Reality Bites: Chapter Six


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Reality Bites: Chapter Six

  1. 1. Reality Bites: An OWBCChapter Six: Takeover
  2. 2. Previously on Reality Bites...Charlie and Matthew discussed meddling with the Mirror family again,Edith passed away, Bella – cousin to the second generation – boldlyinvited George out dancing, after Rhapsody had invited him. Theteens spread the hula into the other neighbourhood teens, Rhapsodybecame a witch, Logan got his first kiss, the glitch!vacation took place,Ben grew old, the teens went out partying and Rhapsody left early andalone, before Logan grew into an adult.Sound familiar? If not, I recommend looking back. :)
  3. 3. Time appeared to pass quicker after Logan had flown the family nest.Rhapsody took over the garden. Peter did nothing of interest. Normalthings, really.Adulthood grew ever closer for the last of the Mirror teens, whileelderly-years came closer for Meadow.
  4. 4. “Why dont I get a party? Or some kind of attention?”Meadows birthday marked a turning point, the point betweengenerations that prepare the soon-to-be-heiress for when sheeventually becomes heiress.
  5. 5. While I have settled into allowing my sims to keep whatever they grewup in, hence why Logan turned out to be a law-breaking dragon whogrew into a leather jacket, Im definitely changing Meadows outfit.Also, I just noticed that the ant farm is still there from when Elijah firststarted the OWBC. -sniff- its all gone by so quickly!
  6. 6. “I guess this means I am the heir now, right? Both my parents areold...”“Wait until youre an adult, then you can take full charge of the family.”
  7. 7. Birch and Cara then decided to invite Birchs brothers and sisters toCaras vacation home.It was time for another shot at the glitch!vacation.“Woo! Hang loose!”
  8. 8. This time, the holiday began without a hitch.“What a beautiful view.” Birch remarked. Cara smiled, mystically.“Ive missed seeing it every morning,” She admitted, “but I wouldntchange things so I didnt live with you, Birch.”Birch didnt reply, he just smiled and took her hand.
  9. 9. Bella, who had found the hammock, was deep in thought, nearly anadult. Then what? Marry George? Ew, no. Besides, Rhapsody likeshim.Shes not attracted to him, but she likes him.
  10. 10. Im going to woohoo twenty different sims, Bella decided, with a smile.After that, she got up from the hammock and went for a walk.
  11. 11. Logan and Rhapsody, meanwhile, were caught in conversation.Rhapsody smiled, “So what have you been doing since you lefthome?”Logan shrugged, “Flirting with gearheads and occasionally, atelescope.”“A telescope? You know those can result in-”“Alien babies, I know. But look at it this way, then Mum will be agrandma and she can stop dropping hints about it.” Logan laughed,“What about you? Youre almost grown up!”
  12. 12. “What do you mean? Should I being doing something different?”Rhapsody questioned, confused.“You mean you arent preparing for heirship? No hunting down life-partners or deciding on something to do with your life?” When hisresponse was met with blank looks, Logan continued, “Look at it thisway, Granddad built a house from scratch in a town he didnt know.Dad raised quads and then three more kids. What are you going todo?”“I dont know...” Rhapsody looked out at the sea, “Id quite like totravel.”
  13. 13. “Thats great! Where will you travel?” Logan asked.“Everywhere! Ill travel the world before I settle down! The bays ofTwikkii Island, the tranquil landscapes of Takemizu Village and therolling green hills of Three Lakes!”“Sounds like a plan.” An unfamiliar voice remarked, cheerfully. Loganand Rhapsody looked round.
  14. 14. “Guys,” Bella smiled, “this is Charlie Vijayaker. Hes a traveller.”Rhapsody and Logan stared at both their cousin and the strange man,lost for words. Their cousin had brought a stranger onto their privatebeach.“So youre planning a world trip?” Charlie asked, breaking the silence.Bella narrowed her eyes at her cousins, willing them to speak up.
  15. 15. “Yeah,” Rhapsody replied, unsmiling, “Im leaving as soon as Im oldenough to travel alone.”“You are?” Logan questioned, doubtfully.“I am,” Rhapsody grinned, “I want to make forty-five differentmemories on my travels.“Sounds amazing.” Charlie commented.
  16. 16. “Ive travelled quite a bit, too.” Charlie said, “Ive been to deserts,lakes, beaches, theres nothing quite like travelling.”“Im aware of that.” Rhapsody murmured. Bella looked at Charlie witha grin, as he checked his watch.“Speaking of travelling, Im going to miss my flight.” Charlie rose to hisfeet, “Nice to meet you all.”Rhapsody got up from her seat to go in the opposite direction ofCharlie, only to find herself followed by Bella.
  17. 17. “Rhapsody, whats up?” Bella asked, rolling her eyes, “I just invited aguy over.”“Why?” Rhapsody demanded, “Hes some stranger who seems to likeinterrupting a private conversation I was having with my brother on ourprivate beach!”“Im just making connections for when were adults! Youre the onewho will need a husband this time next week.” Bella remarked.Rhapsody stared at Bella in disbelief.
  18. 18. “Im not getting married next week!” Rhapsody breathed, andwandered away, “I have more choice than that!”Bella rolled her eyes, “Whatever, okay? Im going to go flirt with somelocals.”
