The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Ten


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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Ten

  1. 1. The Superfrog ISBI Chapter Ten: Just More Madness
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Superfrog ISBI! Last time, we saw Leo with his flour-sack baby (who is extremely well- behaved, apparently), Sketch got pregnant for a second time, while Vyn, Leo and Goopy became trendsetters and decided what was fashionable. It involved a lack of hygiene. Goblin grew into a child, and she looks a lot like her Dad. Sketch gave birth to the first boy of the challenge, Duck! If you have no idea what I'm on about, I reckon it might be worthwhile going back to the previous chapters. Just a thought. Anyway ->
  3. 3. We rejoin the family as Leo tucks into a delicious breakfast of toxic hot dog. “There's something wrong with this...I've got it! Hot dogs aren't for breakfast!” No, in fact, they were for last night's dinner.
  4. 4. As dawn arrived, Goblin helped herself to the kareoke machine. Goopy was disappointed – he had also planned to welcome the new day with a song. Also, Goblin has worn nothing but her pyjamas for days. I haven't seen her wearing anything other than this nightgown.
  5. 5. Goopy's original plans of singing go out of the window, so he heads to everyone's favourite hang out, the smallest bathroom, to chill with Duck. Who is sobbing, smelly and laying in a puddle. Does Goopy change him? No, Goopy does the Tartan Jig in a puddle instead.
  6. 6. “The Tartan Jig is a very important part of my day!” Indeed. So Duck gets to remain on the bathroom floor until Sketch has finished making breakfast for Goblin and the elders.
  7. 7. But of course, by the time Sketch has time to take care of her son, something else gets in the way. “Don't worry, Sketch, I'll have the puddle cleaned up in no time!” Sketch manages to pick Duck up and get him out of there while Leo finishes mopping up the floor.
  8. 8. Leo then gets out the flour-sack baby. “You don't smell as bad as that other baby, do you, Sacky? You smell lovely!” Almost like a certain ingredient needed for cake.
  9. 9. While the drama happens in the bathroom, Goblin gets dressed for her first day of school. Look! Clothes that aren't pyjamas! “I don't want to go to school. I'll miss out on all the fun here.” And I don't want to see the social worker. Quick! Onto the bus!
  10. 10. After Duck is dealt with, Goblin has gone to school and the elders back to bed, Sketch finally sits down for some breakfast, and a meaningful conversation...with the dining chairs. They say the first sign of madness is talking to yourself, and I don't blame Sketch for going crazy.
  11. 11. Maybe it's me who is going mad. I found Vamsi's headstone by the roadside, and I'm not sure why. I put it back where it was supposed to be, but the fact it moved itself is a little...odd.
  12. 12. The chaos continues as Leo's sanity is lost again. Another visit from the imaginary therapist, I see.
  13. 13. Therapy must have worked, because after that, Leo helps out Duck by feeding him a bottle. “You're hungry today, flour-sack baby.” On the other hand, he may just suspect Duck of being a flour-sack.
  14. 14. Vyn, meanwhile, is having problems of her own. “I can't find the bathroom!” You hang out in it everyday! Everyone always does!
  15. 15. Goopy soon begins to worry about his own sanity, too. “What if I can't find the bathroom? What if I need an invisible therapist? What if I lose all of my awesomeness?!”
  16. 16. Goblin, meanwhile, came home from school and went straight to bed, while Leo watched. Which was a tad worrying. Leo should really find himself something to do.
  17. 17. This just further proves the awesomeness of Goopy. Tartan shorts by day, pink trunks and kareoke by night.
  18. 18. Later that night, Duck's birthday rolled around. Hooray! Goopy decided he would spend cake time thinking about how hot his wife was. Leo slept through the whole thing.
  19. 19. It's another Goopy lookalike! Duck's adorable, but I'm not seeing much of Sketch here, either.
  20. 20. Not much of a problem, really. I don't mind what the kids look like. However, Goopy and Sketch decided they want another one, so maybe this one will be more unique?
