The Beach Bachelor: Day Two


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The Beach Bachelor: Day Two

  1. 1. Welcome to Day Two of the Beach Bachelor!Last time we saw Forrest Wrongway, my generation four spare, spendtime meeting and greeting seven ladies who he has the privilege ofspending a week with. Angie spent too much time in the hot tub, Betriaproved she was more awesome at sand castles, Forrest argued with afew people and Lute was nice and shy. At the end of Day One, Forrestdecided he liked Laura least and she was asked to leave.Now, onto Day Two!
  2. 2. After seeing Laura out to her cab, Forrest sank into a hot tub for a nicerelaxing soak.He knew he was about to be joined by three of the women he sharedthe house with, but he wasnt thinking about that for a moment. Hewas too busy enjoying the hot tub.
  3. 3. It took less time than Forrest predicted for his housemates to join him.Vogue, Victoria and Lute were the three women to make it to his tub.“Did Victoria just splash Vogue?” Lute asked, raising an eyebrow.“Not quite as relaxing as the lazy conversation I had in mind, but therewe go.” Forrest smiled a little.
  4. 4. In the other hot tub, Rayne grinned at Angie, “Isnt it nice to spendtime together?”Angie didnt reply, instead, stared off to her left.Raynes smile dropped, “Angie? Hello? Angie?”
  5. 5. “You hot tub naked?” Angie questioned, ignoring Rayne.“Its better than running round in waterproof underwear.” Betria replied.Angie looked down at her bikini, “Rayne, she might have a point aboutthe waterproof underwear...”
  6. 6. Over at the other hot tub, Forrest and Lute were deep in conversation.“Its weird seeing you without your pretzel hair.”“Pretzel hair?” Lute repeated, cautiously.“You know, the style you usually have it in,” Forrest shrugged, “Im notso good at complimenting people. Sorry.”“Well, its weird seeing you without a shirt.”Forrest laughed, “Touché.”
  7. 7. After that, Lute turned her attention to Victoria, “WILL YOU STOPSPLASHING VOGUE! IM TRYING TO PAY ATTENTION TOFORREST!”“Sorry, Im just having fun. You should try it, Lute. Its the reason whywere here.” Victoria rolled her eyes, and offered Vogue a smile.
  8. 8. “Stop arguing in my hot tub!” Forrest demanded, and his request wasmet with silence.
  9. 9. “Also, could you stop splashing me? It was funny at first, but its oldnow. Stop it.” Vogue decided, glaring at Victoria.
  10. 10. “Thats it, Im getting out.” Victoria sighed.“Me too,” Lute stood up, “Im hungry.”“Talk to you later?” Forrest questioned, smiling.“Of course.” Lute returned the smile.(also, ignore the plumbbob in the picture. I still havent got used to my laptopsscreen resolution)
  11. 11. That night, after soaking in the hot tub all afternoon, Forrest headedout onto the balcony to watch the sea, before talking to each of thewoman. Another one had to go home soon, and he wanted to be surebefore he chose one.“This better be good,” a voice called, “I was happy in my hot tub.”
  12. 12. “You dont want to just talk for a bit?” Forrest turned round to faceAngie.“Sure. Could do.” Angie folded her arms.“So. Erm. Angie.”
  13. 13. “Youre boring,” Angie yawned, half-heartedly, “can I go back to the hottub now?”“Talking to me tonight might mean you get to stay longer, Angie.”Forrest reminded her.“I dont care.” Angie replied, bluntly.
  14. 14. “Oh, you dont?” Forrest scowled.“The way I see it, this whole thing is a bit of fun. A holiday. But youreall lets talk or lets build sandcastles! I want to relax. Chill.”“And ignore me.”“Whatever. Im going back to the hot tub.”
  15. 15. Forrest headed inside to calm down for a while when Betria wanderedpast.“You look lonely.” She noted.“And youre wearing clothes again.”Betria chuckled, “I think Lute would have a heart attack if I didnt wearclothes most of the time.”
  16. 16. “I heard your talk with Angie didnt go so well,” Betria said, changingthe subject. Forrest grimaced, “that bad, huh?”Forrest shrugged, “She doesnt really care about anything thats goingon here.”“Maybe thats her thing,” Betria offered, “try talking to her againtomorrow.”“Youre helpful to have around, you know that, right?” Forrest grinned.“I do my best.”
  17. 17. After Betria had disappeared downstairs, Lute showed up, smilingagain.“I said I would come talk to you later,” Lute began, “I heard thingshavent been going quite to plan up here.”
  18. 18. “Oh, dont even get me started on one of the conversations I had thisevening,” Forrest frowned, slightly angry at Angies attitude.“It doesnt matter now, its over,” Lute answered, sweetly, “you shouldcheer up. Youre only here a week, and a weeks too short to spendtime being grumpy.”“Very true,” Forrest breathed out, slowly, “tell about your home?”
