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From the Hart: An OWBC - 2.8


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My attempt at the Sims 2 Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge. Generation Two, Part Eight.

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From the Hart: An OWBC - 2.8

  1. 1. From the Hart: An OWBC Part 2.8: Kiss Me Quick!
  2. 2. “I call this one ‘welcome to the latest update’!” Last time, the family packed off to Takemizu for a few days! Basil benefited from it the most, as he’s trying for all the vacation mementos. Onyx (temporarily) cured his vampirism so that he could spend time with his family. Paul started throwing tantrums over being a Pleasure sim. The Wise Old Man of Takemizu screwed us over so the family had to go back later for the dragon legend. Back at home, Ringo got himself a boyfriend, while romance progressed for Paul and Jenna. Onyx was turned back into a vampire, Basil became permaplat, and the kids met their cousin Kurt. Ringo wanted to be a vampire, was bitten and cured all in one night. Kana delivered the final final baby of generation one, Daz, and Lennon was shipped off to university. Phew! Lots happened! I’d recommend looking back if you’ve missed some. And thanks once again to Keika, for donating her simself as this generation’s spouse! (Keika writes Clitheroe: A BaRKC)
  3. 3. We join the family to find Basil in the hot tub with his long-term girlfriend, Heather. I mean, where else are you supposed to find Romance sims, right? Heather might want to watch out, as Basil’s begun rolling wants for a baby, so it’s only a matter of time before I move her in and comply, really. Their baby would be freaking adorable!
  4. 4. “I HATE being a Pleasure sim! Everything SUCKS!” You all remember Paul’s dramatic change from the last update, right – he’s gone from your fairly laidback bad apple to a nightmare of teenage angst overnight. I don’t really think there’s anything I can do about it, which isn’t really helpful to his family.
  5. 5. That night, the extended family are invited over for Daz’s birthday. He’s their sibling, afterall, so it seemed only right that they come to meet him. There’s a funny thing about that…
  6. 6. …Daz’s oldest sibling is an elder! Blossom had her birthday recently, and doesn’t she look happy about it?
  7. 7. It was also time for another birthday that night – because you can never have just one. Rainbow’s becoming a teen!
  8. 8. Oh, and Lennon missed all of the celebrations because Daisy happened to be there, and an empty hot tub. College kids. Or maybe just high-boltage couples actually.
  9. 9. Anyway, Rainbow grew up gorgeous, as you’d expect from looking at her older siblings. Turns out she isn’t just a clone of Kana – that’s Randy’s nose. And she’s not the first sim to roll Romance, but she might be the first one who won’t end up settling down. Rainbow Hart Romance Woohoo 20 sims 7/5/5/10/5 (Taurus) Glasses/Jewellery - Cleaning
  10. 10. And here’s Daz, who I think is just a clone of Kana, but I say that with all of these kids, don’t I? Daz also got a bit of an odd personality, and I have no idea how. He’s your typical Hart, though – messy and nice. Dazzle ‘Daz’ Hart 0/6/0/10/10 (Libra)
  11. 11. Something tells me Paul’s feeling better. And his pyjamas match the couch, which is awesome!
  12. 12. Basil’s permaplat now so he can take over the smart milk and child rearing. Because let’s face it, other than Keika, no one else is that bothered. Bubbles to blow, sims to bite, that kind of thing.
  13. 13. Later that day I found Basil catching butterflies for no particular reason. I don’t remember the last time I had a sim do that who wasn’t a founder on a near- empty lot.
  14. 14. Kurt Royce, the only cousin to generation two, has had a birthday! And he’s near enough the same age as Strawberry, so that should tell you what’s coming up…
  15. 15. “I don’t want to grow up.” I have no idea why she looks so sad – there’s cake!
  16. 16. “KACHOW! Everything turned out GREAT!” And here’s our heiress for the next generation – she’s pretty awesome! Strawberry Hart Popularity Captain Hero 7/10/1/7/1 (Leo) Fitness/Glasses - Jewellery
  17. 17. “How about we try for another-” No. Stop it! Bad Kana, I don’t want anymore babies! And also, Randy is really close to the end of his life, he’d probably pass away before it arrived.
