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The Wrongway Legacy - 3.1


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The Wrongway Legacy - 3.1

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Wrongway Legacy! Last time, we saw our founders pass away, Grace being named the heir, a variety of first kisses, including Elizabeth kissing her younger sister's boyfriend, and Alice's performance in Sleeping Beauty as she found out about the incident. So, it's time to get started!
  2. 2. It was a beautiful summer morning when the yellow taxi pulled up outside the Riverside Dorms at the quiet campus of Rubix University. Grace nibbled her lip, nervous, glancing up at the building that would be her home until it was time to move to the Greek House. Liam, terrified that Ralph would find his children, if they went to La Fiesta Tech, where he had once attended, had arranged for Stella and the Greek House to transfer to Rubix U. It was safer that way. “Thanks, Mr!” Whitney called to the cab driver, “This is going to be great!”
  3. 3. “Non-stop parties, loads of people to make friends's going to be super!” Whitney grinned, her happy babbling covering up the fact she was feeling shy, and a little bit lost.
  4. 4. Whitney and Grace soon settled into their crazy life among the llamas, cow mascots and smustling dormies. It was almost fun sometimes, but neither of them met anyone who they'd keep in touch with for the rest of their lives. Besides, both girls were waiting for their teenage partners to arrive at university. All Grace wanted was to hang out with Orlando like the old times.
  5. 5. “So,” Whitney began, casually. “Big date tonight with Orlando.” Grace just looked at her. “Yes. We're meeting at the old brick wall on the edge of the wood, and then he's going to take me for dinner.” “Romantic.” Whitney grinned. “Well, it's moving day tomorrow, don't stay up too late.” With a wink, Whitney disappeared, and Grace stood alone, wondering whether Orlando would be how she remembered him.
  6. 6. Grace was supposed to be putting on her dress when she answered the phone. It didn't bother her to run a little bit late, because it was her younger brother, Eli. “Eli! I haven't spoken to you in ages! University's alright, I don't have many friends at the minute. No of course I have time to talk to you.” Grace paused, with Eli sounding a little worried on the other end. “Eli, what is it?”
  7. 7. “Elizabeth did what? Again? I'll be right over, okay? Maybe we can talk some serious sense into that girl.” Forgetting completely about her date with Orlando, Grace called herself a taxi, so she could rush home.
  8. 8. “Eli!” Grace hugged her brother. He smiled. “Good to have you back, even if it is for all the wrong reasons.” “It's weird being back. But I like it. I love home.” “It's always going to be your home.” Nearby, someone made a sound of disgust.
  9. 9. “I don't see why I wasn't chosen to be heiress.” Elizabeth murmured. Clearly, Eli's talk hadn't sunk in. He muttered something about kissing other people's boyfriends and generally being mean, but neither him nor Grace spoke about Elizabeth's words.
  10. 10. “Liz, Eli told me he caught you trying to go to Ralph's again. Do you know what you are doing by seeking out Ralph?” “No. Nor do I care. If I can't be heiress, I'll be glorified some other way. By joining the villains of our family. Everyone remembers them!” “Liz, everyone remembers you, what are you talking about?” Elizabeth stood up.
  11. 11. “Rather be remembered as more than an heiress, I think.” “Elizabeth, Ralph and Ariel have no time for anything other than themselves. Go anywhere near them, and they'll kill you, without a second thought. Don't make us have to hang another portrait in the mausoleum.” “Grace, you don't know anything. Sure, you were kidnapped as a baby. Boo hoo. That doesn't mean you know everything about Ralph and his plans.” “Don't you care about anything he's done?”
  12. 12. Eli watched in silence as Elizabeth's temper grew. “I don't care! This family wouldn't care if I was attacked by Ralph!” “Yes they would. You know that, deep down.” “No, you want me to think that. Grace, I'm not going to listen to you.” “I can't change your mind, Liz. Just be careful.” Grace sighed, admitting defeat.