  21. 21. Outside their window, Star's ghost complains loudly. “How dare they add to the new generation in my bed!” Ghosts, hey? They throw tantrums if you sell their bed, they throw tantrums if you keep the bed.
  22. 22. Vyn is great with the kids, she's always paying them attention. Particularly Duck. Also, I keep writing Vamsi instead of Vyn, and then having to go back and change it. Not fun.
  23. 23. Duck then crawls into the Quarantine room, and gets extremely upset. I'm not sure why, but Star's ghost was floating out of the room when I noticed. Can ghosts even scare toddlers?
  24. 24. To cheer him up, Goopy decides to tell Duck a story. Vyn listens in because she also needs cheering up – ghosts like to pick on her, for some reason.
  25. 25. Outside, Goblin was trying to tell Leo about the ghost that scared her. “Don't be silly, Goblin, there's no such thing as ghosts!” Yeah, no such thing. Just don't pay attention to the one wandering around in the background. Leo is very rarely spooked by the ghosts, so I doubt he'd believe in them.
  26. 26. The next morning brings morning sickness with it. Sketch isn't brilliant at pregnancy, but hopefully this one won't be too bad.
  27. 27. Leo has stopped taking care of flour-sack baby and has started taking care of Duck instead. Which is pretty cool, because Duck could always do with more attention.
  28. 28. In addition to just hanging around, being awesome, Goopy also makes a good Dad. I'm sure I've said that before. But Goblin makes a good daughter – she ran outside in the middle of a kareoke session to greet him.
  29. 29. Goblin also started playing the violin. She's definitely her mother's daughter, although her tantrums stopped a while ago.
  30. 30. Moving on, the next baby has started to show. Hooray!
  31. 31. Instead of sleeping that night, Goblin decided to go outside and jump in a puddle for a few hours, so that she would be tired for school the next day. She wasn't bothered by ghosts, though, which was awesome.
  32. 32. Duck, however, spent the night splashing in the bigger bathroom. He made a mess, which probably still be there by the time his generation starts having kids. Yeah, that's how messy the house is.
  33. 33. And look, everyone made it to breakfast the day, and most of them are wearing grey pyjamas! It's nice to get the whole family together – it doesn't happen very often.
  34. 34. After a rather uneventful day, Duck's birthday finally rolled around. No one was awake to see it.
  35. 35. “I'm big now! And that cake is all mine!” Absolutely. If no one shows up to your birthday, they can't demand cake. Simple as.
  36. 36. However, Duck was deeply offended his family would rather sleep than watch him grow up. He kept crying about it. That and his aspiration was low, like everyone else, pretty much.
  37. 37. Sketch did her best to cheer him up, though, even if it meant interrupting time with Goopy. Goopy wasn't so pleased with that decision.
  38. 38. Later on, Vyn wandered into the other bathroom, looking for some company. “Oh, hey! What's happening in this bathroom?” It turned out Sketch had gone into labour, and so the entire family came running, wanting to be a part of the moment.
  39. 39. The men were outside the bathroom, gasping and complaining that they weren't being kept up to date with the labour.
  40. 40. Goblin's innocence was ruined. “That's where babies come from?!”
  41. 41. Duck seemed to be enjoying himself, “I like hanging out with the family. It's always a crazy time.” Vyn was relieved when the baby eventually arrived, “It's okay, everyone, the baby's here.”
  42. 42. Sketch held up another baby boy, proudly. This child looked a little different to his siblings. “We'll call him Knight.” He's named after a few metal knights I have on my desk. Okay, I say a few, I mean around twelve-ish.
  43. 43. At first, Knight seems entirely different to his siblings. Look! He even has a happy face!
  44. 44. He quickly finds something to scream about. Maybe he's not so different from Goblin and Duck afterall.
  45. 45. Meanwhile, some of the family is still in the bathroom where Knight was born. Seriously, if an event takes place in a bathroom, the family stay there for hours and hours on end. It's weird. But sometimes, cute things happen. Like this! Double Dancing!
  46. 46. That's it for this time! And Vyn's here to play us out! :D Join me next time for birthdays, insanity and the teenage years of generation four! Thanks for reading!