12:30 Paignton Implementing Flexible Working 9th Wednesday 10-12:30 Shepton Mallet Implementing Flexible Working
    11. 11. Serco Internal The Connectivity “Revolution”
    12. 12. Support Available – 12 hours of support
    13. 13. Serco Internal 1. Register on our website (which incorporates the Knowledge Hub). to unlock access to a range of resources and materials 2. Check your eligibility 3. Let us know what areas of ICT and technology you might be interested in 4. Talk to our Client Relationship Co-ordinator to check your eligibility and arrange an appointment with one of our dedicated Business Advisers Next Steps Developing an ICT strategy Developing your ICT network/ infrastructure Engaging new and existing customers Collaboration Client Relationship Management Systems Flexible working Moving your business to the Cloud Business Continuity
    14. 14. Serco Internal v=G7KZR9NwKQQ
    15. 15. Serco Internal • • twitter @superfastbiz • Facebook • join our LinkedIn group 'Superfast Business SW' • • 0845 603 8593 Stay up to date
    16. 16. Serco Internal The future is now… Technology trends for business
    17. 17. Serco Internal Boston Consulting report Oct 2012
    18. 18. Serco Internal
    19. 19. Serco Internal Business is Changing UK ?
    20. 20. Serco Internal Business with no change? 2012 Physical CDs - ½ million Downloads –183m
    21. 21. Serco Internal % of sales online 6% of UK Sales £2.6 billion 33% of UK Sales £2 billion – digital 17% - book revenues onlineFinancial Times subscriptions : 316k digital vs 286k print
    22. 22. Serco Internal What’s the future for business? • Social – A faster, rapid and two way conversation. • Information – ‘Big Data’ evolves towards wisdom • Cloud – The ‘everywhere’ access • Mobile – Becoming the primary computing device/platform
    23. 23. Serco Internal 1. Think Mobile
    24. 24. Serco Internal Mobile
    25. 25. Serco Internal Mobile buying power • Loyalty cards • Discount codes • Credit and debit • Google wallet • Near field Communication Phones will be our wallets
    26. 26. Serco Internal Mobile Card reader And we can receive payments from cards…. 2.75% per swipe for Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover. No contracts, monthly fees or merchant accounts. Funds are deposited into bank account the next day.
    27. 27. Serco Internal Check-in • We can check in… • Facebook – Check-in to your business – Appears in friend’s feeds • And advertise alongside check- in – Discounts and deals • Foursquare – Check-in – Vouchers and deals
    28. 28. Serco Internal Google GogglesSearch by taking a photo through your mobile phone…..
    29. 29. Serco Internal Augmented Reality • Use your camera as a browser….
    30. 30. Serco Internal Create your own…and … tap-to-buy
    31. 31. Serco Internal Customers purchasing through Augmented Reality: Goertz shoe company, Germany have created a virtual shoe store for scanning, sizing and purchasing in store Customers purchasing through Augmented Reality: Goertz shoe company, Germany have created a virtual shoe store for scanning, sizing and purchasing in store
    32. 32. Serco Internal Retaining customers through Augmented Reality: Mitsubushi have used AR to create support for installers replacing and repairing air conditioning units Retaining customers through Augmented Reality: Mitsubushi have used AR to create support for installers replacing and repairing air conditioning units
    33. 33. Serco Internal Google Glass Google Glass The next consumer challenge – Google Glass: The next consumer challenge – Google Glass:
    34. 34. Serco Internal Maintaining cars using Augmented Reality: BMW are researching the use of AR for car repairs to ensure consistency of skills levels for staff. Maintaining cars using Augmented Reality: BMW are researching the use of AR for car repairs to ensure consistency of skills levels for staff.
    35. 35. Serco Internal Is your business mobile friendly? •Your presence in databases is even more important – Wikipedia, TripAdvisor •Make sure your website works well on a range of mobile devices •Check you can accept payments – sales •Review your check-in options •Create augmented reality applications, mobile promotions, vouchers, deals Think mobile..
