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Advocates for kids advocates for kids-3646


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Advocates for kids advocates for kids-3646

  1. 1. ABOUT ADVOCATES FOR KIDS We are a not-for-profit non-denominational foundation providing necessary resources for specific projects that support the welfare of children valley wide. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, we are dedicated to looking for ways to “fill the gaps” for children only, with food, clothing and other essentials. We work with local agencies, social workers and schools who have exhausted the traditional resources and still have families in need.
  2. 2. WHO DID YOU SERVE & WHAT DID YOU ACCOMPLISH THAT DAY? We served the families that are being overseen by HRT (see next slide) providing gifts and goods for their holiday season thru a Christmas gift drive. Throughout the year we provide a “leg up” to these families until they get their feet on the ground. We do this by providing basic necessities such as: hygiene and household products, diapers, wipes, clothing, shoes, socks, kitchen items, cribs, strollers and beds.
  3. 3. WHAT IS YOUR TEAM’S PLAN FOR AN ONGOING RELATIONSHIP WITH THE NONPROFIT? Our non profit mainly supports families that are taken on by Human Resource Training in Tempe, AZ – a division of Child Protective Services. We’ve established a good relationship with them over the past few years and as Program Manager I communicate with them weekly and provide goods for families in need.
  4. 4. WHAT WOULD YOUR NONPROFIT DO IF THEY WON PART OF THE PRIZE MONEY? Each summer we provide new school uniforms, shoes, socks, backpacks and supplies for over 75 kids. At Christmas, Advocates for Kids facilitates a Christmas Adoption Program where we match generous sponsors with needy families. Winning the prize money would allow our program to continue and help more children! This year we were able to adopt half the number of families we could last year for Christmas and funds could help others have a blessed holiday.