The Beach Bachelor: Day Six


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The Beach Bachelor: Day Six

  1. 1. Its time for the finale! :DLast time, there was hot tubbing, in which Forrest suggested that thewinning girl comes home to meet his family. Both Betria and Victoriainsisted this sounded like commitment. Forrest then suggested aformal-casual dinner. Just before the dinner, the power went out,forcing them all to eat by candlelight. Victoria, however, knew thatForrest was behind the power being down. Then there was kissing,thinking, and worrying before Victoria was asked to leave.Time for Day Six!
  2. 2. “Its almost strange thinking well never sit in this hot tub again aftertoday.” Forrest said, miserably.“Yeah,” Lute agreed, “its really sad that this week has to end.”“Youre two of my closest friends now,” Forrest added, “its going to bestrange not living with you.”
  3. 3. “I know all good things have to come to an end,” Lute began, “but Idont want to leave. Either of you.”
  4. 4. “I feel like that,” Betria said, thoughtfully, “I dont want to lose either ofyou.”
  5. 5. “No matter how today goes,” Forrest replied, “no matter what happenstomorrow morning, or who I decide upon tomorrow afternoon, I wantall three of us to remain friends. Agreed?”
  6. 6. “Agreed!” The girls smiled, and the three friends started to relax in thehot tub, chatting and laughing, and enjoying the last of the sunshine.
  7. 7. It was cold, after hot tubbing, a sign that the season was ending. Itwas a sign of change. Forrest found Betria by the sea, staring at thewaves rising and falling.“What are you thinking about?” Forrest asked.
  8. 8. “Honestly?” Betria questioned, turning to face him.“Honestly,” Forrest took her waist, “you know you can tell meanything.”“I was just thinking,” Betria answered, “about what we would be like asa couple.”“Not a conventional one, Id say,” Forrest smiled, leaning a bit closer,“we both know wed make an awesome couple, though.”After that, he kissed her.
  9. 9. What started as a soft, tender kiss quickly turned into something muchmore passionate, lasting a lot longer than their previous kiss the daybefore.They broke apart, breathless and smiling.
  10. 10. “I think I love you, Betria,” Forrest grinned, “Ive never felt like thisbefore.”“I love you, too, Forrest.”
  11. 11. Betria disappeared inside, still smiling to herself, while Lute headedout to the shore.“Its a good view, isnt it?” Lute said, cheerfully.“Its fantastic. Ill definitely miss waking up next to it.”
  12. 12. “Theres a lot of things Ill miss about this week.” Lute admitted, stillsmiling.“What are your plans? You know, for afterwards.”Lute frowned, thoughtfully, “I...havent really thought about it much.Probably travel home or something.”“You mean you havent made plans just in case we end up a couple?”
  13. 13. “Those plans are more daydreams, really.” Lute giggled.Forrest kissed her after that, the same way he had kissed Betria. Nightfell over the shore for the final time that week as Forrest and Luteexperienced what it would be like to be together.
  14. 14. “Like I said,” Lute continued, afterwards, “there are lots of things Illmiss about this week.”Forrest laughed, and let her go, the pair of them heading inside to findBetria.
  15. 15. The friends decided to play Dont Wake the Llama on their last night inthe house.“Im not going to lose this game.” Betria said, confidently.“Ive never played it before...” Forrest replied, taking his turn. Lutewatched, smiling.
  16. 16. “How the hell is this thing still balancing?” Betria asked, taking herturn. She was paranoid of knocking it over now.Forrest cheered, “As if you didnt knock that over!”Lute looked on, stunned.
  17. 17. Lute was the one who finally woke the llama, much to the amusementof Betria and Forrest – they both found her reaction hilarious.“Another game anyone?” She asked after a moment.“If you think you can handle it.” Betria answered, laughing.
  18. 18. The next morning, Forrest arranged to meet each of the girlsseparately on the balcony.“Good morning, beautiful. How are you enjoying our last day?”“With mixed emotions,” Betria admitted, “its the end of something.”“Its also the start of something.” Forrest pointed out.
  19. 19. “It might not be the start of something for me.” Betria replied.Forrest took her hands, “Dont make me say it again.”“Say what?”“That no matter what happens today, well always be friends.”
  20. 20. After that, Forrest fell to one knee, and started singing, “Betria, Iloooove you! Im nooot much of a siiinger!”“Youre really not,” Betria laughed, “but youre very sweet.”
  21. 21. Betria left the balcony, and Forrest was soon joined by Lute.“So what have you been up to?” Forrest asked, caressing her cheek.“Thinking of you.”“Youre always so sweet, Lute.”
  22. 22. “Forrest, I want to say this while I still have the chance,” Lute said.Taking a deep breath, she continued, “I love you.”“I love you, too.” Forrest took her hands. He meant it.
  23. 23. “Luuuute! I looooove you toooo!”Lute said nothing, but her cheeks flushed a little as she smiled.
  24. 24. Forrest disappeared down the beach for some time to think, while Luteand Betria tried to amuse themselves playing Dont Wake the Llama. Itwasnt working, and both of them had fallen into an uncomfortablesilence.“How do you feel, Betria?” Lute asked, nervously.“Nervous. Slightly ill.”“Im dreading his decision, too.” Lute admitted.
  25. 25. “I have to choose one of them,” Forrest sighed, outside on the beach,“but which one?!”He thought about both girls. Which one couldnt he live without? Whichone would he rather introduce to his parents? Which one could he seehimself having children with, eventually?
  26. 26. By twelve, Forrest had made a decision, and he was comfortable withit.“Hello Forrest.” Lute grinned. She was making the effort to remaincheerful, but she was seriously worried.Forrest smiled, “Hi girls.”
  27. 27. “It wouldnt be fair for me to keep either of you waiting any longer. Ivemade a decision, and Im pretty sure Ive made the right decision. Thewoman Im going to call the winner is...”
  28. 28. “...Betria Hollinter. Im so sorry, Lute.”“Really?!” Betria grinned, excitedly.Lute said nothing. Forrest opened his arms.“Do you need a hug, Lute?”
  29. 29. Lute nodded, and stood up. They briefly hugged, before Lute smiled,warmly.“Look after her, wont you?”“I promise you I will,” Forrest nodded, “take care of yourself, and dontforget me.”“I dont think thats even possible.” Lute laughed, before leaving theroom.
  30. 30. Betria stood up next, and the couple shared a kiss.
  31. 31. “I have a feeling were going to be very happy together, Forrest.” Betriagrinned.“I completely agree with you.” Forrest laughed.
  32. 32. So thats that! Betria is the winning and will be hanging out in mylegacy hood with Forrest. The final stats:Betria – 200 – loveLute – 193 – loveAnd for the final time, Id like to thank the simmers who let me borrowtheir sims for this – Jo, Rai, Faye, Crystal, Beth and Heather!