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M.v. team 1 edna, ellie and mary-basket of hope-3494


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M.v. team 1 edna, ellie and mary-basket of hope-3494

  1. 1. Meridian Village Ladies Knit and Quilt for Babies! M.V. Team 1: Edna, Ellie, and Mary
  2. 2. New moms love the custom blankets! What a great replacement over the hospital blankets! What a cutie! How awesome to get your basket delivered by Lauren and Tony Dungy!
  3. 3. Handmade Baby Hats Galore!
  4. 4. Christmas Puff Quilts!
  5. 5. Receiving Blankets!
  6. 6. Customized blankets!
  7. 7. Worker Bees!
  8. 8. Hat and Booties – Soo Cute!
  9. 9. See how tiny preemies’ heads are? These hats are perfect!
  10. 10. Baskets of Hope were packed with the hand crafted blankets and given to young patients in the neo-natal intensive care unit in the hospital.
  11. 11. We have been working for the past 6 months on a large donation of items for Basket of Hope. Basket of Hope is a nationwide charitable organization, started here in St Louis, which delivers baskets to children in hospitals filled with gifts and love. The Craft Club was able to present Angela with 9 puff quilts, an assortment of blankets, quilts and hats, along with 102 pieces of handmade items for preemie babies. Member Jane Sepanski said, “It’s so nice to see where all our work is going to.” Rachel Diggs stated, “It’s a great feeling knowing we have this purpose of making these items for the babies.” Meridian Village is very proud to be called home by these talented ladies and looks forward to seeing their future creations. Basket of Hope would use the funds from the grant from CWAM to provide gift baskets to many more babies and children in our hospitals.