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The Wrongway Legacy 2.2


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The Wrongway Legacy 2.2

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Wrongway Legacy! Last time, the Wrongway siblings dealt with love issues while at university, sometimes with help from other, like the Love Guru. Liam met Cassidy, and Ash finally got together with George. At a celebration for Ash's graduation, Ralph attacked, with Hex getting involved too. Ash ended up as a witch, and threw heirship into question leaving us waiting for an answer: Who is the heir? So let's get started!
  2. 2. Time had passed since Ralph's attempt to attack, and most of that time had been spent at a hotel. Ash had locked herself in a room, leaving Liam and Cass to wait outside, George joining them after hearing about the attack. “Is she coming out today, do you think?” Liam asked, half-heartedly. “One of us needs to go home...start the next generation of Wrongways...” “I doubt it, Liam.” George sighed. “I think we're going to be a lot longer than we originally thought.”
  3. 3. Inside the room, Ash was sat on the damaged sofa. She was still in her new robes, struggling with the idea that she was a witch. How could she be heir if she was a witch?
  4. 4. The wait continued, and soon, Liam, Cass and George were joined by someone else. Hex. “Hey...” He called. “I heard that Ash had locked herself in..and a Protector of the Supernatural, I...” “You're guy that turned her into a witch, right? The guy that caused this?” George glared at Hex.
  5. 5. George looked away as Hex sat down, clearly trying to explain something. Cassidy moved into Liam's arms, and everybody waited for Hex to start talking. “I am not to blame,” he began. “Ralph...if I hadn't have got involved...well. The Wrongways would be dead.” “But I don't understand why you just waltzed off when you transformed her, as if becoming a witch is no big deal,” Cass pulled a face. “I don't know how I would deal with the news that I am a witch!”
  6. 6. “Maybe I should have stayed, taught her a bit about witchcraft...but...” “Not maybe, definitely.” George murmured, an undertone of anger in his voice. “Perhaps we should discuss heirs instead of my mistakes.” Hex replied, ending the guilt-tripping. “There's no way Ash can be heir in the hotel room.” George pointed out.
  7. 7. “Are you suggesting that I become heir, George?” Liam asked. He turned to Cass. “You'd be Mrs Wrongway.” Cassidy grinned. “Are you sure this is what you want?” George looked at Hex. “It's what's best.” “Then it's decided...right?” Liam smiled. “We'll go home...let Mum and Dad know we're safe. According to them, we should all have been home ages ago.”
  8. 8. As Liam and Cass walked away, George rose to his feet as well, and began to bang on the door, repeatedly and loud. “Ash, let me in!” He begged, not caring that Hex was watching. “I love you and I demand you open this door!” Hex waited uneasily. “George...” “Ash! Please!”
  9. 9. Hex could see there was no way he could make George stop thumping the door, nor could he persuade Ash to come out – she was already more powerful than he was. Hex decided to do what he thought would be best for the couple at that moment. He walked away.
  10. 10. George stopped banging on the door, and sat on the floor, fighting back the tears. He hadn't seen Ash for much longer than the others, he hadn't been at the art exhibition when Ralph attacked...if only... Fighting no longer helped, and George allowed his tears to fall thick and fast, sitting alone by the door of his true love.
  11. 11. Hex, meanwhile, managed to catch up with Cassidy and Liam, who were about to descend down the stairs. “Hey! Liam! Congratulations on becoming heir.” Hex called. Cass turned to face him, a mean look on her face. “Congratulations? Liam is heir because of a circumstance you caused. Why on Earth are you still here? Leave me and my new family alone!” “I'm...I'm the Protector of...” “I don't care! Look at the damage you've done, Hex.” Cassidy sighed, letting her anger seep away. “Goodbye.”
  12. 12. Hex guiltily looked at the pavement around his feet, George still slumped by the door behind him. “I will...” Hex swallowed, trying to form words. “I will be punished for this, you know. This will not go unpunished.” But no one was listening to him anymore.
  13. 13. Ash's door started to move, as if to open, and George jumped away. Would she look any different than she had done last time? George furiously wiped his tears away, and waited, hoping the door opening meant Ash was coming home.
