Little Bit Loony: Chapter Three


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Little Bit Loony: Chapter Three

  1. 1. Welcome to Chapter Three! Last time, we saw birthdays, fights, gardening, babies, more fights, aspiration failure, stinky armpit guy Shea, parties, and a wee bit of insanity. If it doesn't sound familiar, you might want to go back and read the first two chapters. Now onto this chapter !
  2. 2. Jumping right in where we left off, Orion grew up without the need for cake. I can't click on him, he's the bad apple, so cake was out of the question. So. Orion rolled Romance, and grew into a sense of style. He's not as cute as he used to be, but meh. I still love him.
  3. 3. The first thing Orion does after aging up? Grabs the guitar and shows off the creative points he's sneakily managed to gain amongst his tantrums. So I don't mind his obsession with playing the guitar, because it doesn't sound awful!
  4. 4. So while Orion ignores his party guests, I sense a townie-romance brewing between our regulars. Shea, the stinky armpits guy, and Christy? I'd ship that couple!
  5. 5. “Goopy, I never noticed before, but your wife is hot!” Right. Shea, don't let Christy catch you with that thought bubble, because I don't think it will end well. Goopy doesn't seem to mind though. He's too busy checking out the view for himself.
  6. 6. “Come here, Goopy, let me air kiss you and get my face stuck in yours.” Emerald doesn't seem to mind that either. Shea is slightly scaring me, to be honest, but he's welcome to hang out with the Loons any time he likes.
  7. 7. Uh oh. Turns out the cops got word of a teenage party over at the Loon's lot, and got jealous because they weren't invited.
  8. 8. Ramin? Ohh, I wanted Demi Love so I could make a load of puns while she broke up the party. “I'm sorry, ma'am, just doing my job – breaking up parties on the grounds that I wasn't invited.”
  9. 9. So the Loons do what they always do in the wee hours of the morning. Garden. Recently, an enormous plot was put in alongside the pink house, unprotected by a lack of a greenhouse – the greenhouse is on the other side of the lot. Fingers crossed for plantsims!
  10. 10. And of course, under the excuse that he is the birthday boy, Orion ignores the planting going on, and proves to the world he is the biggest kid on the Loon lot. The others don't seem to mind too much – they like gardening.
  11. 11. “Oh look, a pile of leaves.” Opal is very much an outdoor-sy type of girl.
  12. 12. “Hehehe! Natural fun!!” She did this every single day of the autumn.
  13. 13. Opal, what are you doing? You can't go to bed now, you have to be up in three minutes and get ready for school! “Can't talk. Too sleepy.” I knew there was something wrong with having my sims awake all night, gardening or not.
  14. 14. Luckily, Opal woke up fairly quickly, and began to play dolls instead of eating/showering/other morning stuff. “Mummy one and Mummy two live together in a very large house.”
  15. 15. “I wonder why I don't have two mummies? I think it would be pretty cool...they could dress in matching outfits!” So while Opal was playing her perfect family, the rest of the Loons realized they had been awake for far too long and it was nap time (by which point, I face palmed – it's not like I told them to stay up all night!)
  16. 16. Orion has never slept a night in his own bed. As a child, he would quite often sleep in the double bed, making Goopy or Emerald sleep in Orion's room – I don't think they minded too much, it just meant a lack of woohoo (and no surprise babies!) However, Orion has lately taken to sleeping in Bella's bed. Judging by how much Bella loves her brother (or not), I think she will mind. Still, our bad apple is all tired out from a night of partying, gardening, and behaving childishly.
  17. 17. Still, life goes on in the small slice of Loony desert, with random moments that I forgot to photograph and still no sign of Nancy (our bearded-lady gnome) I eventually come to regret buying the guitar. Orion plays it ALL the time.
  18. 18. And when Orion's at school and unable to get the guitar himself? “I'm still young! I fit in with the kids!” Emerald plays it. Guitar music is always audible in the Loon lot, even if you're just walking past. It's kind of cool, sometimes.
  19. 19. So recently, Bella's been throwing wants to fall in love, have her first kiss, and so on (along with the occasional Knowledge sim want). She probably realised I wasn't about to anything about it, and has taken it upon herself to pick out a guy. So meet..what's your name again?Oops. I should have written it down...
  20. 20. Right, I forgot his actual name, so for the purposes of this chapter, his name is now Howard. He's seems rather...unusual for Bella. Bella is by far the most normal Loon, and she comes home with Howard, the spontaneous smustler?
