The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Three


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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Three

  1. 1. The Superfrog ISBIChapter Three: Long Story Short
  2. 2. Welcome to this rather short chapter of the Superfrog ISBI!Its more of a set-up for the heir poll, and an explanation...because Iaccidentally lost the original ISBI hood when I transferred fromcomputer to laptop last week. Oops.Anyway! Last time, Vogue was born, Joe died, Sam got pregnant witha reaper child, Joes children grew, Story the Death Baby was born,more birthdays, and Sam went on another matchmaker date, only tofind herself with another member of the Garden Club, Toby Bruenig.
  3. 3. “Right, time to drag the neighbourhood off my memory stick...what doyou mean, how can the memory stick be corrupted?” Sam kicked atthe desk, “Grr! I am not starting again!”(ignore the fact I dont have a CC laptop downloaded xD)
  4. 4. “Lucky for me I have the simpack files in the random files folder on mydesktop. Still, I cant be bothered to play Star, Vogue and Story fromtoddlers again.”
  5. 5. “Does anyone get the impression we grew up really, really fast?”Vogue questioned.“Shut up and smile.” Star commanded, cheerfully.
  6. 6. “So now what?” Story asked, “How long do we have to wait until wefind out which of us is allowed to remain sane, while the rest of us cando what we like?”“Maybe we should pass the time by going on matchmaker dates. Mumsays thats the best way to meet your husband.” Star replied, matter-of-factly.“Thats because she came up with that rule,” Vogue rolled her eyes,“besides, that only applies to the heiress.”
  7. 7. “Arent you a ray of sunshine today?” Star raised an eyebrow, “If wereall prepared for heirship, then theres no hassle about trying to settledown when the heiress is announced.”“I have to agree with Star there, Vogue. It does make sense.” Storysmiled.
  8. 8. “Who wants to settle down?” Vogue demanded, “Id rather go dancingevery night, or travel...maybe write a book. I dont know. Anything butsettle down in some small valley.”
  9. 9. “Definitely a cynic,” Story commented, her tone was not unkind, “Idquite like to settle down. Marriage is an adventure, too, right?”“It could be fun.” Star shrugged.
  10. 10. “Well, I dont care much for-” Vogue stopped suddenly, in mid-sentence.“What? What is it?” Star demanded, looking over her shoulder.“That man...” Story raised an eyebrow.
  11. 11. “He looks exactly the same as your dead father!” Story whispered,excitedly.
  12. 12. -slouch-“Behaves like our Dad did, too,” Star noted, “Story, have you beenpulling strings with your father again?”“No, I swear!” Story replied, as Star got to her feet.
  13. 13. “Hi there! Im Star Super!”“I know who you are,” Joe smiled, “Im your father, right?”“Isnt my father dead?”“Not anymore, apparently,” Joe laughed, “is your mother in?”“Sure! Shes swearing at her computer as we speak! Go on in!”
  14. 14. “Hey Joe,” Sam called, without turning to face him, “I have no canonway of explaining your return, okay?”“Its fine, Im happy to be alive again.”“Try not to die this time,” Sam smiled a little, “Ive been wondering,Joe, what youd look like aged down...”
  15. 15. Outside, the girls had agreed that it would be a good idea to havematchmaker dates, just in case.In the end, they had voted on it, and Vogue was outnumbered two toone.
  16. 16. “His name is Alan.” The Matchmaker told Star.“Denim Dormie. Nice,” Star smiled, “hell do. Make sure you dropsome nice guys for my sisters.”
  17. 17. Next up was Vogue, because the girls were going in age order,“Admire my act of interest and drop me someone good-looking,please!”“I might give it a go. If you were really interested.”“Okay, okay,” Vogue breathed in, deeply, “Oh, matchmaker! Can youfind me somebody to love? Or do I have to burst into song withloneliness first?”“Fine, Ill find you someone.”
  18. 18. “Trust me to get the one with personal space issues.”Jihoon Hsu in the background is not amused. Perhaps because hesnot the chosen one. Ethan Barret was the chosen one.
  19. 19. “Unlike my half-sister, I am actually interested in this,” Story smiled,dreamily, “please find me a Prince Charming?”
  20. 20. “Isnt he someone elses Prince Charming?” Story asked, quietly.Its Kennedy Grove! He was the Prince Charming in my Knight InShining Armour Challenge. Its nice to see him again.“Hes your prince now.” The matchmaker beamed.
  21. 21. And so the girls had met their life partners. Well, their life partnersshould they be heiress. No one said they had to keep them if theywere elected as spares.Speaking of heirs and spares...
  22. 22. Some information on each member of generation two before the heirpoll:Star SuperKnowledge AspirationChild of Sam Super and Joe GrahamNamed after a bracelet on my desk with a star on it.Star is a natural leader, and enjoys it. Shes bold and adventurous,and while looked a lot like her mother, took after her father in manyrespects. Including the slouch.
  23. 23. Vogue SuperRomance AspirationChild of Sam Super and Joe GrahamNamed after a stack of Vogue magazines I had on my desk.Vogue is the chilled-out middle child, who was quite fashionable as achild. Since then, shes grown into a young woman who doesnt caremuch for love.
  24. 24. Story SuperFamily AspirationChild of Sam Super and the Grim ReaperNamed after the Toy Story 3 DVD I had on my desk.Story is your typical spawn of death. Very face two and very dullgenetically. Otherwise, shes pretty awesome, a dreamer and an artist,Story is keen on the idea of Prince Charming.
  25. 25. Also, before we go...“Look at me! Im blonde!”“Hmm, I think Ill keep you around. If you sort out your hair, Joe.”“Its a deal.”Thanks for Reading!