  13. 13. Meanwhile, Orlando was leaning against a tree on the wall that circled round Rubix University. Grace was already an hour late, and a chill was beginning to form. Still, Orlando promised himself he would wait.
  14. 14. ...and Wait... And wait...
  15. 15. Deidre eventually came to find Orlando, back from her own date that evening, to find him sat on the floor, still hopeful. “Orlando...I don't think she's coming.” De said, softly. “But...but...” “Give it up, Orlando, you're not staying out here all night, waiting.”
  16. 16. “My date didn't go so well tonight either.” Deirdre said, sitting down next to him, placing her head on his shoulder. Orlando watched her. “He was a rich guy wanting to put a ring on my finger.” “Ah.” “Yeah. You know what you need though?” “To stop being hopeful?” “To dance. Dancing cheers everyone up.”
  17. 17. The pair of them rose to their feet, and Deirdre carefully took Orlando's hand. After that, it became very natural, and Orlando began to relax. Grace shrank inside his mind. “It's a beautiful evening.” De noted. “Yeah. Perfect.”
  18. 18. “Oh, I hope I'm not too late!” Grace fussed as she tried to run towards the wall where she promised to meet Orlando. She caught sight of something up ahead, and stopped.
  19. 19. Instinctively, Grace turned away, but she couldn't stop herself from looking back. “He promised me that I could trust him.” She told herself. “I couldn't, I couldn't trust him.” She walked away and sat down, a wave of hurt and sadness crashing over her.
  20. 20. It was the last day of Eli and Elizabeth's teen years, and to celebrate, generation three were relaxing in the place where Grace used to with her friends. Elizabeth was bored out of her mind, and Julia was excited to be spending time with everyone for the first time since her birthday.
  21. 21. “That guy's kind of cute.” Julia commented on a guy walking past. “Don't even bother with boys, Julia, they only break your heart.” Alice responded, watching her youngest cousin. “You don't want a boyfriend to replace that idiot you used to date?” “Not worth the effort. No matter who I decide to date, it won't work out in some shape or form.” “That's a shame...”
  22. 22. “Hey, Eli.” Nancy called, coming over. Elizabeth scowled – why was no one in this stupid town interested in her? “Nancy! Isn't this great? We'll go to uni together, and then we'll get married and maybe have some kids...” “Eli, I need to talk to you about that, you see...”
  23. 23. “I'm not going to uni. I'm going to travel the world, while I can.” Nancy pulled a face – this wasn't easy. “Great! I'll come with you! Forget uni!” “Eli, that's not a good idea...I'm leaving the past behind...” “ and you...three bolts...forever...” “I'm sorry, Eli, but I need a fresh start.” She paused. “Goodbye, Eli.”
  24. 24. Nancy turned her back on Eli and began to walk away. Eli sighed. “I'll never see her again.” “And that, Julia,” Alice whispered, “Is why I'll never fall in love. It hurts less.”
  25. 25. Soon, Elizabeth and Eli arrived at the dorms, with their futures ahead of them. “This outfit needs changing. Now.” Elizabeth sighed, “Let's hope there's some cute guy here for me.” Eli said nothing as he stumbled out of the cab.
  26. 26. And here are the twins as they look now. Eli looks a lot like his grandfather and his father, but there's a bit of Cassidy thrown in there, as for Elizabeth, well, she grew up beautiful. As expected. Both the twins were now ready to make their mark on the uni.
  27. 27. Over at the Greek House, Whitney hadn't finished her unpacking, but she had a good reason for taking a break. Debbie King had arrived, Whitney's girlfriend from her teenage years. “I'm so happy to see you, Debbie!” Debbie laughed a little. “I'm glad to hear that.”
  28. 28. “In fact, I know it's probably too soon, but I'll ask anyway.” Whitney sank to one knee. Butterflies invaded Debbie's stomach. “Debbie, you are my first, and hopefully last, girlfriend. I don't see any future for me without you in it...”
  29. 29. “Will you do me the honour of being my wife?”
  30. 30. “Whitney...yes I will!” Debbie took the ring from the box and put it straight onto her finger. Many kisses followed this happy moment.
