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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Nine


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Published in: Self Improvement, Travel
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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Nine

  1. 1. The Superfrog ISBIChapter Nine: But Its Trendy!
  2. 2. Welcome back to the Superfrog ISBI!Last time, Sketch embarked on her compulsory matchmaker date andlanded Goopy Gilscarbo, much to my approval. More elders wereadopted, in the form of Leo Wilkie and Vyn Scott. They turned out tobe very interfering, but kind of nice, so we kept them. Grey pyjamaswere all the rage, lots of music was played, people were haunted, anda baby was born – Goblin Super! She immediately began living up toher namesake, and grew into a toddler who looks a lot like Goopy.Anyway, that was last time, this is this time! Lets roll →
  3. 3. The family is just as strange as ever. Vyn takes care of the real baby,while Leo finds himself a flour baby.“You dont cry much, Goblin. Youre a good baby.” Leo cooed.Hmm. I dont see anything wrong with this situation.
  4. 4. Leos aspiration failure lead to some interesting times, such as Sketchbeing trapped in a bathroom with Vyn.“Looks like were going to be stuck in here for a while,” Vyn decided,“Ill sleep in the tub, you can have the rug. As for food, we can rationthe shampoo. It has to contain strawberries if it smells like them!”Luckily, Leo moved before things got to that point.
  5. 5. Once she had escaped the bathroom, Sketch was on ghost-watch.“Goopy, I thought I saw ghost-Vamsi!”“If you did, we should probably go to bed right away. She cant scareyou if youre asleep, you know.”
  6. 6. Vyn and Leo are still rather interfering. Awesome, but hanging out atthe wrong times.“Whos a good girl?”Goopy seems to be fairly cool with his adopted family spending a lot oftime in his bedroom, though.
  7. 7. Goblin looks completely angelic when asleep.I also checked her stats in SimPE, to avoid clicking on her, and while Idont remember most of the stats, I do remember she has seven nicepoints. Seven!So she has no excuse for mean goblin faces. Other than hernamesake, of course.
  8. 8. Meanwhile, things go from bad to worse for Leo. He doesnt make it tothe toilet in time – damn Goopy for his sense of hygiene and need tobathe often.Someone fetch this sim a clean set of fashionable grey pyjamas!
  9. 9. Goopy seemed to notice the new puddle on his floor, “Leo, Ive beenout of the bath for a sim hour. How could you not make it to a toilet intime?”“You were just hanging around in the bathroom! I didnt want to rushyou!”“I was slouching! You could have interrupted at any time!”
  10. 10. “I dont have to listen to this. Im elderly and I want to go make hotdogs.”“Well, Im Goopy, and my nails could do with a manicure...”After that, the issue of the puddle on the bedroom floor was ignored,until Sketch woke up and mopped it up. The life of a Torch Holder,hey? Cleaning, cooking, and crying when the Reaper shows upuninvited.
  11. 11. Later that day, Sketch shows signs of a second pregnancy. Leo standsby smugly, clutching his flour-sack baby. All of the fun with none of themess, I guess. Unless the sack splits.Anyway, this shot was difficult. All of the fun stuff seems to happen inthe houses smallest bathroom.
  12. 12. “Whos an adorable sack of flour? Is it you? I think its you!”“Leo, Im thinking youre insane.”
  13. 13. Look! Something thats not happening in the bathroom or the HauntedRoom.Goopy is an awesome father. Just another reason why I love Goopy.
  14. 14. Leo started to clean the kitchen autonomously. Sketch has beenmeaning to tackle the mess in here, but...other things happen. Likerapid mood drops, caused by pregnancy.Though you can totally see why Star would haunt her family until theyclean up the kitchen, right?Not pictured: The used dishes on the dining table.
  15. 15. As night falls, Sketch finally starts showing the pregnancy. Shes notso great at pregnancy, her moods drop a lot quicker, but she isdefinitely not the worst Ive ever played.
  16. 16. Goopy, meanwhile, decided he would spend his evening reading toGoblin. In his underwear, because hes Goopy, and he can get away withthat. Apparently.“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Gooperella,and-”“No Goop! Goblin!”“Princess Goblin? I dont know, Goblin. Im thinking the goblins should becalled Goblin. Unless you want to be the Princess of the goblins.”
  17. 17. You know what I said about Goopy having a good sense of hygieneearlier? Bathing is obviously no longer fashionable, as Goopy hasstopped bothering.“Ew! Sketch, your lack of green stink disgusts me! Its not fashionableto be without a green cloud.”“Id rather smell nice and be out of style. Im not going along with thistrend.”
  18. 18. See? Stink is now fashionable!“I never thought being trendy would smell quite so bad!”
  19. 19. Vamsi comes out that night for some more hauntings. She mostlyhaunts her favourite target, Vyn.Goopy does look vaguely surprised, though.
  20. 20. The next morning, Goblin takes a stand against fashion and followingtrends.“I dont wanna smell! Someone change me!”Leo eventually did. Whilst changing his flour sack baby, I assume.