  14. 14. “George.” Ash nodded. “Have the others gone home?” “Yeah...I thought maybe it was time that...we went home. I got us a house.” “How can I? I'm a Witch! I don't belong in the life we had planned together.” “I don't care what you are,” George told her, eagerly. “I love you.” That brought a smile onto Ash's face.
  15. 15. The door shut behind them as Ash put her arms around his neck, and his gently lifted her up. “Take me home, Mr McCarthy.” She murmured. George said nothing, but carried her easily with a smile on his face. Ash wasn't about to tell him she was using a levitation spell so that she was lighter, and let him think he was strong enough to take her home.
  16. 16. Night had just fallen, and in a grand house on the far side of Rubix, a meeting was about to take place. “I hate court. It's an organised form of arguing.” Phillip, the good warlock, announced. His companion smiled. “I love court. It's the best place to hear gossip. Not regular, boring gossip that humans share, but supernatural gossip. The best there is.” Ariel, the bad witch, nodded, knowingly. Phillip didn't comment – he hated any form of conflict, and if he disagreed with Ariel, he knew there would be conflict.
  17. 17. Next to Phillip was Marcel, the leader of one of the two Vampire Covens, patiently waiting for the meeting to begin. It had been years since the entire Supernatural Court had gathered, and there was one face in particular he was hoping to avoid... “Oh no, she has arrived.” Marcel murmured to himself.
  18. 18. “I'm not too late, am I?” Kendall questioned. She was the leader of the other Vampire Coven, and there were many reasons why it was awkward between herself and Marcel now, reasons she chose to ignore – she had a purpose here, and it was unrelated to Marcel. “The party has yet to start.” Ariel called. “Court's just starting.”
  19. 19. My simself stepped up to the microphone, and began the Court session that was eagerly awaited. “I believe you know why we are here,” I began, nervously. “Because Hex has been accused of using magic improperly, when he transformed a local Legacy girl into a witch the other day.” A ripple of reaction began through the crowd, in the form of whispers. “I would now like to hear your suggestions for a conclusion on the matter.”
  20. 20. “I don't see a need for punishment,” Kendall declared. “As long as the new witch is cared for, and that it was a strictly defensive use of the spell, then all is well.” “I disagree.” Ariel spoke up. “How can Hex be trusted not to change others if he is so relaxed transforming one person into a witch? He cannot be fact, let me speak into the microphone for a moment, just to make my point clear...”
  21. 21. “Why do I have a feeling this can't end well?” Hex muttered to himself, as Ariel walked up to the microphone and I took a seat.
  22. 22. “We need to act on this, people. How can Hex be the Protector of the Supernatural, our leader in short, when he cannot handle his magic?” Ariel pulled a face and stabbed at her hand. “I say we put an end to it before it grows out of hand.” “Agreed.” The Plantsim spoke up. “Although it sounds like a good idea...” Marcel raised an eyebrow cautiously.
  23. 23. “You're not seriously thinking about punishing Hex for what was required given the circumstances?” I ask, with a smile. Ariel scowls. “She is clearly on the side of the improper use of magic.” A mumble and a murmur went through the creatures sat listening as it became clear that no one was going to disagree with someone as terrifying as Ariel.
  24. 24. “Well, at least we're safe from Ariel behind these bars.” “Stop being ridiculously cheerful, Hex. I can't believe you got me imprisoned as well.”
  25. 25. It was the morning of Ash's wedding, and she was still fixing last minute things while her guests waited eagerly. The glittering on Ash's skin had faded in the short time since she had confined herself to a room back at the hotel, which had pleased Ash that she was no longer gold. “I look almost like I did before the incident.” Ash grinned as she peeked into a hand mirror. “Oh well, time to go. Can't keep them waiting.”
  26. 26. Gathered around the archway, ready to watch Ashley Wrongway become Ashley McCarthy, were her parents, Liam, Cassidy and for some reason, their maid and their gardener. “I was under the impression that Ash was moving back with us,” Jim whispered to his wife. “What changed?” “Oh, darling, I don't know. But at least our children are both happy.” Lindsay smiled.
  27. 27. The wedding was short, the vows simple, and after quite a few rough patches, Ash and George were together and happy publicly.