  18. 18. Apparently Lennon – who had come home for his little sister’s birthday – managed to get struck by lightning in the hot tub. Amazing. I don’t remember the last time this happened!
  19. 19. “I want to look after the toddler!” “No, it’s my turn!” “Both of you are wrong, because it’s my duty to look after the baby.” Daz is never going to be short of attention if he stays here.
  20. 20. Keika put him autonomously on the potty, and because Basil had near enough trained him, Daz is now the first toddler in awhile to learn to use the potty. And Keika gets the credit, even though Basil did all the work.
  21. 21. “Strawberry, did you have to wear your pyjamas? We’re doing serious business today!” “Pyjamas are serious business! Do you know how lazy I am?!” Yeah, it’s that time again – try to boost up the business’s rank again. Turns out I’m quite bad at running businesses.
  22. 22. I don’t think having this many teens for staff helps. I mean, Strawberry eventually got dressed, but all the teens did was have fun, really.
  23. 23. Except Rainbow, who tried to rake in some money off the visitors. They eventually left, and the venue had climbed very slowly to the miserable level of rank 3.
  24. 24. Back at the house, and we get a teenage walk-by! So I had Strawberry greet him, and she was quick to inform me that she’s got bolts for him. This is Gavin Newson, a bin sim turned townie. “Yeah, I love hanging out in the street. Especially in my jammies.” “I can understand that.”
  25. 25. I was looking at something else when I heard the first kiss music playing. Of all the first kisses to miss, I missed the heir’s! Typical, right?
  26. 26. There’s no missing these two, though. I let Ringo invite Ryan over seeing as Strawberry had Gavin. I’ve pretty much made up my mind as far as Ringo and Ryan go – Ryan will be going to college with them, as will Jenna (Paul’s girlfriend).
  27. 27. The Love Shack must be the place to be, because the teenagers just kept strolling past. This is Tommy Ottomas, a bin sim aged up from a toddler and townified. Rainbow decided she liked him. The feeling wasn’t mutual.
  28. 28. “But I’m awesome, Tommy. I don’t want commitment, and the promise of forever and ever, just a first kiss will do. And when I’m older, twenty woohoos!” “That’s…that’s what I want too!” Yeah, Tommy is also a Romance sim. With the same lifetime want would you believe.
  29. 29. “So I’m thinking we can help each other out…let’s just be teenage flings and forget about forever?” “Oh Rainbow!”
  30. 30. Because one of the teenagers on the lawn had greeted ANOTHER walk-by, Rainbow immediately rolled up the want to flirt with her. It’s literally that easy to capture her attention. My problem with that is, Ginger here wants the big house and the white picket fence, and a minivan for all her kids. Yep, she’s a Family sim. “…and then we’ll move closer to the school, because it would greatly benefit our six children.” “Six kids? Ugh. Look I flirted with you and that’s all I wanted. Bubble blower’s out back. Catch you later.”
  31. 31. Elsewhere in the house… RANDY, IT’S TIME. “Time for what?”
  33. 33. “This isn’t, like, my only free drink, is it?” NAH. THERE’S AN OPEN BAR. COME ON, LET’S GO BEFORE IT GETS BUSY! “Groovy!”
  34. 34. Well, I knew it was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier.  Randy lived to 80 days old, which is impressive for a founder, I think. I’m going to miss him.
  35. 35. “It’s my birthday!” Keika’s birthday managed to fall on the day Randy died, so at least they can follow that bad memory up with a good one, right?
  36. 36. Keika makes an adorable old lady! I think it’s the right time to give up the pink hair, though, hence why she got a haircut.
  37. 37. Kana, come on! Randy’s not even cold yet! Sheesh. I mean, these two have been oddly close for ages, but I didn’t expect this! Friend tokens were handed out to prevent this happening in the future, because I just don’t see Basil leaving or cheating on Heather.
