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Superfast Business - offers fully funded support to help ambitious businesses in the South West with a focus on rural areas identify, maximise and profit from the opportunities that superfast broadband and new technologies present. They have a team of expert advisers, a programme of events on hot topics offering inspirational insights and practical solutions and access to IT specialists and knowledge.

The service is aimed at businesses who have heard superfast broadband is coming to their area or are already experiencing good connection speeds and fulfill ERDF eligibility criteria.

Register on their website today to see if your business is able to access the full support package and keep up to date with the latest technologies and information.

t: 0845 603 8593

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  • Competitive advantage through take-up and exploitation of SFBBIncreased productivityImprove access to new markets and business opportunitiesIncrease competitive advantage for businesses in rural locationsMore flexible and environmentally friendly working practicesIncreased opportunity for innovationEfficiency and timesaving
  • Overview – to put the Barometer into context.
  • Animation to draw attention to the fact that 51% (increase/much increase) are planning to invest in CAPEX. First though you can concentrate on the positivity that this chart portrays – although the red squares show the mean the increased and much increased figures (added together) are encouraging.
  • Please draw attention to a 10% increase in plans to invest from a year ago. This is why the current Barometer is focussing on understanding exactly what companies are investing in and where they intend to source funds to allow them to do this.
  • Note the Report that you intend to distribute says 15% BUT that relates to the responses to 2 questions: Those that have reshored in the past 12 months PLUS those that are in the process of doing so at the moment. BIS have asked us just to concentrate on the 11% figure which relates to those that have reshored in the past 12 months.
  • This is another programme that has started because of the results of the Barometer - The chart above shows the growth aspirations of SME’s working within or providing to the Aerospace sector. Please feel free to include or not
  • Gain insights into social media for manufacturing and learn a little from Mulberry’s experience too as a local manufacturer of goods
  • Strategy is to charge more – move manufacturing back to the UK.
  • ‘Waybhow’
  • Updates on products, gifts, campaigns, behind the scenes
  • Stats from Twitonomy - High ratio of followers/following – means very influentialMulberry wasn’t available, so had to make a decision (someone in Korea has it)222,243 followers700 lists2.77 tweets per day46% tweets favouritedTweets most favourited – sales & free deliveryBest time to post? Lunch time
  • Cool of the City –behind the scenes, London Society
  • Women -11,290 followers19 boardsSpring Summer 2014 collectionCampaignsFashion weekMulberry InsiderMulberry sees you – you wearing Mulbery pinned! Celebs, mags, shoots, out and about Showcase celebrity endorsementsTake own street style photos – and re-pin their photos Showcase Collections – travel, men’s etc
  • Not so much a channel – more a content repository -
  • ‘Waybhow’ Wiebo stats….. Chinese version of Twitter – Mulberry way to engage with the Chinese – more shop in storeChinese tourism increasing New Year and October Don’t have a mandarin site – they will be building on in 2015, 2014 German and French
  • 65x more fansFacebook244,699 likesTwitter222,243Pinterest11,290YouTube2,976InstagramGoogle ++735,912
  • Facebook244,699 likesTwitter222,243Pinterest11,290YouTube2,976InstagramGoogle ++735,912
  • Facebook244,699 likesTwitter222,243Pinterest11,290YouTube2,976InstagramGoogle ++735,912
  • Facebook244,699 likesTwitter222,243Pinterest11,290YouTube2,976InstagramGoogle ++735,912
  • ListeningBroadcastContentCommunity you can set up searches keyword and your business nameListen to competitorsGoogle AlertsCreate opportunitiesRiver Cottage
  • Want everyone to know that what I am saying is about this particular conversation/subjectJourno reqquest – Helen Kindred rose – Country living
  • This image demonstrates how quickly and exponentially information, advertisements, ideas, etc. can be spread by utilizing social media. It is also a great depiction of how a Youtube video can go viral, propelling its creator to fame, even it is often short lived. When applying the concept to business, it is clear how a good business idea such as Starbucks receiving customer suggestions and ideas can spread so rapidly. A good idea will spark interest and interest will lead to sharing. With so many users on sites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, the sharing occurs at an incredibly fast rate.A recent example of this sort of viral phenomena is a one man pet photography business in Los Angeles
  • A viral spike of course is when your content gets shared and your reach in social and on the web spikes. It's when your content goes viral. And, people will share your content if (and this is a big if) you give them something worth sharing. That is the key: giving people things they will want to share. So rule number one: create content worth sharing! Give people facts, figures, memes, or photos that make them look smart or witty. (
  • Collaboration with Tanya Burr Make up artist super user YouTube – took her to Claridges, dressed by Mulberry (More views and exposure through their channels
  • Used on 6 different channels – including websites blog e-newsletter
  • their audienceActor from DowntonVideo, shareable
  • Estimate increase in £50,000
  •  The teacups were sent with the invites to London Fashion week - The invites even had their own hashtag, #mulberryteacup, which was mentioned in 147 posts. This was the most talked about and engaged social media throughout London Fashion weelk
  • Video – compelling contentAxminster tools setup half a kitchen and half a shed..They film every new tool using them and publish the film.This is successful for axminster tools – enhanced their basket buying rate by 50%What could you do like this?
