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From the Hart: An OWBC - 2.1


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Generation Two, Part One of the Hart family OWBC

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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From the Hart: An OWBC - 2.1

  1. 1. From the Hart: An OWBC Part 2.1: Love and Bubbles
  2. 2. Hi everyone! Are you ready for some more Hart goodness? (madness?) Last time, we watched the generation become teenagers. Blossom managed to score a first kiss! Binaree, the house servo, fell for a human and promptly had a meltdown. Countess Kana decided to throw a spanner into the works, and bite my bad apple, meaning everyone got sent off to uni earlier than expected – after a night in a club of course. And you lovely people voted Onyx for heir – apparently there’s something about cute aliens you guys can’t resist! 
  3. 3. Let’s start with some transition outfits, shall we? I mean, they weren’t particularly awful this time round, but they’re still quite fun. Blossom could’ve kept hers I guess, but I’ve been dressing her in orange since she was a kid and I’m not about to stop now. Onyx, of course, was the winner, with a polo shirt tucked into nothing, and bad boy combats.
  4. 4. “I am so ready for this.” First order of business was to cure Orchid. You saw how she coped with it last chapter, it’s only fair that I help her out, really. Plus her chances of survival are slim as a vampire – I can only give Orchid 8 commands a day, as per the bad apple rules. However! I was finally able to look at her personality – 10/2/0/10/10! She’s freakishly neat! Which will be helpful with her slob siblings.
  5. 5. Speaking of which… “OMG! I TOTALLY have syrup on my hand! YUM!” I’m never not amused by sims feeding themselves like this.
  6. 6. “Hey, Onyx?” “Yeah?” “Do you remember ANY of this stuff from school?” “Not even a little bit. All I remember was bubbles, really. It was way awesome, but I don’t think I’m ready for uni.” No kidding, these guys have virtually no skills. It’s going to be a long four years.
  7. 7. “Hi guys!” “Hey Orchid, HUGE congrats on getting into uni!” I swear these three need to stop going to the same classes, because they stand around for hours congratulating each other when they get back. Find a hobby or something!
  8. 8. That’s better. But anything is better than continuous loops of congratulations.
  9. 9. “I’m going to sit here and stare into space all night instead of sleeping!” Pretty much Orchid’s favourite thing to do. I can’t look at her needs or wants, if I remember rightly, so I’m just going to have to wish her luck, really.
  10. 10. Do you ever get simming Deja vu? Like, you see a sim so like one you’ve played before that you actually think it’s them? Totally happened to me with this guy. “Hi I’m Sean!” No you’re not, you’re Dragon Hart, generation two heir on my first EVER legacy. Well. All you’re missing is his massive chin. Those were the days, right? Dragon Hart 
  11. 11. So while Onyx actually studied (because he’s a massive nerd Knowledge sim), Blossom was trying out her moves on the dormies. “Check out THIS move!” “What’s going on? What’s happening?”
  12. 12. “So how about you show me some of YOUR moves, hey?” “Um, no thank you.” It wasn’t really working out for her at all.
  13. 13. Oh, and this is what Orchid was doing. And are you really surprised by the fact they have a bubble blower? It was one of their first purchases. A must-have for campus life. Or any life in fact, if you’re a Hart.
  14. 14. Onyx randomised as straight, and seeing as he’s the heir, pressure is on to find a wife. “So like, um…did you wanna get pizza sometime? Or something? It doesn’t have to be pizza, it could be Chinese food. Or mac and cheese, I mean, who doesn’t love mac and cheese, right?” None of the girls were falling head over heels for him just yet.
  15. 15. This is probably why Orchid failed her first semester and had to go on Academic Probation. But look how happy she is! It’s been ages since Orchid was that happy!
  16. 16. University is hard. And he’s only a first year – shh, no one scare him with tales of final year! Also, first plate pass-out of the challenge! I can’t believe it’s been this many updates without one!
  17. 17. Once Onyx had recovered from hitting the books, it was off to a lounge to try out that xylophone trick I need for the University bonus. It soon became clear that it’s harder than it looks.
  18. 18. Blossom, meanwhile, used the time to meet a girl she had three natural bolts with. Way to go, Blossom! This is Beth Byall .
  19. 19. “Um, didn’t you guys just meet?” … “Hello?”
