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Lemmy Koopa’s profile and biography information available at Super Luigi Bros Lemmy koopa


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Lemmy Koopa also known as Hip Koopa Lemmy's main color attributes is orange and yellow Lemmy debuted with the Koopalings Lemmy managed to obtain Ice Land and stole the Magic Scepter of the Ice King read more details visit at Super Luigi Bros.

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Lemmy Koopa’s profile and biography information available at Super Luigi Bros Lemmy koopa

  1. 1. Character fact sheet Name: Lemmy Koopa First Appearance: Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988) Home: Cast le of Koopa Voiced by: Lani Minella Associates: Koopalings, Bowser
  2. 2. The Profile Of Lemmy Koopa • Prince Lemmy Koopa also known as Hip Koopa in t he cart oons is one of Bowser’s eight kids, t he second eldest . Named af t er Lemmy Kilmist er f rom t he band Mot or head, Lemmy is usually not iceable t hrough his mult icolored Mohawk and crossed eyes. • Lemmy' s main color at t ribut es is orange and yellow, t hough his color scheme consist s of many bright colors. He is good in balancing at op a ball as his special abilit ies deals wit h bouncy balls. • Lemmy is port rayed wearing very f ew it ems of clot hing, he wears t he same met al spiked cuf f s t he ot her koopalings wear, but he also has his own shell design, which is orange in color, lined wit h a whit e encasing and
  3. 3. Lemmy Koopa’s Personality & Mannerisms While t he rest of t he Koopalings ar e in t heir t eens, Hip and Hop are br at t y six-year- olds. These t wins don' t go anywhere wit hout one anot her, and ar e always f inishing each ot her ' s sent ences. Silly and dumb, goof y and bumbling, t hey are always lost , and have pr obably f or got t en wher e t hey were going anyway. They f lunked Kooper gart en. They wouldn' t be a t hr eat t o t he Mar io' s and t he pr incess, if it wer en' t f or t he
  4. 4. Hip Koopa & Hop Koopa in Mario show The debut appear ance of Lemmy Koopa was in Super Mar io Bros. 3 when Lemmy at t acked and conquered I ce Land, st ole t he Magic Scept er f rom it s leader and t ur ned t he King int o a seal, in a lat er version of Super Mar io Bros. 3 t he King was t ur ned int o a Mont y Mole
  5. 5. Lemmy Included in Super Mario Bros Lemmy and t he Koopalings are back in t his t it le as bosses. Lemmys appearance in t his t it le had changed a lit t le his shell became orange and he had a ponyt ail inst ead of a mohawk, he has his rubber ball f rom Super Mario Bros. 3 wit h him which he balances on t hroughout his f ight wit h Mario at t he end of World 3. Lemmy has t he same chamber set up in bot h his cast le and his t ower comprising; a plat f orm of
  6. 6. Additional Lemmy roles inSuper Mario Bros Alt hough Lemmy is not seen in t he t it le it is said in t he PC version of t his game t hat t he reason Lemmy did not j oin t he plan t o melt Ant art ica and f lood t he world he did come t o t he world, but decided t o play in t he ice and snow t hat he is so f ond of rat her t han aiding Bowser in his evil quest .