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Reality Bites: Chapter Seven


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Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
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Reality Bites: Chapter Seven

  1. 1. Reality Bites: An OWBCChapter Seven: The Great Adventure
  2. 2. Previously on Reality Bites...Meadow grew into an elder, Birch and Cara took the generation awayto Caras beach house, where Bella decided what she wanted in life –twenty woohoos. Logan asked Rhapsody what she wanted from lifeand the pair of them talked about travelling the world before meetingCharlie Vijayaker. Back home, Peter grew up to be quite handsome,before our heiress aged up. She then agreed that she would travelwith Charlie after Meadow taught him how to slapdance while in herunderwear.Sound familiar? If not, you might want to look back. Just a suggestion.
  3. 3. “Hi there! Hang loose!”Rhapsody smiled, feeling the slight breeze drift in from the ocean. Sheand Charlie had been on Twikkii Island for three hours, and alreadythey were exploring the boardwalk.“Hang loose, hey? Thats sounds like something I should learn, forsome reason.”
  4. 4. Eventually, Rhapsody and Charlie got past the distractions on theboardwalk, and made their way down to the actual beach...only to findthemselves distracted again.“Dont let her hurt herself!” Charlie said, urgently, “Her father will killme if anything happens to her while were travelling!”“Calm down, Charlie, I dont get the fire until after Ive learnt the dance.I wont get hurt, seriously.”The Fire Dancer nodded, and returned to talking Rhapsody throughthe moves, while Charlie waited.
  5. 5. Of course, Charlie was the sole member of Rhapsodys cheeringsquad whilst she learned.“You nearly had it that time! Keep going, Rhapsody!”
  6. 6. Night fell before Rhapsody had even set fire to the stick she dancedwith, and Charlie paced the beach, hungry.At last, Rhapsody learned the fire dance, and the pair of them couldfinally go back to the hotel.
  7. 7. “Nice night, isnt it?” Charlie asked, stepping onto the balcony whereRhapsody was admiring the view.“Perfect,” Rhapsody grinned, “and so much more beautiful thanhome!”“Yeah...well, home is a never-ending trail for me, so this is sort ofhome.”“Really? You just travel and dont settle?” Rhapsody asked as Charlietook his seat opposite her.
  8. 8. “You sound surprised by that,” Charlie commented, “shocked to learnthat Im a child of the open road.”“Well, Ive never met anyone without a home before. My family die in thesame place they are born.”“That,” Charlie replied, “is horribly depressing. Theres a bigger worldthan your hometown.”“Guess so.” Rhapsody murmured, turning her attention back to watchingthe bay.
  9. 9. Their food was soon delivered, and Rhapsody tucked in, disappointedit was salad and not something exotic. Charlie hesitated to eat.“Maybe I could show you the fountains, tomorrow,” He smiled,reluctantly picking up his fork, “and we could taste some pineapplesurprise instead of this rabbit food.”Rhapsody nodded, “Anything. I want to experience the world!”
  10. 10. And experience the world she would. That night, instead of sleeping,Rhapsody crept out onto the beach in her pyjamas, determined toenjoy being beside the coast.
  11. 11. Thats when Rhapsodys first encounter with a crab took place...
  12. 12. “OH, OUCH!” Rhapsody screamed, “I JUST WANTED SHELLS TOTAKE HOME!”She woke the residents of the hotel. They werent so happy, butCharlie was amused, watching the entire scene from the balcony oftheir hotel room.
  13. 13. Rhapsody and Charlie reached the fountain early, and Charliepromptly disappeared to eat, whilst Rhapsody went to admire thefountain.
  14. 14. Rhapsody held her coin for a while.“I wish...” she began, in a dreamy tone, “I wish for love. I want to fallhead over heels into love and then drag him home to meet my family.”With that, she threw the coin in the fountain, and turned her back onthe gushing waters.
  15. 15. After lunch – a meal of pineapple surprise, the surprise being therewas nothing in it except pineapple – Charlie and Rhapsody starteddigging.Because what are heritage sites for, except digging, right?
  16. 16. So after the map is found – along with two other maps, a treasurechest, three bones and a water pipe – Rhapsody and Charlie decidedto take a tour.“Helicopters are loud!” Charlie complained as they headed over totheir ride for the tour.“Come on, you wimp!”
  17. 17. It doesnt go well. Both Rhapsody and Charlie come back in a swarmof bees...“I travel the world frequently, yet this is the first time this hashappened!”
  18. 18. Oddly enough, Rhapsody seem to enjoy it...“Stung by a swarm of bees! Plus 500!”
  19. 19. After the bees had grown bored and left the travellers alone,Rhapsody and Charlie travelled to the Mysterious Hut. Where theyfound an eccentric man with no electrical skills.“He should know putting metal in the microwave is bad!” Rhapsodygasped.
