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Little Bit Loony: Chapter Two


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Published in: Education, Self Improvement
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Little Bit Loony: Chapter Two

  1. 1. Welcome back to Little Bit Loony: An OWBC! Last time, Emerald moved into her pink home, made some friends, went on a date, met Goopy, fell in love, and gave birth to her first child, Bella. Nancy, our bearded-lady gnome, was stolen, and Emerald was pregnant with the second child of the OWBC. Let's get started! And I'm sorry if this chapter jumps around a little!
  2. 2. Hey Goopy. Who's the baby? “How dare you lose the pictures of my son's birth!” Well. Meet Orion, he's the bad apple this generation. Somehow, I managed to lose all the pictures leading up to Orion's birthday.
  3. 3. So the Spring party was thrown, for the shared birthday of Bella and Orion. The usual suspects were invited, Amin, Christy, and that guy who complained that Emerald smelled in the last chapter. Right, let's get those candles blown out!
  4. 4. So, Bella grows up first. “Look! Look! I'm adorable!” I don't think I included her personality in the last chapter – Bella is a libra, with a personality of 2/8/2/9/10, an outgoing, playful and nice child.
  5. 5. And Orion is thrown into a set of weird bunches. There's time to change that. “Emerald, darling, he has your nose! And your ears!” Orion is adorable too.
  6. 6. The Spring party was entirely different to all the parties thrown by the Loons in recent times. There was a lack of smustling, and instead, Amin decided he would play house with Bella. “Of course you can stay up late, Bella and have all the cookies you want.” Bella altered the tone of her voice to suit her characters, a deep voice for the dad and a high pitch voice for the mum. “Amin is a pretty girl, a very pretty girl in the green dress.” “Don't be silly Amin, that's the older sister.”
  7. 7. So while Amin was pretending he wore dresses and perhaps scarring Bella for life, Goopy had changed his son's hair into something less...strange. Orion is such a cutie, I took way too many pictures of him.
  8. 8. “Ew! What's that smell? I know it's not me this time!” That might be Orion. Goopy already went to bed, it's up to you to change him. “Um...well, you know what, I'm tired. I'm off to bed.”
  9. 9. The next morning, our new mascot is placed in charge of the flamingos. Until Nancy is returned, because I'm still hoping she will be returned, Nancy's replacement is this cheap alien. Meet Dexter. “I'm a genius. I don't know why you didn't just buy me instead of a silly gnome in the first place.”
  10. 10. The day after Bella and Orion's birthday was a Saturday, and Emerald felt Goopy had done enough overnight work on his garden to give the Garden Club another chance. I literally got the pop-up about not leaving trash in my garden twelve times.
  11. 11. You know, whenever I see this guy, I think of Sad Old Guy from A Measure of Things. However, Matthew Smith in my neighbourhood looks more angry than sad. Either way, the Garden Club were not impressed by our small patch of well-loved tomatoes and flock of flamingos.
  12. 12. “We, the Garden Club, consider a garden to be much more than a small vegetable patch and a dozen of plastic flamingos. For us, gardening is a way of life. Your garden just doesn't make the cut.” Are you related to Mrs Crumplebottom in anyway? Garden-Crumplebottom has taken a disliking to the Loons, ever since Emerald moved in.
  13. 13. “I don't know what the garden lady is talking about. Our garden is awesome.” You know, Bella's a fairly normal kid. Her brother is hanging out with the toilet, dancing in the living room and chewing on her dolls, but she's quite happy just to chill.
  14. 14. Bella, I don't think that's meant for drinking... “But it smells like strawberries. If it wasn't meant for drinking, it would smell so nice.”
  15. 15. So after coughing up those bubbles, what do you think? “I don't like strawberries!” Um...sure, we'll draw that conclusion. If you don't like the taste of bubble soap, you won't like strawberries.
  16. 16. “Me wants attention!” Orion spends a lot of his time complaining nowadays. I blame his aspiration, I bet it's in the red.
  17. 17. And after his tantrum, Orion goes straight back to chewing on his hand. Bizarre little fellow.