  • xperia now has its own you tube channel with self support videos. This has reduced their need to customer service as people can fix themselves
  • The Downtown Abbey Effect
  • Use the benchmark tool
  • Superfast Business - Social Media for Manufacturing Businesses

    1. 1. Using social media to grow your Manufacturing Business Kate Doodson Cosmic @cosmickated Serco Internal
    2. 2. What is superfast business? • Superfast Business is a European Funded programme of fully funded business support for SMEs • Delivered by Peninsula Enterprise, working with the Local Authorities & Connecting Devon & Somerset broadband rollout project Serco Internal
    3. 3. Superfast Business Support • Business advice and specialist support to help growth businesses maximise the opportunities of Superfast Broadband and associated technologies. • Businesses can get support to: – – – – – – – – Developing an ICT strategy Developing your ICT network/ infrastructure Engaging new and existing customers Collaboration Client Relationship Management Systems Flexible working Moving your business to the Cloud Business Continuity • Eligibility criteria apply to businesses accessing the service Serco Internal
    4. 4. Serco Internal
    5. 5. Support Available – 12 hours
    6. 6. Next Steps 1. Register on our website (which incorporates the Knowledge Hub). to unlock access to a range of resources and materials 2. Check your eligbility 3. Let us know what areas of ICT and technology you might be interested in Developing an ICT strategy Developing your ICT network/ infrastructure Engaging new and existing customers Collaboration Client Relationship Management Systems Flexible working Moving your business to the Cloud Business Continuity 4. Talk to our Client Relationship Co-ordinator to check your eligibility and arrange an appointment with one of our dedicated Business Advisers Serco Internal
    7. 7. NwKQQ Serco Internal
    8. 8. Stay up to date twitter @superfastbiz Facebook join our LinkedIn group 'Superfast Business SW' 0845 603 8593 Serco Internal
    9. 9. Manufacturing Advisory Service Welcome John Ruddleston Sector Lead to the Nuclear Industry Serco Internal
    10. 10. MANUFACTURING ADVISORY SERVICE (MAS) • • • • • • National service delivered locally by experienced Advisors Help your business grow & make you more competitive Business and product strategies Innovation; new product ideas and market opportunities Operational improvement; reduce waste & maximise profit Supply chain development Serco Internal
    11. 11. what is barometer? National and Regional Analysis designed to provide a snapshot of: • Growth • Investment • Recruitment Started as a South West survey in 2009 • Now covers whole of England – Key Attributes: • • • • • • • Targeted at SME’s Identifies Trends Benefit of ‘real time status’ Respected as a valuable source of information Currently over 800 individual companies in sample Opinions of Managing Directors/Financial Directors Additional Special Focus feature Serco Internal
    12. 12. MAS Barometer – Q2 results Serco Internal
    13. 13. MAS Barometer Serco Internal
    14. 14. MAS Barometer Serco Internal
    15. 15. influence Serco Internal
    16. 16. THANK YOU for manufacturers We are here for you Serco Internal
    17. 17. Using social media to grow your Manufacturing Business The Mulberry Story With thanks to Felipa Monteiro Digital Marketing Manager, Mulberry
    18. 18. Introducing Mulberry Business facts • Turnover £165m 2012 • Profit £18m • 15% of sales online Strategic online goals • Increase £ sales per item • Increase online dominance Serco Internal
    19. 19. • Ave price bag has gone from £550 to £900 during the recession. • Some bags around £3,000 "We have made a decision as a business that we want at least 50 per cent of our manufacturing to be in the UK. We are a British brand, so we want to be making our goods in Britain." Serco Internal
    20. 20. • 1,100 bags a week produced in Somerset • Mulberry's 270 expert on-site handbag makers Serco Internal
    21. 21. 222,243 +735,912 11,290 4,276 244,699 likes 8,483
    22. 22. Channel Facebook Follows/Likes Channel address 244,699 likes berry Twitter 222,243 @Mulberry_editor Pinterest 11,290 erry YouTube 2,976 /user/Mulberry Google + +735,912 rry/posts Klout Score 67/100
    23. 23. What are the channels used for? • • • • • Facebook – (B2C) aspiring customer Twitter – (B2B) press and bloggers Instagram – (B2C) cool and trendies ‘cool of the city’ Pinterest – (B2C) reflectors Google+ - who knows? • Wiebo – Asian customers Serco Internal
    24. 24. Facebook
    25. 25. Twitter
    26. 26. Instagram
    27. 27. Pinterest
    28. 28. YouTube
    29. 29.
