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Smore Sydney


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poetry PowerPoint

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Smore Sydney

  1. 1. By: Sydney
  2. 2. Chocolate, marshmallow, crackers on top!Everything squishes inside.The only way to clean this upis with a mop!It is so messy and warm,Once I start eating, I cannotstop!
  3. 3. It smelled like warm cookiesfresh from the oven.The chocolate andmarshmallow is all over myface,My Smore is SO tasty!To be eating a Smore, I’d bein no other place!
  4. 4. My smore is so good.It feels as warm as a stoveYou can feel the chocolateooze out!My smore is falling apart!When I eat it, I’m wonderingabout.I love to eat smores. - Sydney