  18. 18. “PUPPY!” For some reason, the Loons adopted a puppy. We can't even take care of Orion, but it still seemed like a good idea to adopt little Benny. “He's so small! I wonder if he'll fit in my dolls house!” Benny looks terrified already.
  19. 19. I haven't ever played Pets that much, so it surprised me a little that Benny was so tiny. He could sleep in that food dish! And he might have to, Orion already stole his bed.
  20. 20. As night falls, Emerald shows signs of a third pregnancy. And hopefully her last one, carrying Orion brought her to death's door. Let's hope the third baby won't ring death's doorbell and run away.
  21. 21. With everyone preoccupied – Goopy skilling, Bella sleeping and Emerald trying to stay alive, there's no one around to feed Orion. This family seems to have a problem recognising that green smoke is bad.
  22. 22. “I puked!” Yes you did. If we ever throw wild parties when you're older, we know you'll be the one throwing up in the pot plants.
  23. 23. The next morning is as bright as the previous one. Cheerful little Bella helps take care of Goopy's Garden while he's at work. I don't think this kid spent one minute of the day indoors, Bella seems to be much more of an outside-y type person than her family.
  24. 24. “Daddy's home!” “Yes, sweetheart, but Daddy's tired, can we stop hugging so I can go to bed?”
  25. 25. Bella was more than happy to let go of her Dad, leaving him to sleep the afternoon away while she tried to catch butterflies/tend plants/swing.
  26. 26. Orion, the uncontrollable little cutie he is, decides to splash-it up in the bathroom. No doubt that puddle will stay there until the next party, when one of the guests goes all neat-freak on the house. A brilliant upside to the number of parties we throw here, the neat guests clean up after themselves...and the Loons.
  27. 27. Bella drinks bubbles, Orion eats dog food. “I wonder if the human will consider sharing the kibble...” It doesn't look like it, Benny.
  28. 28. “BENNY HUG!” Sadly, there's no kibble left for Benny. Just hugs from the boy who ate his dinner.
  29. 29. So, while your brother stalks the dog, what are you up to Bella? “I invented a new colour.” Really? How? “It's a mixture of red and blue...I named it Bella, after myself.” Um...Bella, that colour already has a name. It's purple.
  30. 30. Another day or so passes, and Orion grows up, maintaining his cuteness. He looks a lot like his mother. And because spring is obviously awesome, the Loons threw another party this season.
  31. 31. Look who it is to celebrate the birthday of the bad apple! It's stinky-armpits guy! Talking to Orion! I later found out that stink-armpits guy is actually named Shea.
  32. 32. The party finished on a successful note, without any smustling (I know, I was disappointed too), and the Loons head into the garden for family time. For some bizarre reason, the family likes to gather by Goopy'sGarden during the small hours. “Bang, bang, you're dead!” Oh, if I only knew how many nice points you have, Orion.
  33. 33. Orion can't have many nice points, or he's in a huge aspiration crisis, because he immediately picks a fight with his older sister. Emerald can barely watch. “Oh, dear! I hope they don't squash Goopy's tomatoes!”
  34. 34. “Oh, I'm a horrible mother. I can't bring myself to break up this fight...” That doesn't make you a horrible mother. When me and my brother had fights as kids, my parents left us to it. “Yes, but I bet your parents didn't encourage it or take sides.” Emerald paused to put a hand over her mouth. “SMASH HIS FACE IN, BELLA! ORION, DON'T BACK DOWN NOW!” Don't you just love it when families spend time together?
  35. 35. “Don't you even DARE pick a fight with me again, kid.” Wow. And she's supposed to be the one with the nice points.
  36. 36. However, tension between Bella and Orion doesn't last long, as the pair sit down together in the dirt of Goopy's Garden. “I'm sorry I started a random fight with you, Bella.” “I'm sorry I punched you in the face and called you a baby.” “Friends?” “Nah. We're brother and sister.”
  37. 37. Emerald decides her kids are mature enough to settle their disagreement by themselves, and waddles inside to stock up the fridge with bland apples. “Ow....Oh, ow!” At last, the final pregnancy has come to an end, and not a moment too soon. Luckily, Goopy's home just in time. “Baby? Baby!”