  38. 38. In the midst of all this chaos, Rainbow scored her first kiss. With Lennon watching. “My aunt’s all grown up!” Yeah, the family tree is a bit odd with the late in life babies.
  39. 39. Basil had his first shift as a Professional Party Guest since becoming permaplat, and was fired due to a poor chance card. I mean, he keeps the permaplat status, but even so. The first damn shift.
  40. 40. “Here’s my new song ‘I Am The Greatest’!” I really shouldn’t have been surprised that Strawberry maxed creativity with zero help from me, she’s been working on it since she was a child. None of her siblings have maxed a skill yet.
  41. 41. Ringo’s determined to try though. I wrote down that his LTW was to be chief of staff, and I’m sure that it was, but I checked when playing and it said he wanted to max seven skills. So I have no idea. Either way, we had a surplus of eggplants, so it was time to give juice a shot. It didn’t work, and I have no idea why.
  42. 42. That evening, it was time for Daz to have a birthday! And I just noticed that Strawberry and Rainbow have coordinated their sleepwear. I mean, they’re best friends, so what did I expect really.
  43. 43. If there’s any Randy in him, I can’t see it  I was really hoping for more Randy features, especially now Randy is gone. But oh well.
  44. 44. I then moved Kana and Daz out, because the sheer number of sims was annoying me – it’s not relaxing to play this many sims at once! They’re moving in with Blossom, Beth, Binaree & Jasmine at the Hart Family Commune, and won’t be played until Daisy and Dominic graduate. Daz will then be raised alongside generation three, although admittedly he’ll be older than most of them.
  45. 45. I don’t think I’ll ever not hold my breath when a sim I like repairs a computer. I mean, the family has a bone phone upstairs, and I still held my breath.
  46. 46. “Just to clarify, I rolled the want for a date, not necessarily a date with you, Tommy.” “Whatever, babe.” “Don’t call me babe.” “Got it. Angel.” “Stop. No pet names.”
  47. 47. This is what Paul enjoys most of all now. I’m beginning to wonder just how many skill points he’s collected. It’s probably more than some of the playables, - Lennon has hardly any.
  48. 48. The time has come to send Paul off to uni. With bad apples you have to wait foreeeever, and I’m pretty excited it’s finally time! We’ll catch up with him in the next update.
  49. 49. Basil also had Heather round that night, and well, while there’s space in the house. “Heather…I think you should move in with me.” “Well, we have been dating awhile…yes. I will move in.”
  50. 50. I don’t really know why I had Heather move into the main house, when I could’ve just had her move in with Basil once he’d got his own place, but oh well. I also forgot that Heather had to ‘grow out’ of being a college student.
  51. 51. Strawberry was rolling wants for a date, although not Gavin specifically, but I had her call him up. She’s fallen in love with him quickly enough, but no wants for him. I’m not really sure what will happen there.
  52. 52. Kana’s leaving date gifts for the dead  The $4000 vase was nice, though, I guess. It just made me a little sad.
  53. 53. “Did you hear something? I don’t know, like a song or a…like a lullaby?” Well, it may not be perfect timing, but Basil is rolling wants for a baby. I don’t really want the baby born before generation two graduates, so I’d better speed up moving them all to college.
  54. 54. So Ringo comes home from his crappy job at a law firm that won’t promote him, and calls up a taxi. While Rainbow laughs at his tie. Which is necessary, someone has to laugh at that awful tie.
  55. 55. Woo! The toilet’s the same as I left it! Truly disgusting and unlikely to be cleaned, ever. Perfect, right?
  56. 56. I like how nonchalant Strawberry is with her guitar playing. Just casually playing it behind her back, no biggie. In her pyjamas, of course. If she became a rock god, she’d deliver her shows in her jammies.
  57. 57. “Gasp! I’m pregnant!” But at least your pyjamas are neon pink, you love pink! Anyway, Heather popping meant it was time for the youngest two to move to uni. And for Basil and Heather to move into their own home, just down the road from the Love Shack.
  58. 58.
  59. 59. “WAH, all my children have GONE!! … This means I get grandkids soon, right?” Family sims, hey?  See you next time for college shenanigans!