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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Four


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The Superfrog ISBI: Chapter Four

  1. 1. The Superfrog ISBIChapter Four: Stay the Same
  2. 2. Welcome to another chapter of my ISBI!Last time, in our extremely short chapter, I revealed that I had rebuiltthe ISBI hood after transferring computers and losing the original.This meant all three of the generation were somehow adults...and I setup the heir poll. By having each of the girls meet the man they wouldmarry. Star won my heir poll, and is now about to settle down with herhusband, Alan Warner. But first...
  3. 3. “...and so we dont have to wither and die. Like flowers. They witherand die. But we dont. Because Im the simself of this universe. Makesense?” Sam explained.“Wont this mean Star and Alan will have no old couple to wanderround their house?”“Hmm. I can fix that.”Joe sighed happily, “Isnt this just the picture of suburban happiness?”
  4. 4. Joe continued, “I mean, my step-daughter is beating her chosen lifepartner at rock, paper, scissors,”
  5. 5. “While Vogue spends time hanging out with her dude on our floor,right?” Sam smiled.“Exactly.”
  6. 6. Joe and Sam sat down on the sofa together, and Sam decided, “Thefamily is all together again.”“Apart from Storys dad.”“Yeah, but why would we want him around?”“It is usually a bad sign if the Reaper is hanging out with us.” ...
  7. 7. Over at the new Super House, Star and Alan had just arrived.“Isnt the view from here pretty?” Star replied, looking at the cliff overthe road, and at the house that they were stood in front of.Alan gazed steadily at Star, with a smile, “I think the view is perfect.”Star didnt twig he was on about her, and the couple headed into thehouse.
  8. 8. Star invited over her family for the wedding that afternoon. It was justhow the family acted in the old days – Joe slouched, while the othersjust chilled.That was just the beginning of the fun. It started to rain, so of coursethe family headed inside.
  9. 9. Sam found the new karaoke set, and began singing her heart out –despite her lack of creativity points.
  10. 10. Vogue went for a swim. It wasnt exactly indoors, but Vogue was neverone for doing what everyone else was doing.
  11. 11. Story, meanwhile, was dancing wildly in front of the stereo.
  12. 12. Once Star was changed into her dress, she wandered over to Alan,smiling. Who cared if it was bad luck?“Your family is so insane.” He remarked.Star raised an eyebrow, “Youll be joining them shortly.”
  13. 13. “Though I will agree with you, Alan, they are crazy.”“The good kind of crazy.”
  14. 14. And what did Joe do while all of this took place? Sit on the sofa and doabsolutely nothing.Its just like old times!
  15. 15. The rain didnt let up all afternoon, and was still falling down by thelate afternoon. Star didnt want to wait any longer, and decided theyshould hold the wedding anyway.
  16. 16. It wasnt a popular decision, to say the least.
  17. 17. Regardless of whether anyone made it to the ceremony or not, thewedding went off without a hitch, as Alan Warner became Alan Super,and joined the ISBI madness.
  18. 18. Of course, once the wedding was over, some of the family decided itwas time to come outside and acknowledge it.“What do you mean were too late?” Sam demanded.“Vogue, did I ever tell you how hot your mother is?”“Got to love family reunions.” Vogue decided.
  19. 19. Also, instead of wedding cake, there were crazy games of catch. Informalwear.I blame free will.
  20. 20. I felt bad about not having an elders living in the main house – nowthat Sam and Joe get to live happily ever after in the house I pluckedfrom the sim bin – so I randomly chose a couple of elders to join themadness.This is Vamsi. I believe she was friends with the original family in thefirst chapter or something.And yes, that is Story dancing in the background.
  21. 21. And this is Makoto. I know nothing about him.Yes, I do invite random strangers to come in and live with my familiesoccasionally.
  22. 22. The minute I unpaused the game after Makoto and Vamsi were addedto the family, Makoto zoned in on the kareoke machine.I have a feeling they are going to fit right in with this crazy family.
  23. 23. Elsewhere, Sam helped herself to juice, while Star laid out food foreveryone.“This sucks, Star,” Sam replied, “wheres the cake?”“Just call the family in for dinner.”“Fine!”
  24. 24. “This would be the perfect family meal if Vogue was sitting where youare, Story, and your mother and I were growing old together.” Joedecided.“Things would be better with cake.” Sam replied.“Youre determined to make this meal awkward, arent you?” Storyasked. Joe shrugged.“Who eats sandwiches at weddings?” Sam demanded, “I want cake!”