  21. 21. The first thing Sketch sees that morning after her morning bath (unlikeher family, Sketch likes to be clean) is Goopy sponge-bathing.“Quickly, wife! Stink is out of style and I need help cleaning!”Sketch is obviously horrified, “Goopy, as much as I approve ofhygiene, dont you think youre taking this stylish thing too seriously?”
  22. 22. Vogue wanders past at some point during the morning, and it seemedlike she was avoiding the nut house her relatives live in.“Im glad I dont live here, it stinks.”Did I ever mention I wasnt playing spares? Its not been too bad, asIve only got two spares – Vogue and Story – but still. I just didnt feellike it. Too much chaos in the main house as it is.
  23. 23. I thought Goblin dancing to her Mums music was sweet. Its a like aperformance for her number one fan or something.
  24. 24. This picture was either supposed to be Leo dreaming of snow, Vynscreepy snoring face, or the fact that the elders stole the double bedfrom Sketch and Goopy.They had to sleep in the single beds in the kids room.
  25. 25. Later on, a secret (and fashionable) meeting took place in everyonesfavourite room – the smallest bathroom.I think Goopy might be the only one without grey pyjamas.Im pretty sure theyre plotting their next trend in that bathroom.
  26. 26. I swear the elders and Goopy are in sync. All three ofthem have yellow-y thumbnails now.Damn trends. I swear Goopy and the elders are in sync – all three of them revealed yellow-y thumbnails at the same time. Damn trends. Also, the milk carton. I rarely have sims do that!
  27. 27. Vyn mostly takes care of Goblin these days, what with Sketch goingthrough a pregnancy and all. Occasionally Leo and Goopy will helpout.Although, Vyn is not perfect.“Change?”“I dont know what youre trying to tell me, Goblin! But I can tell yousomething, stink was the last trend!”
  28. 28. You know what hasnt become a trend yet? Aspiration failure. ThoughLeos constant caring of sack baby has become quite amusing towatch in game.“Do you want to sleep in a crib, sack baby? Are you sleepy, sackbaby?”
  29. 29. “I know what youre thinking, Goblin, and no, I dont have time forgardening in my busy schedule.”Yeah, most of our garden died and turned into weeds. I should reallyget it sorted but Sketch never has enough time, being the only saneone.
  30. 30. “This one goes out to all my friends in grey pyjamas!”“Leo? Are you feeling alright?”Leo then put the microphone down, quite suddenly.
  31. 31. The next time I checked on him, he was pulling the face. Im assumingit means hes being visited by the invisible therapist.
  32. 32. Okay, the chicken dance confirms it. The therapist is paying Leo avisit. I guess that means Leo is finally too crazy to care for flour sackbaby.
  33. 33. For Goblins birthday, everyone in the family wore something thatwasnt their pyjamas or their underwear, which seem to be a favouriteof the trendsetters.Goopy even wore a suit!
  34. 34. Hmm. Goblin grew up with quite a quite Goopy genes. And a verymischievous look about her.Also, Goopy is proving you can take the formality out of a suit byslouching in it, of course.
  35. 35. Goblin pulls some great expressions, its like shes trying to live up toher namesake sometimes!Instead, shes just complaining that Goopy smells.
  36. 36. Goblin decides to celebrate her birthday with a song before bed. Shemay look like her father, but Goblin behaves a lot like her mother,sometimes.
  37. 37. This room was Sketchs when she was a child/teenager. Leo and Vynclaimed the Haunted Room, while Goblin slept in the bed in theQuarantine room. Anyway!“Goopy! Wake up! The babys coming!”“zzzZZZzzz.”
  38. 38. “Goopy! The baby is going to be here in seconds!”“Eeeh? Go back to sleep, we can talk about it in the morning.”
  39. 39. “Goopy, look! Its a baby boy!”“Okay, okay, Im up.”Yep, you read that right – a baby boy! The first weve had in thechallenge, and hes generation four! He is named Duck, after therubber duck on my desk.
  40. 40. “Look, Vyn, Im holding Goblin!”“Goopy, thats Duck. Goblins too big too hold now.”At first glance, Duck looks very similar to Goblin, but all babies lookthe same, right?
  41. 41. The night continued to pass in a hilarious fashion thats pretty similarto the rest of this chapter, really.“Oh man, I smell again. How does this keep happening to me!”Vyn just gave Goopy a knowing smile.
  42. 42. Pretty soon, the whole family is awake, and hanging out in theHaunted Room. Minus Sketch, but well check in with her in a moment.The dance-hobby man seems a little unhappy and disgusted by thesmell of the family.“Im so out of here, fashionable or not!”
  43. 43. Sketch, meanwhile, got some much appreciated violin time.
  44. 44. I know its a well-known fact now that ghosts hate Vyn, but look!Makoto-ghost!Moments later, he spooked Vyn. But still. At least we know hesometimes pops out at night, now.
  45. 45. “But Leo, thats not a baby. Thats an ingredient.”“No, its a very well-behaved baby flour sack.”I think Ill leave things here, this time.Join me for more craziness next time!Thanks for reading!