  31. 31. While proposals and making-out happened in the living room, Grace was picking at her salad in the kitchen. How could Orlando promise her his trust and then slow dance with Deirdre? Wasn't Deirdre supposed to be Grace's friend? It was all very confusing. “Mind if I sit here?”
  32. 32. Stella gave Grace no opportunity to answer. Her pink hair had been replaced with a more natural colour, and Stella was feeling more confident in herself than before. “Whitney told me you're brooding over some guy,” Stella smiled in a friendly way, “Word of advice, don't waste anymore of your time on him. It got me and Ash in a right pickle. We're good friends again, because we both let go.” Grace looked at her meal, “It's good advice. I'll try to follow that.” She didn't bother telling Stella she still felt miserable.
  33. 33. News of Grace's heartbreak soon spread through the dorms, and it gradually reached Eli. And he was not about to hide his anger. “I know how to find Orlando. Through Deirdre.”
  34. 34. Of course, Eli found Deirdre. But he didn't expect De to be cleaning tables at a local restaurant. “You work here?” He had to double-check. It made no sense for De to work here. “Pays the bills, doesn't it?” De looked up from her table. “I know it's you, Eli, what do you want?” De turned to face him.
  35. 35. “Oh crap! When did you grow up so handsome?! Why was I not informed?”
  36. 36. “I...What?” Eli gave her a blank look. “Don't pretend you're not here looking for Orlando, Eli. I haven't seen him since the night Grace stood him up. And I'm his best friend!” “Grace did not stand him up!” “Of course you'd say that!” De sighed. “Look, Eli, I think this situation is for Orlando and Grace to sort between themselves. I certainly want no part of it.”
  37. 37. Eli took her hands. “You're right, of course. Thanks for all your help.” “You're welcome. We have to stand up for the people we're close to, right?” “Exactly. But this time...we need to back off.” “Yeah. It was nice to see you again Eli.” “Same. Bye, De.” And with that, Eli left the patio of the restaurant.
  38. 38. “I'm not ashamed to admit I like him more than I should. Especially considering everything that's going on.” With a cheerful sigh, Deirdre moved onto the next table, spending the rest of her shift in a wistful silence.
  39. 39. Elizabeth had also had a productive day, through meeting Travis. Of course, Liz was the shyest of all her siblings, so it took her a few moments to tell him she liked him. “We have one bolt. That's enough for one date, right? I mean, it's not like you're dating my sisters or anything.” Elizabeth smiled, bored of being the only one of her siblings to never have had a proper relationship.
  40. 40. “Travis. I presume you recognise me.” Came a voice. A guy in similar clothes came up behind Travis and took his hand. “William.” “I remember you, yes. Is there a problem?” “The rules, Travis. Talking to norms is only okay if they are member material, and,” William's eyes looked at Elizabeth in disgust. “She's clearly not one of us.” “Why don't we talk about this later?” Confused, Elizabeth waited.
  41. 41. “Travis, what's going on?” Elizabeth asked, her eyes catching another one of the suited guys who had arrived. “'s complicated. It really is. It's not good for us to be friends.” “My condolences.” “You listen to these guys? They're freaks. Do what you want.” “If it were only that simple.” “Fine. I like your friend here much better anyway.”
  42. 42. Travis's friend was much more appealing to Elizabeth it seemed, and so she dropped Travis in favour of Knut Wheeler. William still made regular, complaining appearances, but it didn't matter. Knut, who was a little bit naive, believed Elizabeth was a sweet young lady, and wasn't prepared to give her up.
  43. 43. And now that Elizabeth had found someone she truly liked, she wasn't about to let him go. She seemed happier, and for a moment, her obsession with Ralph and revenge seemed swept aside.
  44. 44. “So,” Eli began, falling onto the sofa beside Elizabeth, “Alice comes to university tomorrow. Next weekend we move to the Greek House.” “And tomorrow, I'll be making my visit to Ralph.” “You're not still going on about that, are you?” “Of course! Why should I listen to Grace? Or you, for that matter?” Eli looked straight ahead. “You have no idea what a mistake you're making.”