  20. 20. With their needs depleting, they ended up having to call it a night before Onyx could successfully do the xylophone trick. “Oh man, I suck at this…I wonder if Dad’s any good at it. Or Blossom. Oh man, why do I have to be the one to do it?”
  21. 21. Nobody tell Onyx that the Unsavoury Charlatan immediately showed him up. I didn’t even know that guy could play pool, let alone do tricks!
  22. 22. Back at the dorms, and this has become a regular sight. It’s quite cute if you ask me. No wants for any commitment yet, but we’ll see.
  23. 23. “I like, TOTALLY love you, Beth.” “Oh, you are so hot when confessing your love for me!”
  24. 24. Onyx clearly felt like he was missing out, and chose to have his first kiss with some random dormie. Other than that one conversation you saw earlier, I never saw these two interact. And I never saw them interact again after this. I have no idea what happened here!
  25. 25. And with that, Freshman year drew to a close for Blossom and Onyx. Orchid still had a semester left, but whatever. It’s my personal rule for some reason that sims stay in dorms until Sophomore year, and then move out to a house. In this case, Orchid’s going with them because who can be bothered to play more than one house, right?
  26. 26. So welcome to the ugly beige box that Maxis built! I prefer to renovate rather than build from scratch, so I will be slowly (and I do mean slowly) fixing this house up over the course of university.
  27. 27. Isn’t it LOVELY?!
  28. 28. “Alright! We got a hot tub!” You know, even after all these years, I still don’t know what this aspiration reward hot tub actually does. I just get it because “Hooray! Free hot tub!” more than anything else, really.
  29. 29. That hot tub quickly attracted strangers who didn’t like to leave, including a professor, Delilah O’Feefe the premade and Dragon Sean the dormie.
  30. 30. Blossom and Beth, however, made sure it was used for its proper romantic purposes. Because I’m assuming a free red hot tub with candles and hearts has something to do with romance. I should probably look it up some time.
  31. 31. Would you believe it, one of the sims put a TV dinner in and then went to their final exam. There’s no one home. There’s no fire alarm. This is not going to end well, I feel.
  32. 32. Pfft, who even NEEDS kitchens, amirite?
  33. 33. “What the HECK happened to our kitchen?!” Luckily that fire didn’t claim anyone. Man am I pleased about that.
  34. 34. Nothing like a near-death experience to remind sims they have life to get on with. “Hey, check it out. Onyx is about to fail at the xylophone trick again.” And of course, when I mean life, I mean OWBC challenges to fulfill.
  35. 35. “Yes! FINALLY! Suck it everyone, I’m AWESOME!”
  36. 36. Onyx then tended the bar while Blossom played a guitar for tips. Kitchen replacements really eat into your budget, you know.
  37. 37. After that, it was time for some more wife huntin’! “Um, are you sure there’s no one else in the park but you guys?” “Pretty sure.” “Oh man I am never going to find a wife.”
  38. 38. The three of them went home and took to greeting female walk-bys , like Jasmine Rai here. She’s adorable, but they had negative chemistry, and so she was sent on her way 
  39. 39. “WOO! NUDITY!” “Say, you’re not looking for a boyfriend, are you?” “Nah. I’m doing this to get back at my boyfriend.” “Oh, that’s a shame.”
  40. 40. Meanwhile, Blossom’s love life is going just fine – plenty of dates with Beth and she’s happy. Quite possibly rubbing it in her brother’s face a little.
  41. 41. That night, Blossom invited Randy over to visit. I’ve missed having him around. “So anyway, I was like ‘Dude, rats don’t even GROW that big’ and like-” “Yeah, GREAT story, Dad. Did you like, do your part of the plan?” “Bring over one of my female friends? Totally.” “AWESOME. Onyx will TOTALLY thank us later.”
  42. 42. “Hi! I’m Keika! I vaguely know your father!” “Oh! How do you guys know each other? I’m Onyx, by the way, his youngest son. And part alien! You think aliens are cool, right?” “Sure!” Randy really did ask if he could ‘bring a friend’ along when he came for his visit, and brought Keika. Seeing as they met at the business, I doubt they even know each other much, but I guess Randy felt like playing matchmaker ----------- Keika is the author of Clitheroe: a BaRKC, as well as the White Legacy and Wynter Wonderland: a WYDC
  43. 43. And it worked! There’s some boltage! Only a little bit, but there is potential for more…
  44. 44. “So, like, I’m totally into girls with dyed hair, and I like you, and I feel like it would be AWESOME if we dyed your hair.” “And you promise you won’t screw it up?” “Cross my heart!”