  19. 19. “We have a collection of flamingos on our front lawn,” Lute looked atForrest, smiling, “most people dont like them.”“But it sounds awesome! In my garden at home, we just have treesand gravestones,” Forrest grinned, “Lute, if were not best friendswhen we leave here, Ill be really disappointed.”“Me, too.”
  20. 20. Once his conversation with Lute was finished, Forrest wandereddownstairs and into the living room, to talk with Rayne.“Hey, Rayne, how are you?” He asked.“Not bad, Im just looking all over the house for a violin.”“I dont think theres musical instruments...didnt we talk about thisyesterday?”“Yeah, but I didnt want to give up.”
  21. 21. “Well, thats a pretty cool quality to have, but a violin isnt hiding in thewalls, you know.”“How can you tell?” Rayne asked, her eyes glittering.“Please dont smash open the walls looking for a violin.”Rayne folded her arms, “Fine. But the first thing Im doing when I leavehere is tracking down a violin.”Forrest nodded, as Rayne wandered away, tapping at the walls tocheck if they were hollow.
  22. 22. Victoria entered the room, “Hey! Angie told me you were buggingpeople!”Forrest looked up from where he sat on the sofa, surprised.
  23. 23. “Am I bothering people?” Forrest questioned.“Not me,” Victoria smiled, “and probably not most of the women here.Youre too good-looking to be a nuisance”“Thank you?”“What did you want to talk about?”“Anything, really. Just getting to know everyone.”
  24. 24. “Well, you know I enjoy a good party. With lots of juice and dancing,”Victoria grinned at Forrest enthusiastically, “after this week we shouldgo partying!”“That could be fun,” Forrest replied, uncertain. He hadnt partiedproperly, not with juice or anything, “right?”“Right! We really have to party, Forrest, you realise.”Forrest smiled, “Then its a date.”
  25. 25. The last person Forrest needed to speak to was Vogue, who was onher way to bed when Forrest stopped her to talk.“Im tired, can this wait?”“Maybe. I just wanted to talk to everyone tonight, is all.”“Angies still in the hot tub, you know.”“Shes been there all day,” Forrest pointed out, “I didnt expect anydifferent.”
  26. 26. “Well, at least shes having fun, right?” Vogue smiled, “Thats what thisis all about.”“Yeah, I just wished she liked me better...”“Its not your fault,” Vogue shrugged, “maybe you did somethingwithout noticing.”Forrest laughed, “Like interrupting her relaxation time.”“Exactly!”
  27. 27. The next morning followed an uneventful night, and brought with it aflirt for everyone. First up was Betria, who happily accepted Forrestsadvances.“I love the fact were good friends, Betria,” Forrest grinned, “I know wehavent known each other long, but I dont want to lose touch after thisweek.”
  28. 28. Angie was next up, and she was less than happy to see Forrest firstthing in the morning.“Youre looking good this morning, Angie!”“What?!” She demanded, “Leave me alone!”“Hmm. That didnt go as planned.”
  29. 29. Not all of the girls reacted in the same way Angie did. Lute shylysmiled at Forrests flirting.“I really like spending time with you, Lute, even if were just talking.”“Really?”“Really!”
  30. 30. Rayne wasnt so impressed by Forrests advances.“Did I ever mention how pretty you are?”“No, Forrest. Were friends, and thats all I want.”“Oh...well. I wasnt expecting that reaction.”
  31. 31. Outside, Forrest found Victoria, and flirted with her.“You know, that partying idea you had sounds like great fun, if we gotogether.”“Normally I do the flirting, this makes an interesting change.”
  32. 32. Also down by the shore, Forrest found Vogue, just before the clockstruck twelve.“Youre prettier than the sea rolling onto the sand.”Under her sunburn, Vogue blushed.
  33. 33. Inside, the girls gathered on the sofas while Forrest took some timedown by the sea to make his decision. It wasnt necessarily a harddecision, but Forrest wanted to make sure it was right.“Who do you think is going today?” Lute asked, nervously.“Hopefully not me!” Rayne answered, grinning, “I wish none of us hadto go. You guys are loads of fun to hang out with.”Angie said nothing, and bit her lip.
  34. 34. “Did I mention you all look great this morning?” Forrest asked, wolf-whistling as he entered the room.His statement was met with giggles, before an anxious hush fell overthe girls again.
  35. 35. “I really hate this part,” Forrest told them all, “but it has to happen.Someone here has to go. I already I wasnt good at emotionalspeeches. But I wish whoever is leaving a safe journey to the hoteldown the road.“Today, Im afraid, the person leaving is...”
  36. 36. “Angie,” Forrest smiled sympathetically, “sorry.”“I kinda expected this.”
  37. 37. So now Angie is gone too! The final scores of Day Two:Lute: 78Victoria: 49Betria: 47Rayne: 39Vogue: 37Angie: -4Also, thanks to everyone who let me borrow their sims – Beth, Crystal,Heather, Faye and Rai!Thanks for Reading!