  21. 21. “So,' Howard', you're a desperate teenage boy, right?” “Well, I think I'm a boy. But I could be an alien or robot without knowing it.” “Don't you think you'd know if you were an alien or robot?” “I haven't a clue. How can you tell?” “Come on, let's go inside”
  22. 22. So “Howard” and Bella go inside to dance to the stereo for a while. But Bella decided things weren't moving fast enough. “Howard, you and I should date.” Very blunt, Bella. I like it. “Date? As in...we go eat food more often and hug each other without asking first?” “Yeah...that pretty much covers it...” “Let's do it. I like food.”
  23. 23. But it seems Bella has a lot more on her mind that food and hugs, and “Howard” wasn't about to complain. Yeah, I haven't a clue who the guy in the background is either.
  24. 24. Pretty soon it's the late afternoon and Opal's home. “Hey, hey, look! Mum! Loooook!” Opal, please don't wake her before the party! She really needs the sleep! (Emerald has this horrible habit of trying to die on a regular basis, just to keep me on my toes).
  25. 25. FURIOUS GARDENING FACE. Well, I'm glad someone's still interested in the garden. Rather than guitars, or guys, sleeping or preparing sparkly food.
  26. 26. “I just realised that I don't have a clue why our food sparkles.” Because it's FRESH. I wish fresh food really did sparkle.
  27. 27. “Hey, Dexter, Nancy's still missing. It looks like you'll be here forever!” “My obvious greatness has been recognised.”
  28. 28. “Bellaaaaa, why is this sooo hard!!” “Opal, high school homework is much harder.” “Why doesn't Orion have to do any work?” “Because no one loves him enough to force him to do it.”
  29. 29. Emerald...what are you doing? “Gaaah! I'm going to grow old tonight!” That's no reason to try and make your head turn all the way round. That's kind of creepy.
  30. 30. As the evening wears on, it's only going to get worse. It doesn't look like Goopy wants to grow old either. I love the fact it looks like Bella's cheering for her Dad's lack of sanity, rather than for Opal's trick.
  31. 31. “You'll never make me grow old, will you? Moppy, speak to me, will you make me change for you? Oh, Moppy, I thought what we had was special!” You don't have to be mad to live here, but it certainly helps.
  32. 32. “Chloe is here! Chloe is going to become one of the regulars at Loon parties...” Hey, Chloe. Where's your friend Marsha? “Marsha no longer hangs with Chloe. She aged up for Orion before she knew Orion preferred men.” It's true, Orion's sexuality rolled up as gay, but before that, I had plans involving Marsha. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
  33. 33. “I see you got the memo, Emerald, dear.” “What? 'Birthday party, eight pm, the living room'? Yeah, I got the memo. I don't wanna grow old!” “Me either. But Moppy left me, and now I have no choice.” “Who's Moppy?” “Never you mind.”
  34. 34. “Ugh! Bad back and sparkles!” “Woo! Happy birthday, guys! Can't wait to see you both old and wrinkly!”
  35. 35. “Heh. That wasn't so bad.” They are still both adorable, a very cute couple.
  36. 36. So while Goopy and Emerald sit down, their kids keep the party going. You have to love Orion's smustle face. I'm so glad he's the heir.
  37. 37. As far as parties go, it wasn't the liveliest – Opal spent most of the time quietly reading. What's up, Opal? “It's my birthday tomorrow, and Bella's stupidly close to be an adult.” I know, but you're the littlest. You're supposed to be much younger than Bella and Orion, for reasons I can't recall. And I've just this minute decided I'm not sending the Loons to university. After playing generation three of my legacy through it, I am sick to death of llamas and dormies, and togas, at least for now. Maybe the next generation will go.
  38. 38. And as the small hours of the night came, Opal watered the plants as a child for the last time. Of course, as a teenager, she'd have hardly any time to tend the garden – amongst dating, and parties, and having fun! But it's Opal – Opal belongs in the garden, and I predict she will always be gardening.
  39. 39. Opal grew up the day after without cake. Time got ahead of me, and I too late in buying the cake. Oh well. Opal rolled romance, which seems a little odd. But then again, I consider Opal to be a little bit of a hippie, so maybe it's the concept of “Free Love”.
  40. 40. And here she is, all made over! And standing in front of my cousin's sim! “Free love?” Opal grew up to be rather pretty, but I'm almost certain she's the female equivalent to Orion. Also, Opal rolled up as Bi, and only time will tell if she prefers women or men.
  41. 41. “Right, now Opal's grown up, it's safe to tell you that you're the heir, so no more being an idiot.” Bella has always struck me as a natural leader. “Bella, when was the last time you remember me behaving like an idiot? All I do is play the guitar, I don't even remember the last time I insulted you or damaged your self esteem.” “Whatever. I was certain I was going to be heiress. I'm the sensible choice. But meh. Insanity runs in the family,” Bella's eyes narrowed, “No slip-ups.”