  25. 25. Makoto found someone to annoy while the dinner took place.“Im appalled. Have you no shame? Vogue, where is your dress?”“Mr, youre not really my elderly father. Stop pointing out that my dressis extremely revealing.”“That is no way to speak to your elders!”
  26. 26. Things go from bad to worse.“Arnold! Quick! The hedge is on fire!”“My names Alan, lady!”“Thats what I said, Aaron! Fix the hedge!”Quite possibly the worst wedding ever.
  27. 27. Alan! Get away from that hedge! I dont want to have to replace you onyour wedding day!“Vamsi, why is it so pretty? Why are we drawn to it like moths to a lightbulb?”“I have no idea, Andrew.”“Alan.”“Right. Arthur.”
  28. 28. Things improved from there. The rain put out the fire. Sam stoppedcomplaining and starting singing kareoke. Joe continued slouching.Makoto carried on picking on Vogue But Vamsi still didnt rememberAlans name.All in all, a successful day!
  29. 29. When Star got up, it was time for fun. This included dancing.
  30. 30. Also, fun involved singing. Im so glad I put the kareoke system in! :)
  31. 31. Vamsi, the stand-in elderly mother, found the guitar after chilling in thepool or a hot tub or something.I really need some recolours of that guitar or something.
  32. 32. Unfortunately, Makoto doesnt seem to get along with anyone, really.First Vogue, and now Vamsi.And there was me hoping for a sweet replacement couple, to replacethe couple that wont be growing old.
  33. 33. While Makoto gets on peoples nerves, Star takes over the guitar for awhile. Shes a natural at it, for some reason.
  34. 34. I see this being a problem in the future, maybe.What kind of example are they setting for the third generation?
  35. 35. Speaking of the third generation, behold, a baby bump.“Im so unbelievably surprised by this turn of events!”
  36. 36. Of course, a pregnancy requires celebration.“Woo! Rock!”Star seems very into the music, while Alan seems very appreciative.
  37. 37. Then appreciation turns into behaviour that isnt appropriate for theeyes of Vamsi and Makoto.
  38. 38. Then again, Vamsi and Makoto seem to have plenty of things keepingthem occupied.“Woo! Beat each other to a pulp!”
  39. 39. “Waah! My replacement parents hate each other! I do what I wantwhenever I want! I also cant feed myself! Vamsi never remembers myname!”True. Alan starting doing Joes hunger-smustle-combo before Vamsiserved a meal of spaghetti. I know its not a promising sign for thefuture, but at least hes still alive now, right?Alive, but not necessarily happy.
  40. 40. Still, Alan has a lot to be happy about.In between aspiration failures, Alan has a few moments of happiness.Like this one!
  41. 41. And he takes care of his wife, which is always nice to see.
  42. 42. Right up until baby day, when he is nowhere to be seen as Star goesinto labour.I think her expression says it all really.
  43. 43. Well, Makoto showed up, anyway. I suppose he is the stand-ingrandfather, though Joe is the newborns actual grandfather.Meet Stars baby girl, Sketch, named after a sketchbook that justhappens to be on my desk. Yes, I am continuing the naming schemeof my desk stuff.
  44. 44. Also, we dont even know this dog, but he or she seems very well-acquainted with our flowers.And for some reason, Star has starting rolling the want to be awerewolf.
  45. 45. Star, now she wasnt pregnant, threw herself into dancing again. Notthat being pregnant had stopped her before, but now, her dancemoves seemed more wild.
  46. 46. Meanwhile, Alan was having a seemingly awkward conversation withVamsi in the kitchen.“Great spaghetti, Amin!”“Alan.”“Om nom nom!”“Youre never going to remember my name, are you?”“Remember what?”
  47. 47. Time for Sketch to grow up!I know the time flew by. Babies are boring.
  48. 48. At first glance, she seems to be adorable!Makoto doesnt look impressed, though.
  49. 49. Upon closer inspection, Sketch seems to be a lot like her father. Onlytime will tell if her mothers genetics are in there, or not.Still, I know for a fact Sketch isnt going to be an only child.
  50. 50. And this is where I leave you, this time! With glowing smustle! Starlooks so impressed by it all...Anyway! Thanks for reading!