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Little Bit Loony - 1

  1. 1. Hello and welcome to my first attempt at an OWBC! I'm doing the Nightlife bonus, the Seasons bonus and the Apartment Life bonus, and for mini challenges, I'm doing BoolProp naming scheme, family scrapbook, quad pod and Bad Apple. So, let's get started!
  2. 2. Meet Emerald Loon. She's our founder (lucky her!). I rolled her aspiration and it came out as Romance, meaning she might not be the best parent in the world, who knows. Either way, she wants to be a Hall of Famer, and has a personality of 2/10/2/9/2, making her a Leo. “I know I'm beautiful, but perhaps we should move onto my house now.” Got to love confident sims.
  3. 3. So this beautiful pink house is the Loon home until the end of the challenge. Why is it pink? I don't know, it just is. “It matches my beautiful flamingos!” At least she's happy with it.
  4. 4. While on the subject of introductions, meet our bearded-lady gnome, Nancy. Yes, I know I'm not doing the Base Game bonus, but I wanted a gnome anyway. “Nancy is about to be stolen.” Already? That didn't take long at all.
  5. 5. So the usual stuff happens. Garden Lady comes to visit us, despite the fact our garden consists of three flamingos and a gnome. “Good day. May I interest you in joining the Garden Club?” “Sounds good, what do I have to do?”
  6. 6. “Just remove those vulgar flamingos from your yard and you're in.” “Lady, I don't know who you think you are. How can you doubt the beauty of a plastic flamingo?” “Pardon? You like these monstrosities?” “I adore them! Life's not complete without a flock of flamingos.” The Garden lady mumbled and backed away. “These weird families and their odd customs.”
  7. 7. And right on cue, the Welcome Wagon arrives. There was these two, a jock named Christy and a bohemian named Marie. There was one other member of the Welcome Wagon, too.
  8. 8. “Hi, I'm Emerald!” “Name's Bruce.” “Do you like flamingos? If you do, maybe you can move in!” “I hate flamingos. And we have negative chemistry anyway. I think I shall go eat from your fridge now. Good day.” “What an odd fellow.”
  9. 9. So while Emerald's new 'friends' settle into her house (and her fridge), Em heads out to the Gypsy standing on the corner of the lot. “Please let him be cute!” Emerald grinned. The Gypsy sighed. “You get what you pay for, and you gave me two monopoly notes and a button!” “They were the largest sums of money from my monopoly set.” “Yeah, well, bippity boppity boo, I've summoned a bad date for you.”
  10. 10. “This guy? Really?” Emerald's face fell as her date rose to his feet. “Alright. I suppose one date can't hurt.” “Whatever. Just pay properly next time.” The Gypsy rolled her eyes and began cleaning her crystal ball.
  11. 11. Meanwhile, inside the house, as Emerald began her date, her house guests were hanging out. “Lady, move. I need to use that toilet. This is not a good place to smustle!” “Woo! Join the smustle!” “Lady!”
  12. 12. “So, perhaps we could hang out again some other time. I enjoyed the date though.” “Hmm. Maybe.” Yeah, that date was really uninteresting.
  13. 13. How is it that the toilet is more popular than Emerald? Bruce and Christy decided that they would much rather hang out with it than Em.
  14. 14. So Nancy had already been retrieved once, but it looks like Nancy might be in danger again.
  15. 15. Of course, Nancy would go in style. “Nancy is levitating and refuses to go.” Unfortunately, Garden Lady succeeded in stealing our bearded-lady gnome.
  16. 16. That night, Emerald decided that her toilet's new friends weren't enough, and headed out on the her pyjamas. Of course, she met the usual suspects. What's the matter, Kennedy? “She's wearing her pyjamas! That is inappropriate attire for going out!”
  17. 17. Of course, she then met everyone's favourite Plaid Guru, Goopy! “Howdy! I'm Emerald!” “Nice to meet you...any reason why you're wearing your pyjamas?” “Any reason why you're wearing plaid shorts?” “Good point.”
  18. 18. So one thing led to another, and I noticed they had two bolts. Goopy Loon has a ring to it, does it not? “You might be wearing plaid, but I think you're handsome.” “Really?” And yet, you still have Kennedy watching silently from behind them. Kind of creepy, if you ask me.
  19. 19. “Why don't you come over to the house tomorrow? I'm this close to asking you to move in.” “Yeah, it could be fun just hanging out at your house. Two romance sims just chilling...” “See you then.”
  20. 20. Oh yeah. Nancy was returned. Goopy kicked her face-first into the dirt before Emerald decided to just smooch him. Yeah, I think we've found the spouse for our founder.
  21. 21. And so, eventually, Goopy moved in, received a makeover, and Emerald proposed. “Do the honour of marrying me, Goopy?” “Yes I will!” “Sweet!” You'd never think she was a Romance sim.
  22. 22. “Vhat seems to be ze problem, sir?” “I'm getting married. I shouldn't be getting married. I'm so gorgeous I should be wooing and hooing a different girl each week!” “Well, you are beyond hope. Vhat does one do vhen he is getting married? I don't know, no one ever vants to marry me.” “That's because you're not as handsome as I am.” “Maybe.”