  28. 28. After the bride and groom had gone inside to get the party started, Liam had gone looking for Cass, finding her alone in the garden, deep in thought. “You alright, Cass?” Liam asked, walking over to her. “Is our wedding tomorrow making you nervous?” Cassidy looked at him, biting her lip. “Just a little. It's not that I don't love you, I just...our marriage has more importance to it now.”
  29. 29. “Cass, our wedding was always important. Okay, originally it was just to you and me, but it doesn't matter that I'm heir. We don't have to change all that much.” Liam reached a hand out for Cass's face. “But...Ralph?” “He will be back, yes. But until then, let's just enjoy life for what it's worth.” Cass smiled, knowing tomorrow was going to be a good day afterall.
  30. 30. The next morning, however, nerves were still biting at Cassidy. As well as this, Cass was feeling nauseous, but she put that down to nerves as well. With a sigh, Cassidy looked at her reflection. “Veil or no veil?” She asked herself.
  31. 31. Cassidy winked at herself, trying to make herself feel better, and moved towards the door, when she grinned. “This is going to be the happiest day of my life.” She decided.
  32. 32. Only Jim would find it appropriate to heartfart over his wife at a wedding. Liam and Cassidy exchanged their vows, similarly to how George and Ash had the day before. “I promise to love you for the rest of my life, to keep you safe from my uncle who has been trying to kill us. I promise to honour the vows of having you as my wife.” Liam smiled. “And you look beautiful, the veil was fine.” Cass laughed slightly, and began to recite her vows, promising her love to Liam.
  33. 33. Within minutes, the couple was married. “They're perfect for each other.” Lindsay confirmed, so that her son didn't hear her. “She's not at all like that other girl he used to date...what was her name? Was it Lucy? Anyway, I'm glad he's found his soulmate.” Jim looked on, proudly. “Let's hope your brother stays away for a while. Because somebody's birthday is tonight!” Lindsay giggled, and turned her attention back to her son and new daughter-in-law.
  34. 34. “I don't understand why we're not eating cake yet.” Cassidy announced. “Jim, it's your birthday, blow out your candles already.” “Can't talk, eating.” He mumbled, stuffing lettuce in his mouth faster. Cass laughed at him. “You know what? I think I'm going to fit right in with this family.”
  35. 35. Soon, Jim couldn't put it off any longer, and stood before his cake, with a half- smile on his face. “I wish my children and my grandchildren safety from my brother.” He whispered to himself, and leaned forward, blowing out the candles.
  36. 36. “I feel old now. As if having both of my children married, and about to start having children of their own, I'm grey and old...” Jim thoughtfully chewed on his cake. “Oh well. Older, wiser.” And just like that, Jim was convinced that being old was a good thing.
  37. 37. Cassidy and Liam had long since abandoned the party, to the comfort of their newly decorated bedroom. Liam was studying Cass's face for a moment, as she waited impatiently. “Is there something wrong, Liam?” She asked. He gave her a small smile. “No. I love you.” And he pulled her close to him, where she was to stay the entire night.
  38. 38. And traditionally, what always happens after woohoo? Babies. The first of Generation Three was on its way.
  39. 39. There is a lack of pictures for this pregnancy, but it didn't fly by this quickly, or easily. Anyway, Cassidy had started showing, and insisted on sitting down with Liam to talk about it. “So, we're going to be parents?” Liam questioned for the fifth time. Cassidy gave him a look. “How many times do I have to run through it?” She smiled to show she was joking with him. “What names do you have in mind?” Liam frowned. “Oh...I haven't really thought about it...”
  40. 40. Due to my obvious fail with pictures, the pregnancy flew by. Labour didn't happen in the smallest room of the house this time, meaning it was possible for everyone to fit in the room. Instead of watching the pregnancy, Jim viewed the picture beside the bed. “What a lovely painting, Cassidy. Where did you get it?” “AAAARGH! OWW!” “Charming. Absolutely charming.”
  41. 41. Just like that, the first Wrongway child of Generation Three arrived. “Aw, she's beautiful.” Liam murmured. “You know,Ash's baby was born today as well, a little girl, named Whitney. They can be friends!” “Good idea, they are really close in age.” Cassidy looked at the little girl resting in her arms. “Let's call our bundle of joy Grace.”
