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Eli lilly and company teachers' treasures-815


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Published in: Education, Business
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Eli lilly and company teachers' treasures-815

  1. 1. How we helped…
  2. 2.    Is a non-profit organization that provides teachers school supplies for their students… These teachers work at schools whose students are at risk and 40% or more of their students receive free or reduced lunch Help supply materials needed for the students to be successful…
  3. 3.  We cleaned up the outside donation area
  4. 4. We are planning on a yearly supply drive in September. Next year, we want to invite more Lilly teams to participate in the supply drive to increase the amount of donations. This will enable the teachers to have plenty of supplies to give to their students…
  5. 5.  Teachers Treasures would like a technology upgrade to improve the processes of checking out the teachers’ purchases. Currently, volunteers use paper and pen to check out each teacher and the process is very time consuming.
  6. 6.     Even though their rent is only $1.00 a year, they still have to pay their operating expenses. Some of the monies will be applied toward these expenses. Sometime they are offered some wonderful supplies for free but they have to pay for the shipping and handling– these expenses can help cover these costs Continue to clean and paint the inside of the warehouse Improve the looks of the donation area