  23. 23. So, with some extra cash lingering around, Emerald was able to pull together a fairly large ceremony, rather than the whole marriage-in-the-living-room thing. “Big day, huh?” Em looked out over her welcome wagon, who had accepted their invitations as a way of hanging out with the toilet again. “Yeah. If I have to get married, I can't think of a better person to marry than you.”
  24. 24. The wedding went off without a hitch. Goopy Gilscarbo is now Goopy Loon. Both of them were happy, and that's the main thing.
  25. 25. “ALRIGHT! LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!” And so the party of the Autumn began, with smustling and formal wear.
  26. 26. Goopy cleans up well, don't you think?
  27. 27. Bruce sucks at the smustle. But with all of the dancing, it was unsuprising that the wedding party was a roof raiser. Once the guests had disappeared, Goopy and Emerald cleaned up a little bit before beginning the “after-party”
  28. 28. Of course, there is always a bump following a wedding. Emerald didn't show any signs of pregnancy until she bumped. Then she quickly became the worst pregnant sim ever. I nearly killed her once or twice, but was able to save her at the last minute.
  29. 29. “We're going to be parents!” Emerald announced, pulling Goopy close. “We were always going to be parents.” Goopy laughed. “Think we'll be any good at it?” “I hope so.”
  30. 30. During the pregnancy, Emerald spent her time stealing back Nancy. Our bearded lady gnome keeps getting stolen, usually by the same suspects. I forgot to learn their names. However, Nancy didn't return after last time. Let's hope she comes home soon!
  31. 31. Yeah, that pregnancy flew by, but it wasn't interesting enough to take pictures of. It mostly consisted of me trying not to kill Emerald. “Owwwww! It hurts!!” Hooray for stereotypical births!
  32. 32. Welcome baby Bella! “She's beautiful! Like me!”
  33. 33. Goopy proves that he isn't going to fail as a father by autonomously picking up baby Bella after Emerald decides there's a couch that needs jumping on.
  34. 34. So life continues as normal for the Loons. “Goopy you are in my way! Bella is giving off green fumes and that means she needs feeding!” “Goopy just feels like slouching in a doorway right now, dear.” “Ugh! Get out of the way? How am I going to feed Bella in here?” “Darling, green fumes don't mean the baby needs feeding. They mean that the baby needs to be put on the floor while we woohoo.” “Of course!”
  35. 35. So, Emerald picks Bella back up off the floor, and tries to feed her again, while Goopy goes out in the snow for some after-woohoo gardening. Yeah, those tomatoes are probably going to die, but the point is we tried.
  36. 36. The tomatoes, sadly, did die, but of course, Goopy needed something to keep him from looking after his daughter and wife. Goopy took up stargazing. Uneventful so far, but I'm hoping for adorable alien babies.
  37. 37. But eventually, Goopy accepts that playtime is over and heads inside for a party. “Em wants me to get dressed!” Goopy complained. “Normally she doesn't want me to wear clothes! Why should tonight be any different?!” Because tonight Bella is growing up.
  38. 38. Emerald gets a head-start on the smustling, whilst showing signs of her second pregnancy. Um...I guess she doesn't realise that the guests aren't dancing yet. Perhaps she doesn't care that she's entertaining them with her pregnant-lady dance.
  39. 39. Actually, it looks like the guests can keep themselves entertained. Dude, this is a toddler's birthday party! No handcuff-talk here! “...and then, we used the handcuffs to...” Of course it would be the guys Goopy invited.
  40. 40. “Are we going to get to the main event here or are you too busy paying attention to smustling and handcuffs?” Sorry Goopy, go ahead and throw the kid.
  41. 41. Hmm. Bella's sparkling. No one told me this was Twilight.
  42. 42. Goopy catches Bella, and it's clear she's adorable. “Who's my beautiful baby girl?” “Me? Me!” “Yes it's you, sweetie!”
  43. 43. With Bella all grown up, it was time for the adults to start the real party. Emerald's pre-party smustle wasn't such a good idea. At least, the guests didn't think it was such a good idea. “I stink!” “Ew! Founder stinks!”
  44. 44. With a quick shower, Emerald's no longer trailing green fumes. Of course, she gets straight back into the smustle with Amin and the other guy! Other guy can't keep in time, so Emerald feels the need to shove a fist through his chest.
  45. 45. Bella tries to be a party animal like her mother. “Bella smus-tly!” Well, Bella can certainly try and smustle. See what I mean about her adorableness? I don't think she got Emerald's nose, but there's at least two more pregnancies.
  46. 46. Goopy, however, tries to rescue his eldest from a life of partying, by removing her from the smustle all together. Oddly, Goopy doesn't seem to make much of an appearance at Loon parties. “Who's afraid to party? Is it Daddy? I think it's Daddy!” “Daddy's silly!”
  47. 47. Goopy would much rather play dolls with his daughter than smustle with his wife and peculiar friends. Cute. “This is not good enough, Bella, the furniture does not match the wallpaper. I'm not impressed.” “Daddy no like house?”
  48. 48. And I'll leave you with a cute picture of Bella! This chapter's a wee bit shorter that the normal length of my chapters, but I promise you, the next one will be longer! Join the Loons next time for more smustles, babies, flamingoes and to find out if Nancy will return! (fingers crossed for that last one!) Thanks for reading!