  45. 45. The next day, Grace received a phonecall from Eli again. “She's gone to Ralph's? Will that girl ever learn?” Grace gave a worried sigh. “I'll be there as soon as possible.”
  46. 46. Grace arrived at Ralph's, and left the car without waiting for Whitney, Alice or Frankie, reaching Eli first. “Please tell me our sister's not in there.” Eli gazed steadily at Grace. “Our sister doesn't listen.” “No!” Grace panicked. “We have to get in there!” “The door's locked, Grace. We've got no way of stopping her.” Eli's voice cracked slightly as he admitted this, and the others arrived at the door.
  47. 47. “What a first day at university.” Alice mumbled, unnoticed by her family. “I hope Lizzie knows what she's doing.” Whitney announced.
  48. 48. Inside, Elizabeth had already found who she was looking for. “How did a Wrongway get in the house?” Ariel asked. “Good question, my dear,” Ralph glared at Liz. “What do you want?” Boldly, Elizabeth took another step forwards. “I've come to join you.”
  49. 49. Elsewhere in Rubix, the events were making themselves known. “We have to get out of here. There's something going on with Ralph.” “Finally, Hex. I was beginning to think you'd forgotten there was a world outside this cell.” “Well, I don't see you coming up with ideas.” “I'm...keeping a low profile.”
  50. 50. “Come on, Hex, pick the lock! It can't be that hard!” “Would you like a try?” He asked as the lock gave and the heavy iron gate eased forwards.
  51. 51. “Come on!” He called. “Before it's too late!” “That is, “ I replied. “If it isn't too late already.”
  52. 52. Whitney and Frankie left to go tell Liam and Cassidy what was going on, as Eli fell to the ground. Alice was so deep in thought she didn't notice. “I can feel everything. I know exactly where she is in the house. I know exactly what's going on.” Eli managed to say, in between sharp breaths. Grace looked at him. “Is there a way we can get to her?” Eli didn't respond, instead, he started crying with pain and concern. Eli and Elizabeth's 'twin telepathy' had joined them again.
  53. 53. “Why won't she just kill me if that's her plan?” Elizabeth wondered as she hit the floor again. It was getting harder to stay wake, each time one of Ariel's spells hit her. Feeling Eli watching her, Elizabeth sighed. This was probably the end.
  54. 54. Ralph turned his back on Ariel and Elizabeth, and began to walk away. Having a sidekick was fun, because he no longer had to get his hands dirty. “Finish her.” He said to Ariel as he walked out.
  55. 55. “With pleasure!” Ariel called back, and drew her final spell from the air.
  56. 56. “Eli?” Grace asked, softly, as his eyes shut, and he laid down in the grass. “Eli? Wake up!”
  57. 57. The fact Eli and Elizabeth were nowhere wasn't bothering Eli as they stood amongst the peacefulness of a blue sky. “Are we dead?” He dared to whisper. Elizabeth looked away. “You're not, Eli. I am.” She sighed, “Eli, I've been such a fool.”
  58. 58. Eli looked at her carefully. “You're dead?” “Yeah,” she had a touch of sadness to her voice. “But Eli, you have to go back. You've got to tell everyone not to cry over me. I was so rotten in my lifetime...Especially to Alice...” “Don't worry about it, she'll be fine,” Eli sped up his thinking now that he knew time with Elizabeth was short. “Come back with me.” “I can't, Eli. This is it.”
  59. 59. “Right. A few things for you to do when you get home, Eli,” Elizabeth smiled. “Tell Alice I love her, no matter how awful I was in life, tell Knut that I would happily have proposed to him in our senior year, and don't throw me a funeral.” “Why not?” “I don't want people crying, or fake crying, or anything. My memory..well. Just think of me occasionally. I don't even want a tombstone.” “Elizabeth, this is weird. You can't be dead. You're still talking.”