  20. 20. Charlie and Rhapsody did the kind thing and fixed up the strangemans electronics before he got himself killed.In return, he gave them a doll.
  21. 21. By the time Rhapsody and Charlie made it back to their hotel, it wasalready past midnight, and their final day on Twikkii Island had begun.“Four hours sleep, then up to see the ship.”
  22. 22. The next morning brought with it a final flurry of activities. Such asplaying on the pirate ship.“Be careful, wont you?” Charlie smiled, as Rhapsody climbed to thecrows nest.“Nope,” Rhapsody grinned, “no pirate is careful!”Charlie rolled his eyes, but carried on towards the ships wheel.
  23. 23. “Whoa. Check out the bad texture on this wheel...”I blame my temperamental graphics card. Sometimes it will loadeverything in high detail, sometimes itll just choose things to load indetail. I guess the pirate wheel is just unlucky this time, maybe?
  24. 24. “I think I can see my house from here!”
  25. 25. The exploration of the ship continued, and whilst Charlie waspretending he was a pirate captain, Rhapsody explored the cabin......only to run out screaming.
  26. 26. A ghost exited from the cabin.“I look like Rhapsodys travelling partner! Only a pirate version!”Indeed he does – thats pretty cool!
  27. 27. “Drink up me hearties, yo ho!”Doesnt Charlie look like hes trying to distance himself from Rhapsodyand the Ghost Pirate and their singing? Its like his uncomfortable witha little bit of strangeness.“If I dont see it, its not there.”
  28. 28. Rhapsody certainly enjoyed this little bit of her journey, though.I think the ghost would have been happy with any company, though.He strikes me as a lonely ghost. Speaking of ghosts, Ive yet to seeEdith or Elijah haunting the home-lot...
  29. 29. Later that evening, Charlie and Rhapsody sat on the same beach,smiling and watching the waves fall into land.“Why didnt we think to change out of our backpacking gear sooner?”Rhapsody asked, shifting a little.“Because weve been too busy exploring Twikkii to worry about whatwe were wearing?”“True. Clothes always were more of a Bella thing,” Rhapsodycommented, offhand, “its such a beautiful night.”
  30. 30. “I dont want to ruin the peacefulness, but I have to ask yousomething.”“Go ahead,” Rhapsody smiled, “nothing can ruin this night.”“What if, hypothetically speaking, during our time on this island Irealised I liked you more than a friend?”“Hypothetically speaking, I think I would be kind of surprised.”“What if I wasnt speaking hypothetically?” Charlie questioned, quietly.Rhapsody got to her feet, and worriedly, Charlie followed her.
  31. 31. Rhapsody faced him, and smiled a little, “You were never talkinghypothetically were you?”Charlie shook his head, “If you want, forget I ever said anything.”“No way!” Rhapsody laughed, shakily, “I think...well...I think that. Letsjust give things a go. Right?”
  32. 32. Strictly speaking, Charlie never gave her his answer. But she kind ofcould tell what it would have been, if he had of said anything.
  33. 33. With that all dealt with, Rhapsody and Charlie spent their final hourson Twikkii Island just gazing at the stars.
  34. 34. With their time on Twikkii Island over, it was time to move on. Withinhours, Rhapsody and Charlie found themselves in a small hotel inTakemizu Village, a tiny place in the Far East.“How can I help make your stay more comfortable?”Rhapsody smiled, “Yeah, where can we buy a couple of kimonos?”
  35. 35. Unfortunately, it was autumn in Takemizu Village, which meantRhapsody and Charlie would ruin any artsy pictures by wearing coatsinstead of kimonos.I have no idea how Charlie ended up with a bright blue coat.
  36. 36. Once tea is dealt with, Rhapsody introduces herself to the teleportingninja. Let it be known that I hate this ninja.“Courage or wisdom, young heiress?”“Wisdom!”“Unfortunately not. Sorry, but you go home with nothing.”“This isnt a game show!”“ long!”
  37. 37. I think Rhapsodys frustration matches my own. I can never seem toget the ninjas question right.
  38. 38. Rhapsody then decides to make another wish. New place, newshrine/fountain to wish on, right?“I wish I could learn ninja powers.”
  39. 39. Another part of travelling is learning new customs, of course.“Check out my bow, strange man!”“Bit sloppy, but Ill bow back anyway.”
  40. 40. Night falls, and Charlie ends up playing mahjong with the UnsavouryCharlatan. I didnt know the U.C could even play mahjong.Out of all the vacation destinations, the Takemizu Island was the leastfun to play. I dont know why that is.
  41. 41. Pretty soon, its time to visit the Pagoda in the Shadows. TakemizuVillage had lots to do but not enough to take pictures of.But the visit to the Pagoda was decent enough to take pictures of.
  42. 42. “Tea, Mr Meditator?” Rhapsody asked, tipping up the kettle.The old man just continued with his breathing.
