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Ecsi electrical contracting services, inc.-lord of the harvest church dba the loft ministries-3570


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Ecsi electrical contracting services, inc.-lord of the harvest church dba the loft ministries-3570

  1. 1. Super Service Challenge Questionnaire 1. Who did you serve, and what did you accomplish that day? We served The Loft Food Pantry, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, under the name of Lord of the Harvest Church dbaThe Loft Ministries, EIN: 352066814. We helped serve those who came for food on Saturday, November 16, 2013. The pantry served over 1600 people during the hourswe were there. The Loft Food Pantry has fed 73,091 people since August 2010. My 4 team members and I unloaded trucks with hundreds of dollars in meats—all of which was given away that day. We also stocked shelves with various foods and assisted the regular pantry workers in whatever way we could. 2. What is your team's plan for an ongoing relationship with the nonprofit?We have asked Pastor Monib Thomas, Elder Michele Smith, and my friend Matt Richardson, who also works in the pantry, if we could come back and serve again. I and my 4 other team members were truly blessed to take part in feeding the hungry. This pantry serves Indianapolis and the surrounding communities without regard to zip code, religion, race, gender, or country of origin. This church with approximately 150 members, has been taking their own personal vehicles—sedans, SUVs & pickup trucks--to get the food in various locations in and around Indianapolis. 3. What would your nonprofit do if they won part of the prize money? The Loft Food Pantry has several needs. One of the most pressing needs at this time is a box truck to pick up the large amounts of food necessary to feed the large number served each Saturday. At present, the membership of The Loft Ministries uses their personal vehicles to pick up perishable food, non-perishable food, and produce. However, the growing number of people who need to be fed makes it imperative that we have vehicles that are adequate to do this job. The Loft Food Pantry also needs more commercial-size freezers and coolers. At present, almost all of the meat and produce must be given away the same day it is received because of lack of freezer and cooler storage space.Lee Scrogham, President, ECSI