  38. 38. “Ow...she's beautiful!” Three more flamingos to decorate our messy patch of the desert. “We'll name you...Opal.” Welcome Opal Loon.
  39. 39. So the Loon family quickly builds a routine. First thing in the morning, Orion glitches his face throwing a tantrum in the messy, cheap kitchen.
  40. 40. Then a smustle breaks out, location subject to change. This morning, the scheduled smustling begins in Goopy and Emerald's room.
  41. 41. Bella and Orion throw the most adorable junior-smustle faces, it's brilliant!
  42. 42. Smustling is replaced by bouncing on beds. Bella does this every single morning, without fail. I don't understand it, but it's always amusing.
  43. 43. And Orion likes to annoy people, shove them, irritate them and attack them, before throwing a tantrum. Bella is his usual target. Her daily bar with him is in the minuses.
  44. 44. “Why does Orion hate me?!” Regular occurrence Moving on.
  45. 45. Bella does well at school, everyday, and the pop up feels the need to...well, pop up, everyday. “A plus, A plus, A plus!” Yes, I know you're excellent.
  46. 46. Bella then goes off to harvest tomatoes from Goopy's Garden. This means the Loons will be eating sparkly food for quite a while.
  47. 47. Of course, no day would be complete without a celebration of some kind. Today's celebration is Opal's birthday. “She's adorable! Opal looks just like her mother!” I suspect she might be a clone of Orion. But because I don't know his personality, I can't tell. Opal, however, has a personality of 2/10/10/10/3 – in other words, a sloppy, outgoing, active, playful and grouchy child.
  48. 48. Opal is indeed adorable. She quickly proves to be 100% Loon by joining in with the dancing. She's going to fit right in.
  49. 49. And, like her older brother, Opal quickly finds Benny and attempts to make friends by “sharing” his food.
  50. 50. Bella soon found she liked being a big sister to Opal, and began spending more time with her. More time than she had ever spent with Orion. I blame the fact that Orion likes starting fights.
  51. 51. Orion decided he liked being an older sibling too. “I've got something for you, Opal!”
  52. 52. “You want the speed boat, Opal?” “Yes! Opal want boat!”
  53. 53. “Ha, ha! You actually thought I was going to give you the boat!” Orion only likes being a big brother because it gives him someone new to tease. Poor little Opal.
  54. 54. However, I think Opal's face says it all. No one messes with Opal Loon and gets away with it, clearly.
  55. 55. After that, Orion didn't pick on her that much, preferring to through tantrums by himself.
  56. 56. And at some point during recent times, Benny grew up into a pretty awesome dog, if you ask me.
  57. 57. Bella's birthday was the next day, but no huge party was thrown. Instead, the summer party would be thrown for Opal's birthday, which was the day after Bella's. “Make a wish, Bella!” Marsha? Who let you into the house?!
  58. 58. “I can't believe my oldest is going to be a teenager already!”
  59. 59. And here's Bella, all teened up. She rolled knowledge, which wasn't really a surprise. I forgot to note down her LTW, but it doesn't matter too much because if she's voted to be heiress, her aspiration will be Grilled Cheese. I still think Bella is the most normal of all the Loons.
  60. 60. Opal's birthday quickly rolled around, and her birthday became the reason for the summer party. As far as parties go, it wasn't the best...
  61. 61. One person showed up off of the guestlist. Shea, Amin, one bothered showing up for little Opal's birthday. The party ended up as “Not Bad”. Better than what I thought it would be.
  62. 62. “Look! I grew!” Opal holds onto her adorableness, as she ends up looking a lot like Orion!
  63. 63. Instead of hanging around with her party guest, Opal sneaks off and seeks out the swing. Another sim who looks as if they're going to spend most of their childhood outdoors. “Why wouldn't I be outside? Mother Nature gave us a pretty night sky to enjoy, and everyone would rather eat cake inside.” I see we have an environmentalist in the works here.
  64. 64. “It's my birthday next!” Yep! But not in this chapter! This is where I leave you! Join the Loons next time for teen times, first dates, parties and all that jazz. Thanks for Reading, and happy simming!