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Delivering joy basket of hope-3492


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Delivering joy basket of hope-3492

  1. 1. • Thursday, November 19th, 2013 we assembled tote bags and baskets of hope for Basket of Hope – NJ. • We gathered together and painted “Hope” Signs to be given to the families of the pediatric patients at The Children’s Hospital of New Jersey. Team Delivering Joy!
  2. 2. Our continued plan with Basket of Hope is to continue to bring joy to the pediatric patients in the hospitals that BOH delivers to. We will continue to support their ongoing efforts by helping to get the community involved to deliver as well as assemble the gift baskets and hope totes. We love the idea of making the deliveries for the entire family by giving the parents the option of a hope tote. We believe that it takes a “village” to raise a child!
  3. 3. BOH is purely a volunteer non-profit. The prize money will be used to support the families through a gift basket and hope tote. All items will be purchased with the prize money and all items will be used to be given to the sick children and their families.