  60. 60. “Of course I needed to talk to you before I left completely. You're my twin, and I have messages to send back.” “Right. It's going to be so lonely down there without you.” “It's going to be lonely up here without my twin, but you have to go back,” she continued. “Eli, one last thing. Tell Mum and Dad that I love them, and I'm sorry.”
  61. 61. “I can do all that for you, Lizzie.” “I know I can trust you, Eli. You're the best brother and twin I could ever want.” “I love you, Elizabeth. Don't forget it.” “Believe me, I won't. And you won't forget me?” “Never.” And with that, Eli pulled her into a hug, tears forming in his eyes.
  62. 62. Out of nowhere, Jim appeared. “Ah, Eli and Elizabeth.” He smiled. Eli looked at his grandfather, looking younger than Eli could ever remember him being. “Grandad?” “That's me. Tell Grace to get back with that boy already. I've been watching over you all, and believe me, she would be so much happier with that boy.” “I'll help you out, Grandad.” “Good!” Jim looked at Elizabeth, uncertainly.
  63. 63. “I've said my goodbyes. It's time to go, isn't it?” Elizabeth looked worried. Jim nodded. “It is. Don't worry Eli, she'll be safe with us.” Jim smiled, encouragingly, and Eli began to walk away, knowing this was goodbye. He heard Elizabeth talking to Jim, “Is there still room for me up here, even after the mess I made down there?” Jim chuckled.
  64. 64. She's safe now, Eli thought to himself, as he walked into what he hoped was consciousness Elizabeth is safe.
  65. 65. Eli was relatively calm as he began to come round. Even though he knew Elizabeth was gone, he couldn't bring himself to be upset. Perhaps it was their final talk that caused this, he couldn't be sure. Once awake, he climbed to his feet and told his siblings the news.
  66. 66. “Elizabeth is dead?” Grace repeated, and burst into tears. Clearly, Eli's calm feeling didn't cover them too, so he did his best to comfort them. He pulled Grace to her feet.
  67. 67. Alice sloped away to the car, no doubt to grieve in private, as Eli and Grace stood talking. “Don't cry for her, Gracie. She doesn't want that, all she wants is for us not to forget her.” With a sniff, Grace tried a smile. “She's alright now?” “Of course she is. And in time, we will be too.”
  68. 68. A meeting was beginning on the evening after Elizabeth's death. “Okay, I know I should be in jail, and that's it's daylight so there's only a few of you, but we've got an issue to deal with people. You know what? I don't need the microphone, I'll come sit down there with you lot.”
  69. 69. “We need to discuss appropriate action after the death of Elizabeth Wrongway.” “Why?” Questioned the Plantsim. “This is the supernatural court, not an undertakers.” “Because, Blossom, she was killed by a witch who was once a member of this court. We have to take action.”
  70. 70. It was a beautiful summer's day on the edge of Rubix woods, and Eli had arranged to meet Grace for a picnic. As she arrived, Grace couldn't spot Eli anywhere, but she could see someone that she missed a lot.
  71. 71. Orlando was sat listening to music near a thin patch of trees, and the nerves began attacking Grace. Should she go talk to him?
  72. 72. She decided that she should, so began to walk over to where Orlando had set up his blanket and things. He spotted her and rose to his feet. “Grace! I thought I'd never see you again.” He smiled, and allowed silence to fall. The corners of Grace's mouth began to widen. “I never thought I'd see you again...”
  73. 73. Opposite Grace and Orlando, someone was watching them be reunited. “How did you know that would work?”
  74. 74. Eli chuckled, a laugh that sounded much like his grandfather's. “What? You invited Orlando, I invited Grace, the pair of them get back together? Oldest trick in the book, my beautiful De.” “It's good to see them together again.” De smiled, and reached up to let her fingers cup Eli's. “My grandfather would be happy to see this.”
  75. 75. And this is where I shall leave you! What action is the Supernatural Court planning to take? How are the rest of the family dealing with Elizabeth's death? Will I manage to finish playing them through uni sometime before Christmas? Thanks for reading! :)