  45. 45. “What do you think? Totally awesome, right? It sorta matches your top! Don’t you love it? Please say you love it.” “I do! It’s so different!” “A good different?” “Yep!”
  46. 46. Keika’s cut-and-colour bumped the chemistry right up to two bolts, and pretty soon, Onyx was flirting on his own, and so the two went on a date. I’m so happy Onyx has finally found someone he’s interested in – fingers crossed it works out!
  47. 47. “Oh Onyx, I had a great evening.” “Me too. If you had a doorstep, I would totally leave a bouquet of roses on it. Like, loads of roses.” “Well, I might just have to put some roses on your doorstep instead.”
  48. 48. “Mission accomplished.” There’s no denying that Randy was matchmaking that!
  49. 49. “Mornin’ Dad? Did you stay in here ALL night?!” Randy left quite quickly after that, unsurprisingly.
  50. 50. The next evening, Keika was invited over again for more dates. I think it’s pretty much safe to say these two are staying together. I’m so excited by this!
  51. 51. Remember Sean the Dormie from earlier? Hot tub stranger? Turns out he’s not as much of a stranger as I thought – Blossom is his friend. Which is useful, because while the Hart kids don’t live in a Greek house, I still don’t really want to empty it. So Sean’s becoming our placeholder!
  52. 52. Cleans up nicely, don’t you think? Sean Weburg Fortune Prestidigitator 4/7/8/3/3 (Gemini) Stink/Fat – Blonde Hair
  53. 53. I don’t know if university counts as part of the Family Scrapbook mini-challenge, but there’s portraits of them all anyway. I really like them for some reason!
  54. 54. Anyway, Sean settles right into the Hart lifestyle - bubbles for breakfast!
  55. 55. That night, Keika came over again, unsurprisingly. However, Onyx had something on his mind. “I graduate soon, Keika.” “And then what happens?” “Back to the house, running the show. Maybe like, a job or something. Some supernatural craziness would be fun too. Vampire are way groovy!” “What about us?” “Well, I’ve been thinking about that, actually…”
  56. 56. “Keika, come with me. Back to the Love Shack, as my wife! It’ll be totally awesome, I promise. And like, we’ll have dates all the time and a super nice room and it’ll be way groovy. Marry me, Keika!” “Onyx! Wow!” “Will you marry me, Keika? Please?” “Of course!”
  57. 57. “I love you, Keika.” “I love you too!”
  58. 58. Onyx celebrated his engagement with a bit of tub pirating. I’m guessing the spraying water from the broken tap helps add to the effect.
  59. 59. Downstairs, another relationship was having a milestone – the makeover. Well, it happened to both couples in this update, so it must be a milestone, right? “Are you sure about this, Blossom? I mean, what’s wrong with my hair?” “NOTHING, really, it just defies gravity a little.” “Is that bad?”
  60. 60. “Nothing I can’t TOTALLY fix! What do you think?” “Oh wow! I’m gorgeous!” “You were ALWAYS gorgeous, silly!”
  61. 61. “So we like, TOTALLY graduate today – you ready to be in charge?” “Pretty much. Besides, Orchid will be here with me for a bit.” “Don’t expect much help from me!”
  62. 62. Naturally, graduation means party time, and the Hart clan – minus Kana – came over to celebrate. What a bunch of colourful weirdos, right? Blossom graduated with a 4.0 in Art, whilst Onyx graduated with a 4.0 in Physics. They rolled their majors, I didn’t pick them.
  63. 63. I think this picture was originally supposed to be a sweet moment between Onyx and Keika, but honestly, I got distracted by Sean in the background. Is he attracted to Binaree? ‘Cause she’s still hung up on Pony, so that won’t be working out for him.
  64. 64. I think this picture sums up this family, you know. Bubbles, hot tubs, robots… What a wonderful family I’m playing <3
  65. 65. And we’ll finish the update with another transition! University is over for the generation! Join us next time for weddings and babies, and no doubt some madness! See you soon!