  43. 43. The Old Man then began practising tai chi. Charlie and Rhapsodypicked it up in now time, but I didnt realise tai chi would be such anuisanceTheyre the first sims Ive ever had learn tai chi, and they enjoyjumping into random bouts of tai chi.
  44. 44. Night fell quickly after that, but the Old Man did not stop practising taichi.“Do you think its pretty cool how he can get his leg that high?” Rhapsodyasked.The Old Man interrupted, “Story time!”“Yay!” Charlie cheered, earning an amused look from Rhapsody.
  45. 45. “This story has everything,” Charlie whispered to Rhapsody, “dragons,ninjas, a battle to the death!”“It needs pirates.” Rhapsody responded, as the Old Man continued hisstory, unaware of their whispers.Thats another memory accomplished.
  46. 46. Walking back through Takemizu Village on their way to their hotel,Charlie and Rhapsody decided to spend some time as a couple.Which is nice, of course.
  47. 47. Rhapsody sank to the floor, smiling, “Charlie, I didnt like you when Ifirst met you-”“Youre telling me.”“-and I didnt want to travel with you. But after...well, after everything, Icant imagine going home without you,” Rhapsody smiled, “marry me,Charlie?”
  48. 48. “Rhapsody, I will!”Did you expect any less?
  49. 49. On their final day in Takemizu Village, Rhapsody and Charlie tied theknot. Because neither of them could wait until they got back to Oddity.
  50. 50. As they waited for their taxi to the airport so they could go to their finaldestination, Three Lakes, Charlie asked something that surprisedRhapsody.“Do you mind if I dye my hair blue before we go?”“Not if you make it quick. Why would I?”“I dont know, I thought Id ask case you didnt like the idea.”“You forget I descend from a rather large and insane family. Nothing isunusual, right?”
  51. 51. In the early morning, the taxi containing Rhapsody and Charlie pulledup at the campground. Rhapsody pulled open the door, and staredgrumpily at the sky.“Three Lakes in winter. Not quite what I had hoped for.”
  52. 52. “Come on, it could be worse,” Charlie grinned, running a hand throughhis vibrant hair, “it could be snowing!”“True,” Rhapsody smiled at him, “did I mention I really like your newhair?”“You did, yes,” Charlie grinned, “come on, lets put on some lumberjackgear.”
  53. 53. Once changed, the couple immediately began with the collecting ofvacation memories.“Gosh, its chilly.” Charlie noted.“Dont be such a baby,” Rhapsody grinned, “I have an idea.”
  54. 54. “You want to log roll in winter, sweetheart?” Charlie asked, surprised alittle.“Of course. My father defended his honour on this very log when he wasyounger. I want to defend my own.”“Youre going down.”
  55. 55. Within minutes, Rhapsody had been thrown from the log, and Charliestood waiting, triumphant.“Youre lucky I like you,” Rhapsody laughed, “best two out of three.”“Youre on.”
  56. 56. This time, Rhapsody rolled Charlie right off the log and into the freezingwaters.“Dont want to give up yet?” Rhapsody asked, cheerfully. Charlie bobbedback to the surface.“Its all down to this one.”
  57. 57. “Im so ready to win this.” Charlie grinned.“You wish, sweetie. Im going to take home the glory.”“Cant we share the glory like a good man and wife?”“Nope! Get back on the log and stop making excuses!”
  58. 58. Things got tense for a moment, as both Rhapsody and Charlie turnedout to be competitive.Rhapsody grinned, flicked water, tried to distract her husband, whilehe focused and tried to distract her. In the end, it came down to wholost their footing – and Charlie fell into the water.
  59. 59. “Yes! I am the winner!” Rhapsody cheered. Just like her Aunt Beatricewas before her.
  60. 60. Once they had dried off and warmed up again, Rhapsody found somemore things to make memories with.“Look at this, Charlie! All the couples who have carved their initials inthe wood...” Rhapsody examined a collection of initials that containeda lot of “D.L.”s.“I think it would look better if our initials were on there.” Charlie smiled,and quickly carved “R.M + C.V” into the wood.“But youre C.M now, not C.V...”“Now I am, but I wasnt when we met.” Charlie shrugged.
  61. 61. There isnt as much to do in Three Lakes as the other twodestinations, and the last day of the vacation came around slowly.Charlie and Rhapsody visited the Hidden Burrow.There they met Trent.“I dont think we should invite him home, Rhapsody. Garrett might getjealous...”“He wouldnt get jealous, but I know what you mean.”
  62. 62. Rhapsody and Charlie then began behaving inappropriately in front ofthe bigfoot.“Trent does not know what to make of the tourists and theirbehaviour.”Neither do I, Trent. Neither do I.
  63. 63. And here is where I leave you, just before the couple disappear homeagain.I think this chapter may have been a bit ramblyor dull, but hopefully itwas okay.Join me next time as we bring in the final babies of the challenge!Thanks for reading!