  19. 19. Peter, the only other teenager on the beach, completely missed theargument between his cousins, because he was too busy building acastle (or sand mound...)You know, despite the fact he wasnt exactly the most interesting ofbad apples, I do really like him. :)
  20. 20. The familys vacation continued normally, with a slight chill betweenBella and Rhapsody.Theres no more pictures of it, though, because there will be morethan enough pictures of Twikkii Island when Rhapsody goes on herworld tour.
  21. 21. Back home, life continues as normal. Normal being the cat on thecounter and Peter blocking peoples paths. Hes only started doingthat since the vacation ended.“Peter. Move. I want to slapdance.”“I feel funny...”
  22. 22. “Wow, I grew up!”Bit late for the beachwear, Peter. We just came back from TwikkiiIsland. But I suppose its appropriate, considering his sister is about totravel round the world.Peter promptly moved out, and the flamingo count fell to its lowestpoint since Ben grew up - nine.
  23. 23. Time between the adult birthdays of Bens sixth and seventh childrenflew quickly. There were no distractions with the reign of the firstgeneration coming to a close, with no teenagers left to hang out with.Rhapsody threw herself into dancing and twirling her wand around.
  24. 24. Of course, with the last birthday on one generation and the beginningof the next, it was party time.Party time means random dancing, couple-behaviour andinappropriate conversations across the house, of course.
  25. 25. Outside, Bella was holding a conversation with an uninvited guest.“Why am I here, Bella?” Charlie Vijayaker asked, quietly.“I invited you. I mean, Birch brings Cara-”“They are engaged, Bella. Were not.”“Dont you want to wish the first and last heiress a happy birthday?”Bella teased, “Come on. Its almost time for cake.”Charlie rolled his eyes but followed Bella inside.
  26. 26. Guests continued to flood in as Rhapsody stepped up to her candles.Part of her was excited – perhaps it was the promise of travel – butpart of her was worried – the pressure to do well as the heiress.As she considered this, something caught her eye.
  27. 27. “Whats he doing here?” Rhapsody asked. Charlie raised an eyebrow.“You didnt invite him?” Logan questioned, quietly.“Cant I wish the heiress a happy birthday?”Rhapsody rolled her eyes, “you can stay, just dont cause a scene.”With that, she blew out her candles.
  28. 28. “The pointy hat is back!”Rhapsody grew up into a beautiful young woman, surrounded by thecheers of her family. She ran off to remove the hat and choose someclothes while the party continued.
  29. 29. “Sir, your daughter is truly special.” Charlie smiled, causing Bella tofreeze in her place somewhere behind him.“Well, thank you, young man! My daughters are all special.” Benreplied, thinking of his four daughters.“You have more than one daughter?”“Of course! Why wouldnt I? I didnt want to stop at seven children butMeadow did.”“Seven...anyway, I was wondering if you minded me accompanyingRhapsody on her globe-trotting adventure?”
  30. 30. “Why are you interested? Whats your motive?!” Ben frowned.“I dont have a motive! Rhapsody seems like a nice girl and Im anexperienced traveller-”“Absolutely not.”“Why not?”“Because youre asking me, and not her. I think Rhapsody should have asay in who she travels with.”
  31. 31. After the conversation between her father and Charlie was over,Rhapsody came wandering through, no longer a witch.It seemed she had tired of the sparkly lifestyle.
  32. 32. Later, Charlie decided to take Bens advice, and ask Rhapsody if shewanted a travelling companion.“Absolutely not.” Rhapsody replied to his request, firmly.“Why not? Im great for showing you whats out there!”“Maybe, but I dont want some interfering stranger telling me how totravel the world.”“It wont be like that!”
  33. 33. “How will it be, then? We travel together, but hang out separately? Itwont work.”“That wasnt quite what I had in mind...”“Charlie, I dont even know you! Why should I travel with you?”“Because Im awesome, of course.”“Seriously.”“I was being serious.” Charlie responded, wounded.
  34. 34. “You know, if you start messing with me, you mess with all of myfamily.” Rhapsody grinned.“All six of your brothers and sisters, I get it.”“And all five of my aunts and uncles, plus my cousin. Oh, and ourbigfoot.”“Well, I dont plan to mess you around, so I have nothing to worryabout.”“Good for you, but back up for one second...”
  35. 35. “...are you sure you want to get involved with me and my family? Wereall kind of crazy...”“Im positive!”“Right, well you talk to my family while I go get my gear together.Were leaving tonight.”“Where are we going first?”“Twikkii Island.”
  36. 36. When Rhapsody returned, Charlie was slapdancing with Meadow.Nevermind the fact that Meadow was an old woman in her underwear,she could still dance up a storm.Maybe thats where Rhapsody got it from?
  37. 37. “You can dance. I like you. Take care of my baby, wont you? Dont lether get arrested.” Meadow sniffed, smiling.“Weirdest hug of my life.”It was time for Rhapsody and Charlie to make their goodbyes anddepart for their world trip, leaving Meadow and Ben with an emptynest, temporarily.
  38. 38. “Shes dancing the hula now, isnt she?” Charlie asked Ben.“Doesnt matter. Youll pick it up when you get to Twikkii Island. Seeyou both soon.”With that, Rhapsody and Charlie left, their whole lives crammed intotheir suitcases.
  39. 39. Here is where I leave you! With Birch carrying his own suitcase!“Caras right, this is the best way to carry luggage!”Anyway. It was only a short chapter to set things up for Rhapsodysworld adventure. I hope you enjoyed it anyway!Join me and the Mirrors next time when we go searching for forty-fivememories as we travel the sim world!Thanks for reading!