    36. 36. Serco Internal 2: Clouds for Everyone Cloud computing: Storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive
    37. 37. Serco Internal The Cloud provides ‘on demand’ Stores your content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes all of it to your other devices that you are logged into…… Current estimate.. by the end of 2013, more than 75% of UK businesses will be using cloud services.
    38. 38. Serco Internal
    39. 39. Serco Internal • Replace capital costs with revenue costs • Flexible – scale up and down easily • Can reduce computer power and equipment • Highly secure • Great for backup and disaster recovery Key features
    40. 40. Serco Internal • Cloud computing is not about • your hard drive. That’s local storage and computing. Working off your hard drive is how the computer industry functioned for decades. • having a dedicated hardware server in residence. Storing data on a home or office network does not count as utilizing the cloud.
    41. 41. Serco Internal Cloud computing
    42. 42. Serco Internal
    43. 43. Serco Internal Starts at £3.30 a month
    44. 44. Serco Internal
    45. 45. Serco Internal Google includes apps such as: •Gmail for Business  •Google Calendar  •Google Docs  •Google Cloud Connect  •Google Hangout •Google Sites  •Google Video  •£3.30/user/month
    46. 46. Serco Internal Starts at £6.50
    47. 47. Serco Internal
    48. 48. Serco Internal 2. Be Social
    49. 49. Serco Internal In the UK? • 31,415,640 Facebook users • Average age? • 10,000,000 Twitter users • Average age? • % mobile active?
    50. 50. Serco Internal Video – becoming so important • Product descriptions, visualisations • Expert analysis, talks • Case studies, testimonials Becoming significant in Search Results YouTube Education • iTunes U •Major universities •Khan Academy •You Tube Democracy What’s new in Social Media?
    51. 51. Serco Internal Personal Content Curation Feeds are the new websites? •News feeds •Blog feeds •Video •Photos Collation of feeds - Flipboard, Pinterest
    52. 52. Serco Internal Tags and Hashtags • Content curation and SEO will depend more on good ‘tagging’ – Website content tags – Blog tags and category tags – Tweets hash-tagged
    53. 53. Serco Internal Dual screen working
    54. 54. Serco Internal 4: Information is getting bigger
    55. 55. Serco Internal • We are creating 2.5 billlion GB of data every day • In the last 2 years we have created 90% of the data on the planet
    56. 56. Serco Internal • Information is big - Big Data. • More things on the internet than people • How can we make the most of this? Collate info & use this to predict future client behaviour? Big Data
    57. 57. Serco Internal The Internet of things
    58. 58. Serco Internal
    59. 59. Serco Internal • Recent research • 12 % of organisations have a big data strategy • 21 % say they don't know enough about big data. • A separate study • 29 % of organisations are 'analytically challenged’ • 67 % of business leaders saying that analytics made their companies more competitive. • These studies demonstrate that it's not only a lack of skills but a widespread lack of understanding about the value it can bring.
    60. 60. Serco Internal Predictive Analytics Want to predict who your customers will be? Predictive Analytics can help do that…. •Tesco– can predict the exact day customers will return and the amount they will send within £10 for around 20% of their customers •issues100m personalised coupons at checkout. PA has increased redemption rates x 4 times. •Mobile phone company – have successfully predicted mobile subscribers that are 10x more likely than average to cancel •HP – PA models generate ‘flight risk’ score for all employees. Estimates $300m savings
    61. 61. Serco Internal LA Police Review 13 million past crimes to predict current behavior
    62. 62. Serco Internal Small businesses? Social analysis + web analytics + CRM data + email data (sentiment analysis) + support queries = Big data Customer’s behaviours, recruitment, product testing, market testing, product lifecycles, product usage Open Data from Governments and public services may open new customer insights, new services, new products
    63. 63. Serco Internal •Mobile •Cloud •Social •Big data Discussion
    64. 64. Serco Internal 0845 094 6108 Further information