  42. 42. So after Bella's rather dark speech, Opal took it upon herself to lighten the mood. As it happens, she's another Loon who has mysteriously been gaining creativity points. “You know what would be fun? A party.”
  43. 43. Yes, a party would be fun. Not a seasonal or family one, but a teenage bash on the outskirts of town. Bella entered looking unimpressed, Orion just seemed tired whereas Opal was making the most of the environment – how many teenagers get to party on the first night of their teenage years?!
  44. 44. “Orion, you had better find a pretty girl to marry in while we're here. I grow up in a few days, and you grow up a few days after.” “You assume it is a girl I am after?” Bella just scowled at him and went to get some punch.
  45. 45. Opal must have overheard what Bella had said, because she appeared at Orion's side once Bella had disappeared. “Don't listen to her. Find a handsome man to continue with, but only if you want to. Remember, you have to go on a gypsy date.” “Oh yes! The gypsy date!” Opal just smiled, and left Orion to his thoughts as ACR dragged her in the direction of someone she could get along with...
  46. 46. “Hey, did you know you're totally cute?” Opal questioned, walking up to a blonde girl standing by herself. “I am? I didn't know.” The girl laughed, “I'm sorry, but I don' girls...” “Ah, I see. But we could still be friends.” “We definitely should be.”
  47. 47. While Opal was making connections, Bella had been flirting with a guy by the punch barrel. Unfortunately, Orion had spotted the guy as well, and the pair of them had picked a very public place to restart their age-old conflict. “Orion, you need to stop being a jerk if you're going to be heir!”
  48. 48. “I've had it with you, Bella! You haven't changed, or noticed that anyone is changing, you're still sweet and innocent Bella, but only to our parents!” Orion turned away, and left Bella with a hand on her chest, watching Orion leave.
  49. 49. “Opal, I'm going to find the Matchmaker, I'm going on a date tonight.” A smile crossed Opal's face, “I hope you find Mr Right.”
  50. 50. And so Orion was about to take his required Matchmaker date, as stated by the Nightlife bonus.
  51. 51. “Orion! The child of destiny!” “Really? I am?” “Are you not the heir to challenge of this desert?” “Well, I am, but I'm just here-” “For a date! No worries!”
  52. 52. “I require a cash donation.” “Money?” “No money, no destiny, simple as.” “Alright, I do quite like having a destiny ahead of me...”
  53. 53. “I had no idea my destiny was so shiny!” “Don't touch it! I don't want fingerprints on the future!” “But it's so pretty....” “I don't give a hoot! Don't touch it!”
  54. 54. “Orion, this is Shaun.” “Hello, Shaun, I'm Orion.” “I don't like you.” I can see this date going very well (headdesk)
  55. 55. Shaun soon got over his dislike for Orion, or at least, he got over it enough to share his first kiss with Orion. Unfortunately, the uninteresting date went more or less nowhere, and ended on 'okay'.
  56. 56. The days pass quickly, a sourness leftover from Bella and Orion's arguments hanging around on the Loon lot. The feeling would soon be gone – it was Bella's birthday, meaning Bella would soon be moving out. “I wish for a big white wedding, some babies and a career!”
  57. 57. Bella grew up well and moved out. We'll catch up with her in the next update.
  58. 58. Orion grew up shortly afterwards, once again with a lack of cake. He grew up handsome, but not a face one or two type handsome, a fresh kind. Well, I think he's handsome.
  59. 59. “Hey Orion. Cheesing it up, I see.” Indeed he is, Opal. Orion is required to have the Grilled Cheese aspiration for the bonuses I'm doing.
  60. 60. Insanity is still running high in our small patch of desert. I sense a lot of visits from the therapist in this next generation.
  61. 61. Orion headed out for a night on the town, a way of looking for his husband, because the sooner we get Orion married, the sooner Emerald and Goopy can meet their grandchildren. (They're rolling wants for them already) Orion decided he would meet the love of his life by having a meltdown in the corner of the club.
  62. 62. Then Count Roger (terrifying name for a vampire, isn't it? I love Maxis sometimes) walked straight into Orion's life, by helping him to laugh at some smustlers. Aw, love is everywhere. Well, I decided that I wanted to find out how their genes would mix, and Orion was throwing bolts for the count, so all is fair.
  63. 63. Of course, if Orion and the Count get married, it improves chances of me creating a vampire. I can see it now – Orion the pregnant vampire who I can only control eight times a day. It's going to be magical. :)
  64. 64. So join me and the Loons next time for babies, night weddings, spares, pot plants, fun, gardening and no doubt a pile of craziness! Thanks for reading!!