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Super Morriso presentation


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A rather 'retro' looking quickly put together PowerPoint presentation about my fundraising activity through social media

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Super Morriso presentation

  1. 1. ...and this is the story of how Itransformed into Super Morriso! @SuperMorriso
  2. 2. I am a social media addict...And I love Twitter and Facebook the most:@SuperMorriso@_Sweet_Caroline I also love cycling and my friend Emma Marshall....
  3. 3. Combining cycling and social media to try and turn into
  4. 4. Suddenly I’d signed up to cycleacross Peru for charity...over thehigh altitude Andes mountains to the Amazon I needed to raise £4250 for Breast Cancer Care but emails and a JustGiving page ain’t enough.....
  5. 5. I fed it all through email and socialPosted as much varied content as possible(and tried to be interesting, not salesy nordirectly asking for money)I was careful with my tone so as not toupset Emma or othersI linked it all up with a big event Iorganised (Wired for Sound) which hadit’s own unique branding, visuals etc
  6. 6. As a result the money came rolling in!...and it got picked up by the local press too!
  7. 7. So then my alter ego Super Morriso was born! -new way of asking for money -opportunity for corporate sponsorship -an interactive platform -fun way of showing my challenge progress -easy way to link everything together
  8. 8. Super Morriso Wordpress site combined lots of elements
  9. 9. Functional, fun and informative
  10. 10. Lots of issues......-Playlists not integrated properly-GPS internet fell through (limited access while out there)-Design issues-Wasn’t finished on timebut we won’t dwell on that....because..... -The site reached received xyz views and -I was still able to make updates on my progress out there including 9 blog posts YAH!!!!!!!