    30. 30. Competitors Burberry • • • • • Facebook likes 16,883,617 Twitter followers 2,616,530 Klout Score - 86 YouTube Subscribers 93,558 Google+ followers + 3,610,946 Serco Internal
    31. 31. Chanel • • • • Facebook likes 11,000, 886 Twitter followers 4,059,307 YouTube Subscribers 190,502 Google+ followers +1,645,444 Serco Internal
    32. 32. Prada • • • • Facebook likes 3,271,076 Twitter followers 52,339 YouTube Subscribers 26,684 Google+ followers +7 Serco Internal
    33. 33. Barbour • • • • Facebook likes 169,351 Twitter followers 50,218 YouTube Subscribers 1,595 Google+ followers Serco Internal
    34. 34. • Who are your competitors? • How influential are they online? • Are they dominating your online space? Serco Internal
    35. 35. Social media best practice Serco Internal
    36. 36. Social media engagement ladder Content creation Share & converse Listen Google Alerts Twitter Google Reader Less time Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest Newsletter You Tube Blog Flickr iTunes/podcasts Community building Forum Facebook Groups LinkedIn Groups Virtual worlds More time
    37. 37. Listen Serco Internal
    38. 38. Use social media for sales • Listening for social cues – Listening for your brand and reputation • Listen to hashtags for mention of needs # • Check social media search terms – Check out your reputation • Check SERPs of your phrases • Check review sites • Ready crisis management plan Serco Internal
    39. 39. Hashtag ideas • Competitor specific • #burberry • #chanel • Geographic specific • #salisbury • #wiltshire • Campaign specific • #madeinbritain • Media specific • #journorequest • #prrequest Serco Internal
    40. 40. Example – Listen - Tweetdeck Serco Internal
    41. 41. Serco Internal
    42. 42. Use Hootsuite • • • • • Listen for brand use Listen for criticism Listen to competitors Publish content Schedule content Serco Internal
    43. 43. Google Alerts + Brandwatch Serco Internal
    44. 44. • Listen for sales opportunities • What’s the best way to…? • How do I repair…? • Anyone recommend….? • My back is hurting…..! Serco Internal
    45. 45. The power of the share Serco Internal
    46. 46. Serco Internal
    47. 47. Be part of the community • Sharing content helps you to ‘be part of a community’ • Amplifying content • Fuel and support the eco-system 1. Helping person who created the content – they will reciprocate 2. Can maintain an independent point of view – you can be seen as a content ‘curator’ it’s not all about you 3. ‘Here’s something someone else says – what do you think?’ Helping stimulate conversation Serco Internal
    48. 48. Serco Internal
    49. 49. Sharing through influencers • Influencers like Tanya Burr Serco Internal
    50. 50. • 1,784,296 subscribers on YouTube Serco Internal
    51. 51. ‘Create content – don’t just broadcast’ Serco Internal
    52. 52. Social networks Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn ‘Content first’ strategy Traditional Media Press Owned Content Video, blogs, photos Website Responsive design Mobile enabled Adapted from ‘Media Cloverleaf’ by Richard Edelman ‘Tradigital’ E-news Forums Digital magazines
    53. 53. • • • • Creating Content Gives you something to talk about! Gives people something to share Makes posts much more interesting • Re-use but don’t replicate • Discounts / New updates on products / humour and things they can share with their friends / cultural activities. Serco Internal
    54. 54. Mulberry Christmas • Christmas campaign - Fairy tale theme windows in Harrods • Not as much budget as Chanel and Burberry • ‘let’s do this online’ – afterthought • Photo shoot – using the windows • Launch – press and key bloggers
    55. 55. Video – reused… as question and email capture
    56. 56. Enter then share..
