The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Six


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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Six

  1. 1. The Superfrog ISBIChapter Six: The Early Years
  2. 2. Welcome to another chapter of the Superfrog ISBI!Last time, my Torch Holder died. Yep, I failed. In the rules, it should begame over. But, thats boring. Sketch is about to take over as TorchHolder, despite the fact shes still only a toddler. Generation Three isofficially in charge, and its only chapter six. How odd.Anyway, enough of that. Theres sure to be more fail ahead!
  3. 3. I didnt take any pictures of Sketchs final day as a toddler – I was soparanoid that Vamsi and Makoto would neglect her. I shouldnt haveworried, Sketch was fine.But at least now she will be fully controllable.So tired, upset and missing her parents, Sketch grows up.
  4. 4. Shes adorable, but she definitely took most of her features from herfather. Its too late to see if her brothers and sisters would lookdifferent.
  5. 5. A fact Sketch promptly remembers. Its going to take a while to getused to this.
  6. 6. Vamsis flu was cured, and she was able to come out of quarantine.Except Makoto let himself into the quarantine room and the fightingbegins again.
  7. 7. Sketch apparently wasnt pleased with a C when she got home fromschool on her first day, although I dont think its a bad grade,personally.Also, youd think they would cut her some slack given the recentevents.
  8. 8. Sketch then settles down to do homework by the window. Hmm.Her homework looks interesting. Is that ice cream?
  9. 9. Sketch then threw a tantrum.Because, hey, thats what happens when your aspiration is so red thetherapist would visit, had you been older.Shes such an angry child!
  10. 10. Even if she continues to throw tantrums, Sketch gets along with Vamsiand Makoto okay, so all is not lost.Adopted grandparents can be very worthwhile!
  11. 11. Even if they do try to throw their adopted grandchildren into the road,olympic-hammer style.
  12. 12. Despite the fact shes a Torch Holder, Sketch still exists mostly onfreewill. Which usually involves the kareoke set.Maybe shes singing her troubles away?
  13. 13. I call this one the Angry-Tantrum Dance.Its a cross between the smustle and a tantrum, of course.
  14. 14. Overnight, it snowed like mad, and Vamsi was the first one to jumpoutside and run in it.And then, naturally, smustle in it.
  15. 15. Of course, she wasnt the only one out in the snow all night.A skunk decided to drop by. Which can only mean one thing...
  16. 16. A stinky Vamsi.“Help me! I smell!”She went to work smelling like that.
  17. 17. While Vamsi worked, Sketch was left at home with Makoto.“Sort-Of Grandpa, can we have some fun?”“I am having fun!”
  18. 18. Bored of listening to Makoto use the households musical instruments,Sketch decided to try playing herself.For a while, she seemed to play the violin with a sad and thoughtfulexpression on her face.
  19. 19. That might just have been a phase.Of course, tantrums are all the rage right now.
  20. 20. I hate snow days. I rush around, getting my sims to do theirhomework, ready for the next day.Then they get an extra twenty-four hours.Great. Time to waste the hours on snow activities.
  21. 21. Sketch built a nice-looking snowman, before deciding it was too cold,and heading inside.At least someone who lives here has some sense!
  22. 22. Sketch concluded her long day of music, tantrums and snow men witha smustle before heading to bed.Shes a reasonably amusing kid. Kind of like her mother, really. :)
  23. 23. The fun didnt stop just because Sketch had gone to bed, oh no.Vamsi decided she was long overdue for a mental breakdown, andpulled out Professor VonBall.
  24. 24. Sketch is also the only one of her family to use the same bed. Makotoand Vamsi switch between the spare in Sketchs room, and the bed inthe quarantine room.No one dares sleep in the double bed of Star and Alans old room. Ivenicknamed it the Haunted Room because the ghosts like to hang outthere.
  25. 25. The next day, a penguin invited itself in.You see, the back garden is closed off to anyone who doesnt haveaccess to the house – and the snowman this penguin wants to talk tois in the back garden.
  26. 26. “Oh, I know the bus system is awful!”Vamsi had been attacked by Makoto before she could finish thesnowman, so the penguin isnt going to get much of a reply.Speaking of Vamsi, I think she might be watching the penguin from thewindow.
  27. 27. The penguin in this shot looks like he could be yelling, “Someone callthe authorities! An elder is hottubbing in winter!”Meh. Its better than swimming in winter.
  28. 28. Makoto has also started holding winter BBQs. I guess there really isno wrong time to make hot dogs.Luckily, Sketch was at school when all of this madness took place.She was fed there, rather than having to eat hot dogs off that dirty-looking grill.
  29. 29. On the rare occasion someone has made dinner, Makoto and Vamsifight instead of sitting down to eat it.Its so normal, that Sketch doesnt pay them the slightest bit ofattention.
  30. 30. If she isnt at school, and dinner hasnt been made, Sketch survives onchips.Which upsets the ghost of her father. Actually, I think Alan is sobbingbecause he died in this room and I didnt change it. The family didnthave the money to renovate the kitchen.
  31. 31. Alans ghost gets on my nerves a lot of the time. Stars ghost justwhines in the Haunted Room, but Alan feels the need to sob in thekitchen, haunt the bathtubs, and make his presence know.“Hi sweetheart, hows school?”“GHOST!”
  32. 32. “Oh, look, another snow day!”Seriously. In the last four days of Sketchs childhood, she went toschool once maybe.
  33. 33. Having a child for an heiress isnt too bad, other than this.With no way of paying bills, the Repo Men decide to pay a visit.“Ive come for your soul! Nah, just some of your expensive furniture.”
  34. 34. He took a bench from the garden, and that was it. And it was one ofthe benches that had been left out there after the last wedding.I just never got round to packing away the wedding furniture.
  35. 35. Vamsi and Makoto still hate each other, and I dont think it will everchange.“He slapped me! Wah!”
  36. 36. I then managed to miss Vamsi passing away completely.“Yknow, Im actually sad shes gone. Ill really miss our daily fights.”
  37. 37. He then went and sat on a bench at the edge of the graveyard. Creepyplace to sit, but Makoto has nothing better to do now.
  38. 38. The next day, Sketch stops playing the violin in order to explode intosparkles.
  39. 39. Sketch Super, the beautiful and young heiress. She rolled romance,with a lifetime want of becoming a Hall of Famer.Also, she needs a makeover – orange and green? Huh. Pumpkincolours.
  40. 40. Sketch can now take full control of the household – finally, the familycan pay their bills!Just in time, too – I doubt that Makoto has long left.
  41. 41. This is where Ill leave you this time – with Sketch playing the guitar!I know it was only a short chapter, but I struggled thinking ofinteresting things to write about Sketchs childhood. Hopefully its nottoo bad!Thanks for reading!