  42. 42. Grace Wrongway looks a lot like her father, except from her mother's and her grandmother's hair colour.
  43. 43. Back in the cell at the Supernatural Court, Hex had been staring at the ceiling for a long time, deep in thought. “What's up? Just realised we're actually in prison here?” “No...I think Ralph may have been plotting an attack, and I'm useless as a defense in jail.” “I'm pretty sure Ralph was planning something...” Hex looked at me, pained. “How would you know?”
  44. 44. “Believe me, I just know these things.” Silence fell upon the small cell once more as Hex leaned his head against the wall, preparing for another long night.
  45. 45. “Hush little baby, don't say a word, Mamma's going to buy you a mocking bird...” A set of unfamiliar hands reached into the crib and pulled out Grace, completely unnoticed. Grace was calm, moving her little head to hear the words of the kidnapper's song.
  46. 46. Ralph had an unconscious Cassidy laid across his dining table, wearing only her pyjamas. “So you see, Cassidy,” he continued though she could not hear him. “Your baby will live with me. Liam will come looking for it, along with that no-good brother of mine, and it will be over for the Wrongways...”
  47. 47. “Oh and Cassidy? I'm sorry, but I had to change you while you were here too.” A hint of a smile passed Ralph's lips. “With that troublesome Hex behind bars while I walk free, I can do what I like.” Ralph passed the end of the table. “So enjoy your snooze on my dining table, Mrs Wrongway, because it won't be long before you wake up and no one will recognise you...”
  48. 48. When Cassidy woke up the next morning, she was in her double bed at home. She had no idea how she had got there, nor how her daughter had gone missing. Liam was furious, upset, angry, all at the same time. His precious little Grace had been snatched. She went to the bathroom, as she did every morning, and went to check her reflection. Cassidy gasped.
  49. 49. “What on Earth happened to my face?!”
  50. 50. Over at the McCarthy household, something much more lighthearted was taking place. George leaned over the birthday cake with tiny little Whitney tucked into his arm. “Do you want to blow the candles out?” He asked, smiling. Whitney gurgled. “You're right, I had better do it.” George blew and threw his little girl into the air.
  51. 51. “Who grew up looking adorable?” George asked. Sleepily, Whitney clutched at his shoulder, before answering him half-heartedly. “Me.” She looked up at her Daddy. “Bedtime now?” George chuckled. “Alright then.” Whitney has a personality of 10/1/10/10/4
  52. 52. Elsewhere in Rubix, another little girl had grown up. In Ralph's dark and mysterious home, Grace was a toddler, with no memories of who her parents were. Ralph had left her to it after aging her up, and headed downstairs to his drawing board, preparing his next move. Alone and confused, Grace began to cry.
  53. 53. “Right, so let's recap, your face has changed and you have no memories of it at all?” “Correct.” “And our little girl who grew up last night, is missing and we have no idea where to start looking?” Cass fidgeted. “I miss having her around. I wanted to hold her in my arms and never let her go...but she's missing...”
  54. 54. Both parents of the missing child sat in silence for a moment. Liam flicked at his food, causing his meal to fly into the air and onto the table. He threw his spoon down in disgust. “It's Mum's birthday today. We'll make it nice for her and then figure out what we should do from there.” “Agreed.”
  55. 55. Lindsay stood proudly at her cake. “I like how everyone looks as if they rolled out of bed in order to be down here for my birthday.” She grinned. “I have.” Jim told her. Cassidy looked at the floor, feeling bad that she hadn't bothered getting dressed all day. “It's fine, dear.” Lindsay told her, sensing the embarrassment Cass was now feeling.
  56. 56. Afterward, Jim and Lindsay were sat on the sofa, reminiscing about raising their own children. With no grandchildren yet in the main house, and they had yet to test their grandparent instincts. “It's so sad that little Grace is gone.” Lindsay whispered. “I hope we find her.” “Yeah. Liam doesn't know where to put himself.” Jim looked at his wife. “I think he blames himself. But at least he has Cass to support him.” “At least I have you to support me.”