    57. 57. Content Business benefits Competition – highest ever interest • 50,000 entries (compared to 30,000 previous campaign) • 86,000 unique visitors to the page. • Gained 25,000 subscribers to e-newsletter- follow these for 6 months • Business perspective – email capture, competition share Serco Internal
    58. 58. Competition – 45,360 likes on Facebook
    59. 59. Content creation Content came out of this campaign – – – – – – – – Making of the display Festive Fairy tale video Photos of window displays Model shoot photos Interview with model Interviews with guests Bloggers perspective Competition Serco Internal
    60. 60. Create content with brand alignment • Improve brand penetration – New age, audience – Different audience • Align your brand with other similar brands • Tell people your brand story Serco Internal
    61. 61. Mulberry – ‘hand crafted in Britain’ brand Commissioned a series of focusses on similar brands • Wedgewood • Aston Martin • Mackintosh Saying – ‘we are like these brands’ #mulberryteacup Serco Internal
    62. 62. Serco Internal
    63. 63. Mulberry and Mackintosh
    64. 64. Create more content • Be visual – Photographs – Video, professional and your own • Be an expert – Blogs, white papers – thought leadership • Create illustrations – Infographics Serco Internal
    65. 65. Video first strategy • Gets to people on an emotional level… • Video – for sales and marketing • Product descriptions, visualisations • Expert analysis, talks • Case studies, testimonials Becoming significant in Search Results Pre sales – research Post sales - support Serco Internal
    66. 66. Look to use more video • What content? • Video – for sales & marketing • Product descriptions, visualisations • Expert analysis, talks • Case studies, testimonials Becoming significant in Search Results Pre sales – research Post sales - support Serco Internal
    67. 67. Customer support Creating video content for customer retention: Sony Xperia have created a YouTube channel of all their support and advice guides. Serco Internal
    68. 68. Content planning 6 week content planner w/c ----------Planned events/seas onal fixtures Video Photos Blog Facebook Twitter Pinterest 1 2 3 4
    69. 69. What can we learn? • Creating content creates opportunities for audience participation • Know your audience • Look at the business advantage of online competitions – increase e-mail subscription reach and engagement • Think about online brand alignment – what benefits can this create for you? Serco Internal
    70. 70. Measuring success Serco Internal
    71. 71. 8 KPIs for social media 1.Number of Fans and Followers Basic but important – how many followers, new followers and equally important unfollowers 2. Demographics and Location – What’s the % males, females, where are they based what time do they use SM, what are their interests 3. Number of active followers – Active users is a really important indicator as you want relevant and influential people who actively interact and engage with your company. 4. Likes, Shares and re-tweets– Are your posts relevant and interesting to your followers? What % of posts have interactions. IF not change engagement strategy Serco Internal
    72. 72. 5. Number of comments - Are you engaging in two way conversation and what’s the speed of response 6. Number of mentions – How often are people interacting with you? 7. Traffic back to website - % of traffic from social media 8. Your Klout Score - Your overall influence in social media Serco Internal
    73. 73. How much Klout do you have? Serco Internal
    74. 74. Serco Internal
    75. 75. Biggest thing Mulberry measure is Engagement • Mulberry - 3-5%  Burberry 0.1 - 0.3% • Manually check likes and shares/followers • Use Facebook insights • Hootsuite analytics Serco Internal
    76. 76. Facebook Insights Serco Internal
    77. 77. Where Page Likes come from • Referrals Serco Internal
    78. 78. Likes comments and shares Serco Internal
    79. 79. Post detail Serco Internal
    80. 80. Demographics Serco Internal
    81. 81. Twitonomy Serco Internal
    82. 82. Hootsuite Serco Internal
    83. 83. Sprout Social - analytics Serco Internal
    84. 84. Serco Internal
    85. 85. Tools to help • – Measures your influence online • - Gives you statistics on twitter accounts • – allows you to manage multiple twitter accounts, grow your business through • - lets you measure the activity of your Facebook accounts Serco Internal
    86. 86. How can you measure success? • • • • • Choose your key measurements Keep them simple Ensure everyone understands Compare yourself to competitors Repeat what works well Serco Internal
    87. 87. op tips for social media for manufacturing 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Listen to peers, staff, competitors, influencers Remember the power of the share Create content - be visual, compelling stories Who can you align your brand with? Broadcast wisely - Hootsuite – manage content, filter 6. Benchmark your posts and yourself against your peers Serco Internal
    88. 88. Any questions? Kate Doodson @cosmickated Serco Internal