  57. 57. What Jim and Lindsay didn't know yet was that more grandchildren were on the way as they sat and talked downstairs.
  58. 58. Breakfast was earlier the next morning, with Cassidy taking twice more than her usual share. Liam had noticed the pregnancy, but had yet to say anything. “So...a new baby...” Liam began. “Yes, I know it feels like it's too soon, yes, there is the worry that the baby could have my new face shape, but Liam, I can't do anything about it.” Cassidy looked at her cereal. “I want children, Liam. I want to raise them, to make sure they're loved and that they know they are loved.” Speechless, Liam just nodded in agreement.
  59. 59. Late that night, Cassidy was sat on a sofa beside the enormous portraits of her and Liam, deep in thought. She didn't notice Lindsay until she was already sat down. “Young lady, you are heavily pregnant and clearly tired. Why are you sat downstairs by yourself?” “I was just thinking. About Grace, mostly, but...” “Of course. You must be thinking it is too soon to move on, right?” “Right.”
  60. 60. “Cassidy, just because you're having more children doesn't mean you are replacing Grace.” Lindsay said, wisely. She gestured to the portraits. “She will probably find her way home, when she's old enough. Instinct will guide her home.” “I'm hope you're right, Mrs Wrongway.” “Any troubles, you can talk to me. I think your husband is having a similar conversation with his father right now...”
  61. 61. “I know, Liam. Your mother is going to tell Cass exactly the same thing. You can remember Grace and have children.” “But what if it happens to my new baby? What if all my children are kidnapped? We'll have no heir...” “Just trust me, okay? Now go find your wife.”
  62. 62. Shortly after the heart-to-hearts, Cassidy went into labour alone. Liam was working, the elders were asleep, and Cassidy was going to have to bring the baby into the world by herself...
  63. 63. “DAMMIT! I THINK IT'S TWINS!” Cassidy screamed to herself. So she'd have to bring the babies into the world by herself, then.
  64. 64. Cassidy was right, the Wrongway twins were born then and there. This is baby Eli, who appears to have most of his mother's genetics so far...
  65. 65. And this is Eli's twin sister, Elizabeth. She looks like Liam so far, but with Cass's eyes and red hair.
  66. 66. Everyone assumes twins are a nightmare. Eli and Elizabeth have the bonus of needing to be fed and changed at the same time. “Jim! Move out of the way!” The twins don't seem bothered by the fact their Grandparents get really annoyed with each other if they're in the way.
  67. 67. It always works out in the end, and both Grandparents are eager to help out, what with Liam and Cassidy being exhausted from their missing child. For the time being, Elizabeth and Eli were enough work as it is without a toddler running around the house too.
  68. 68. Over at the McCarthy household, news of the twins had spread. It was another reason to celebrate, the first reason being Whitney's birthday.
  69. 69. “This is so cool!” Whitney cried the minute she had transformed. “I'm going to have so much fun now I'm bigger, I can go where I like, do what I like...” As it happens, it looks like little Whitney is going to be very independent.
  70. 70. Whitney was very eager to explore her house now, without the aid of her parents, skipping from room to room, looking for interesting things. The minute she was grown, Whitney had asked if she could play with her cousin, Grace, now...Whitney hadn't really understood why that wasn't possible, and had gone back to amusing herself. “Oh look! Daddy left his camera out!”
  71. 71. “Being big is awesome.” Whitney decided. “Now I'm old enough, I'm going to find my cousin.” Obviously, Whitney understood more than her parents thought she had done. “I like cameras.” She clicked the button again and again, filling George's camera with useless pictures of the kitchen.
  72. 72. Another birthday had taken place, unnoticed and ignored. Grace had turned into a child, not that Ralph had noticed. With a sense of rejection in the air, Grace frowned. “I know he's not my daddy.” She whispered to herself. “My daddy would let me have cake on my birthday. We'd live in a big house, just the two of us...”
  73. 73. Grace sighed again. “I will find you, Daddy.” ___________________________________ And this is where I shall leave you! Will Grace continued being ignored by Ralph? Will Cassidy and the Wrongways figure out how her face was changed and where Grace actually is? Will there be more McCarthy children? What will George do when he finds out his daughter has filled his camera? Thanks for reading!